Drive Quality Traffic To Your Blog With This Free and Simple Method

“BLOG POSTING in bite sized chunks.”

The addage, ‘how do you eat an elephant?’

Answer, ‘One bite at a time.

It’s very easy in this industry to get DISTRACTED and OVERLOADED.

Brain meltdowns are commonplace.

So in the nature of keeping things simple, today’s post covers one simple but VERY IMPORTANT tip for driving quality traffic to your blog or website.

LEAVE comments on other people’s blogs.

Specifically, those who are in your niche.

And not just the Biggest Bloggers – although you certainly don’t want to leave them out.

Blog on ‘Rising Stars’ blogs as you can ride alongsie their increasing popularity and exposure and help each other out.


When you comment on someone else’s blog post, there’s a place to put a backlink to your blog or website.

So keeping that in mind, don’t spam other blogs just to try to get traffic.

You won’t get any quality traffic and will appear as an idiot to others.

Write something that adds to the blog post, or address someone else’s well thought out comment.

If you can’t think of anything, a sincere compliment thanking for a great informative post is acceptable, but people are unlikely to click on your link.

This is a great way to make connections and network amongst your peers and shows you are serious about your business.

Added benefit – helps you stay in the loop of your niche and see what the pros are blogging about and what they’re doing with their own sites.

This tactic of commenting on other’s blogs can also be applied to forums, facebook and twitter


Quality over Quantity in the end makes for better results and better use of your TIME.

Blog Pee October 17, 2009

“You know you’re in trouble when the Village Idiot is elected Mayor.”

Checked my Alexa rankings this week

As of October 13, 2009 has a world rank of 4,082,926  {{891,928 for US}} - Traffic Details from Alexa-1



Stopped by to hear trumpeter Chris Botti at the 30th annual Clearwater Jazz Festival in Coachman park Friday night (10-16-09).


He told the audience he and his band has been on tour for 6 years now.

Talk about dedication.  Helps to love what ya do!

His piano player is Billy Childs – winner of 2009’s highly prestigious Gueenheim award in music composition.

Only one is awarded each year for all genres of music.

Kinda makes his grammys seem like bookends by comparison.

It started to rain about an hour into the set.

I decided to leave but my car was parked several blocks away.

Needless to say, I got drenched. The rain was surprisingly sweet on my lips.

Hmm… are they seeding the clouds with sugar or artificial sweeteners?

If I get a headache, I’ll know which 😛

Creating Your Blog TAGLINE

Your Blog TAGLINE is essentially a short description or phrase next to the name of your blog that tells the reader what your blog is all about.

To illustrate: – After that comes a tagline or phrase that represents you and your blog.

Real Example: – An Experiment In Lifestyle Design |Perpetual Evolution | Unlimited Imagination

Ok, so mine is a work in progress and rather esoterically broad in description.  That’s just me.

Here’s some questions to help you decide what a good Tag Line is for your blog:

  • Direct Benefits – What will readers get out of your blog?
  • What are you looking to create?
  • What is your Purpose?

Write down a few words, a quote, or sentence that articulates it.

Remember that your tagline does not need to specifically mention EVERYTHING you blog about.

It’s just the overall umbrella or flavor that your blog topics fall under.

Don’t say, Showing how to make money online thru seo, ppc, social media, and everything else under the sun.


Be clear on who your target audience is.

*HINT*: People who are in the home based business industry.

How To Align With Your Source Energy

A wee bit of wisdom for all who find themselves struggling with challenges.

Yes, we live in a Dimension of Dualities and Contrasts.

So why do so many of us find ourselves on the side of duality that does not feel good to us?

One thing is we should stop trying to think our way through it so much and start feeling our way.

Realities of lack, limitation, frustration and pain do exist, but they do not serve us when we focus on them.

When we are in alignment with our Source Energy [Abraham-Hicks], we are in a place that feels like love.

It feels like clarity.

It feels like solutions.

It feels like answers to questions.

It feels like something we’ve been looking for a long time.

It feels GOOD.


Inspired by:

The Importance Of Branding Part 1 – Discovering Your Niche

This is part one of a multi-part series on personal branding.

Today I cover the importance of Branding yourself online by understanding your niche as it relates to the industry of home based businesses.  It has many sub-catagories: Network Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, Direct Response, MLM to name a few.

Understand that your Niche is NOT your MLM or Direct Sales opportunity.  Your Brand fully represents YOU and the VALUE you have to give to other people.  Your Niche is the overal ‘umbrella’ or the general THEME of your Brand.

If you don’t already possess expertise in an area, pick an area where you can delvelop yourself into and expert.

If you are having trouble discovering what that is, ask yourself a few questions:

  • What are you passionate about?
  • What do you enjoy learning about?
  • What are you good at?


