Blog Pee October 9, 2009

My first update of my experiment in perpetual evolution.

“You Start From Where Ever You Are.”

TPC BLOG Planned start date: October 1st

TPC BLOG Actual start date: October 7th

Delay caused by procrastination & a multitude of distractions. Installed a temporary theme till the blog makes enough money to get a makeover with a professional theme I’ve been eyeing.  Planning on paper future pees…. Hmm do you say I am posting a post?  Still not totally comfortable with the whole BLOG thing even after having several dating back years.

Today I had the last of the peaches from Costco. Mmm  my favorite fruit. This season was fair, but I imagine it’s about over.  I had a few really good ones – which is more than I can say some years.

Paying $9 for 12 peaches at Costco is actually a deal compared to the grocery stores, but I still had 4 bad ones in the bunch, either rotting spontaneously or just being mealy and so NOT tasty.

Then of course there is the phenomenon of nearly simultaneous ripening.  It’s almost enough to make a guy OD on them.  I guess the 4 ‘bad apples’ were a blessing in disguise.

santa fe PeachThis is actually a picture of a peach my friend took that came from the farmer’s market in Sante Fe while visiting SF back in August.  It became a topic of photographic interest after discussing Georgia O’Keefe’s artwork regarding the female privates that are prominently featured, ahem, I mean suggested, in her work.


I’ve given up TV for some time now.  I don’t really even miss it since I didn’t watch much anyway.  I only keep my old TV set around just in case I need to turn on the Weather Channel during hurricane season. . . which is unusually quiet this year.

I probably have to thank for my lack of withdrawal from TV. (I’d put a direct link to my HULU profile, but I set everything to private so it’d be pretty boring).  So I guess me giving up TV is more of a technicality and not a truth in that I simply get my fix from a different dealer or screen, lol.  Still getting my fill of mind numbing zombie inducing drivel that’s passes for entertainment.  Lately YouTube’s original content has been substituting extensively.

I remember reading that back in the 50s, they said TV allowed the farmer and the banker to have something in common to talk about and therefore could be a bridge to bring people from all walks of life together in a fashion.

Seems like it’s been one of the greatest waste of one’s time of their life as well as a way to have us become strangers instead of neighbors.

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