Hottest Sexy Costumes For Halloween

Images of Barbara Eden are conjured up with this get upGenie


This one is reversible from Taxi Driver to Crazy Racer

Drive Me Crazy Racer

Drive Me Crazy Racer

420/69 on the side of her hat sound like she’s ready 2 Par-tay!420/69  srcset=

Mad Hatter

A Playful take on Robin Hood and his Merry … Women A Playful Take  /></a>  </dt> <dd> Robyn Da Hood</dd> </dl> </div></p><p>Finally, my most recent find is . . .</p><p><a href=

80sTees:  Primarily known for awesome and radical retro tees, they offer costumes too. And Boy Do They HAVE COSTUMES!

OMG – I don’t even know where to start – They have them listed by catagory. Groups, couples, sexy, superhero, 80s. . .

Well, you get the idea – just go and check it out 80sTees.

Ok, here’s one idea that I can segue into an embarrassing story of my own.

They have 2 Ghostbusters outfits for girls and one for the guys. . .

FYI:  the inflatable Backpack and gun has complaints of the end of the gun not fully inflating. . . .

sounds like it could use some Viagra 😀

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