Here’s some Brainstorming ideas for Expert Niches:

  • Marketing: SEO, Social Media, Personal Branding, Copywriting and Content Creation, Direct Response, Follow-up
  • Personal Development: Leadership, Communication, Relationships, Health and Wellness, Spiritual Growth, Emotional Awareness
  • Creativity: Freedom, Personal Expression


Don’t be a buffet – people won’t know what you are about.  Pick a few and get ‘expert’ at them.

My niches cover one or two topics in each of the catagories above. i.e. personal expression, social media, health and wellness…

If you have a hobby or interest like say, Charities, Parenting, Massage, Tech/Gadgets, Surfing, etc. and want to tie it into your

home based business / network marketing blog, then figure out a way to make it relevant to making money online. Otherwise, put those posts in a separate blog.

This is stretching it, but here’s an example of how you can tie something seemingly unrelated to your niche.

I blogged about a science experiment with fast food and how it isn’t really food.

This relates to one of my businesses, Shaklee, which is all about top notch nutrition.

The video and post I made help illustrate a point to fellow teammates and prospects.

And that is, You Are What You Eat, so eat right.

The Apple of Sports Planes: The Icon A5


If Apple was in the aerospace industry, they couldn’t have done a better job of designing a GOTTA HAVE IT! MUST HAVE IT!

I think of it as the Macintosh of sports planes. . . On my wish list to Santa. Drool….

I’ve had my eye on this baby since it’s inception. The Icon A5 amphibian light sport aircraft.

Price: $139,000

Deposit: $5000 fully transferrable if you have buyer’s remorse.

Beautiful simple design – like a cross between a jet ski and a spaceship.

The interior is simple and sleek like a fine sports car with a stick in place of a steering wheel.



All this is made possible by the FAA avaiation rule change in 2004 by creating a new catagory known as light-sport aircraft.

A mere 20 hours of flight school instead of the 40 hours needed for your standard private pilot license and you’re qualified to fly this baby.
If you don’t already have your pilot’s license, flight lessons will cost you around $5,000 in training fees.

First delivery is expected Q3 2011 plenty of time to get some flying in before 2012, lol.
Powered by a Rotax 100hp engine has a range of about 300nm and speed of 120. 100hp.

Damn, there’s SeaDoos with more horsepower than that!

Due to the aircraft’s class restrictions you’ll have to decide between a rocket safety chute (one, please) or automatic wing folding.




Come on, put a little muscle into it.  Hey, I’ve got hand cranked windows in my truck and I’m cool with that.

One less thing to break.  Besides, I’ll take safety over convenience any day.


ICON Aircraft | Photos


If you really can’t wait and want to be first in line, you can plop down 100K deposit and be one of the first to get delivery.

“The first 100 ICON A5 customer deliveries will be exclusive A5 Limited Edition (A5 LE) models.

Reserving an A5 LE, and thereby joining the ICON 100, requires a higher deposit of $100,000 USD.”


Take off and land on land or WATER!

As new planes go, price isn’t in the stratosphere

Easy to fly

Awesome design


Have to wait for a while before they’re ready for delivery

A few rules of the sky:

Fly below 10,000 feet

Only day flying with clear skys and stay away from busy airports.

The coolness factors WIN

Now where did I put my checkbook?


Icon: southern california manufacturer of light sport aircraft Icon A5.

Founder: Kirk Hawkins, 41, former F16 fighter pilot with degrees in engineering and business from Stanford.

McDonald’s Wendy’s Burger King: IS IT FOOD?

After watching a video on YouTube about a 4 year old well preserved McDonald’s cheeseburger (plain) and fries that was stored in a lunch box, I am inspired to do my own pseudo-scientific experiment to see if I can duplicate the results.

I am adding a twist to my experiment andam putting the Big 3 burger joints to the challenge:



Burger King

To be fair, I order the same thing from each one: a plain cheeseburger – no special sauces or pickles, just the orange cheese-like substance – along with a small fry.

I then place each set in their own plastic container to avoid any possible cross contamination, just in case one of the three turns out to actually be food-like.

I would have liked to throw in an In & Out Burger and fries into the mix seeing as how their fries are made fresh each day from real potatoes.  Not sure about the burgers.  I would still consider eating one… maybe… Only problem is logistical.  Nearest In & Out burger is over 2000 miles away in Arizona.

I’ll do brief updates down the line to see what happens.

1 week. 1 month. . . etc… until I get bored or if it starts smelling.

Want to see the original video that inspired me to do this?

See it here :   4 year old McDonald’s cheeseburger video

If anyone has ideas on what to do about my video quality, I’d love to hear it.  It doesn’t make sense to me.

I’m shooting with a Canon z930 miniDV and importing into iMovie HD 6.0.4 and then i even upload to YouTube as a CD rom quality instead of web, thinking it might help.

I won’t upload at full quality because it’s like 1.5 GB and it’d take forever, not to mention annoy the viewers.

10-12-09 UPDATE*
My friend sent me this link that’s sort of related to this topic – Lot’s of good info:

Still Tasty? Eat It Or Toss It?

Hottest Sexy Costumes For Halloween

Click Here 2 see what you look like as  a Zombie

Here’s my Recommendations and finds for Halloween costumes.

Doesn’t hurt if you’re a sexy PYT.

Halloween is just a few more weeks away – horror films, haunted houses, halloween parties Ga-GORE!

If you aren’t one to make your own costume like I have in the past

Homemade Capt Sparrow

Homemade Capt Sparrow

then here are a few of my suggestions for some sexy getups.

Fredericks:  Women only.  This year’s Top Picks  the Genie/belly dancer and the Geisha girl.

Fredericks of Hollywood Belly Dancer Costume

Fredericks of Hollywood Belly Dancer Costume

Fredericks of Hollywood Geisha Costume

Fredericks of Hollywood Geisha Costume

LoversLane A small Midwest chain but with a tantalizing mail order catalog and internet site.

Yet another company with little for the guys, but WOW, do they have some great costumes for the right girl.

BIG selection of sexy outfits to choose from.

A few of my favorites:

I like this egyptian theme costume over the others they have

Egyptian Queen

Egyptian Queen

Images of Barbara Eden are conjured up with this get upGenie


This one is reversible from Taxi Driver to Crazy Racer

Drive Me Crazy Racer

Drive Me Crazy Racer

420/69 on the side of her hat sound like she’s ready 2 Par-tay!420/69 on the side of her hat sounds like she's Mad to Par-tay!

Mad Hatter

A Playful take on Robin Hood and his Merry … Women

A Playful Take On Robin Hood

Robyn Da Hood

Finally, my most recent find is . . .

80sTees Primarily known for awesome and radical retro tees, they offer costumes too. And Boy Do They HAVE COSTUMES!

OMG – I don’t even know where to start – They have them listed by catagory. Groups, couples, sexy, superhero, 80s. . .

Well, you get the idea – just go and check it out 80sTees.

Ok, here’s one idea that I can segue into an embarrassing story of my own.

They have 2 Ghostbusters outfits for girls and one for the guys. . .

FYI:  the inflatable Backpack and gun has complaints of the end of the gun not fully inflating. . . .

sounds like it could use some Viagra 😀

with inflatable gun and backpack

with inflatable gun and backpack

Ok, you’re gonna think I’m such a dork, but one Halloween back in the 80s I made my own Ghostbuster outfit to trick-or-treat in.

I had a tan jumpsuit and a ghostbuster sticker + made my own name tag and ghost trap which doubled as both prop and candy holder.

I still have the name tag somewhere but the jump suit disappeared years ago…

Ghostbuster Ghost Trapper

Ghostbuster Ghost Trapper

The box is still full of stuff like 25 year old fireworks and smoke bombs – hmmm… I should see if they still work, heehee!

That boy ain’t right in da head, is he?

IF ordered by October 14th all the sites guarantee you to get your costume in time for Halloween.

If all else fails and you’re invited to a last minute party, there’s always  your local Party City .

Blogging Smart – Automating Your Posts Using Time Delay

I like to think I’m kind of smart.  Other people even tell me so – and not just my parents. ;-P

Yet, like an absent minded professor, the obvious and simplistic doesn’t always cross my mind.

Take for instance the ability to time delay blog posts.


Best thing since sliced bread I tell say!

Here I just ASSUME – yup, making an ass of myself – that when I blog, my post goes up when I hit the PUBLISH button.

I didn’t realize before last week  that I can set the date and time I want it to be published. On WordPress, this is accomplished by clicking the edit link by the “Publish Immediately” line where a menu drops down letting you select the day and time you want it to show up. Sweeeet!

Experienced bloggers are saying DUH! right now and wondering why on earth they’re bothering to read my blog when I seem so clueless about the most basic tricks, lol.  I know I have too many things running thru my mind when it takes this long to find out about such a simple thing.

I’m not embarrassed to admit it. This is a big A-Ha for me. Maybe a lightbulb just turned on for you too.  Now you see the true power of this fully operational battlesta- What I mean to say is now I understand how to leverage my time with blogging.

I can take a few hours and preload several posts to be published on a regular basis like say, one a day for the next week.

Take this post.  I’m writing it on Oct 9th, 2009 at 11:11 pm – I know what you’re thinking – and yet I’m going to have it publish Saturday morning bright and early at 7:07 am.  Hey, remember I don’t work normal hours – I’m my own BOSS.

Woo hoo! Now I can take that trip to Tahiti without feeling guilty about not blogging while I’m away having fun in the sun because my blog will continue to be updated on a regular basis with quality funny, inspiring LIFE CHANGING posts.  Yup, piling it on pretty thinck there, aren’t I?

To think, I don’t have to take the laptop with me  – although you and me both know that’s not gonna happen. Well, maybe I’ll just bring my Jesus phone. (heard that was a nik 4 the iPhone)