How To Master What You Do For 2010

Master What You Do

My new year’s Gift to YOU. I’m passing on some inspiring thoughts from some of my teachers. . .

In the book, Science of Getting Rich by Wallace D Wattles -he’s always saying to Do Things In A Certain Way.

I’ve translated this to mean MASTER WHAT YOU DO.

Leave everyone you come into contact with, with the IMPRESSION OF INCREASE

Everyone does something well. Start looking for what others do well and bring it to their attention and let them know you notice it. Give them an idea that inspires them.
If you see the best in other people, companies, circumstances – you’ll be in a great vibration and feel good all the time and your whole world will improve.

In other words – make Them feel good because you have come into contact with them.
By leaving each person you meet with the “impression of increase”, you will not only make that person feel better, you will also be enriching your life.

This will, in turn, create an energy that will flow through you towards the person you’re uplifting and it will make you feel better in the process.

Feel empowered to make the other person feel good, because the benefits are endless.

The compensation you get from developing this into your own character, to leave every person with the impression of increase – not talking just money – but everything in your life will grow in abundance.

It’s said you don’t get rich by doing certain things, you get rich by doing things in a certain way. Said another way, you don’t become a real pro in your field by doing certain things, you become a pro by doing them in a certain way – master what you do.

There are laws that govern this universe and you need to understand them – otherwise you’ll just hit and miss – nothing of consequence will come to you.

[thinking end results]

You do not become the best in your field by doing things in a certain way. Be calm and confident. Know who u are.

Calmness of mind is one of the beautiful jewels of wisdom. It’s the result of long and patient effort in self control – james allen

Self control is a basic quality of leadership.

Before you can do something you first must BE something.

Bring your mind in harmony with the laws that govern your being. You must understand that

  • the thoughts you think control your emotions,
  • and your emotions control the vibration that you body is in
  • so it controls how you act.

If you don’t spend time gaining an understanding of the relationship of the conscious to the subconscious to the body, then you’re dealing on a hit and miss basis.

Life is very short – it can be a phenomenal glorious ride or it can be miserable pile of shit if you don’t understand how to make things happen.

The law says that what you put out comes back. So we just want to put out our very best. It doesn’t matter what everyone else is doing.

If you’re going to win you have to be courageous. The opposite of courage is not cowardess,  it’s conformity.

It’s just going along with everybody else. Don’t do that – you’ll end up where they end up. Which is nowhere, struggling to get by.
You want to stand out like a beacon on a dark night.

You want to make certain that you are one of the most effective human beings you could ever be.

You and I become what we think about… Not just the ones we consciously entertain. We become what thoughts we take and internalize – the ones we get emotionally involved in – the thoughts we let control us.

Don’t let others control how you think about things.

You don’t become the best at what you’re doing by doing certain things, you become the best by thinking all the way through to end results. Make it a part of your way of life.

Regardless of what you may have done in the past, you are going to be amazing in 2010.

Make up your mind, today, you’re going to do it better than you’ve ever done it before.
Do it a certain way -the certain way is the best way – – – there’s always a better way. What’s best today isn’t best tomorrow – there’s always a better way tomorrow…

Every day – get better at what you do you and give it everything you have… master what you do.

Your stock will go up – if where you are doesn’t recognize it then there is always someone at the door who is willing to pay you more.

Here’s where a lot of what I said came from : personal development teacher, Bob Proctor.

Oh, and for those of you (you know who you are)… I leave with a final word.


The Guru You Are Following Is NOT Your Buddy

The ‘Gurus’ are NOT Your Friends.

There. I said it.  Unless you were offline buddies before or have met in person and hung out in a non-business way, the guy you are following, learning from and giving your time and money to is NOT your friend and is not out for your best interests unless it suits his or her interests.

Hopefully, they ARE a good teacher and are giving you something of VALUE in the form of knowledge, skills and training know-how in exchange for your precious time.

The people who are most successful in this business work on themselves [personal development], and are constantlylearning new things.  They aren’t afraid to step up and LEAD.  They have good communication skills and can convey their knowledge to others.

Don’t get me wrong, most of these people aren’t egomaniacal sociopaths out to screw everyone else over – although there ARE plenty of them out here and they can be very hard to spot immediately – hell, I’ve come across a few in my time.  But I digress, most of those who are out here trying to make a better way for themselves and their families are honest, decent, interesting people.

Furthermore, although the internet offers massive leverage of your time, each of us still has just 24 hours in a day to live.  Including the ‘guru’s’ who are being inundated by dozens or 100s or 1000s of people in need of their precious time.

So like I said before, unless you are great buddies with your teacher, ‘online business partner’ , marketing expert, guru, whatever label you slap on it, then don’t get your panties in a bunch when they don’t respond to your email, tweet,  or call right away – or even ever in some cases, when it’s obvious to everyone but you that you are just wasting everybody’s time.

After being in this business for longer than most people, I see how things operate behind the curtain, beneath the hype, etc.

There’s always going to be another ‘PreLaunch’… another revolutionary system that’s going to turn the industry on its head. . . another gotta have tool, system, ebook, insider club to join…

Those who get to ‘print money on command’ or ‘get rich quick’ are the ones who’ve already put in the time and money and have finally positioned themselves as an authority with a faithful following.  That’s why you’ll see people who claim (and it’s often legit) that they made $8750 in 14 hours or some other wild claim.  What you’re not getting is that they spent 3 years building up an Email LIST of several thousand people and 5 or 10% of them took him up on whatever offer he sent out.

Your momma told you if it sounds too good to be true, then it is. What I’m saying is more accurately would be, it may be true, but it’s not the whole true.  There’s the back story that is shoved under the carpet and ignored. Why? Because, the truth isn’t exciting… the truth shows the hard work it took. . . the truth can be ugly and tough.

If you are a successful internet marketer or strive to be one, then you are in SALES… and you have a handle on the psychology of what makes people tick.  What?  They didn’t tell you that?  Well, now you know.

Are You Making These Three Marketing Blunders?

How to not be an idiot at internet marketing.

I’m going to cover 3 critical mistakes to your online wealth creation.  I’ll tell you right away that if you correct the first mistake, then the other 2 will take care of themselves. I’m going to discuss them all anyway so you can see the flow.

How do you know if you are making these mistakes?

CLUE:  You have been busting your butt for months or years and still haven’t made any  [real] money

Here’s what you are probably doing- not because you are stupid or lazy, but just because you didn’t know any better.

Number 1 Mistake:

You are sending leads directly to an affiliate’s landing page and not your own page.

The Fix:

Take control of the list by building your own list. Never send TRAFFIC or LEADS to a site or lead capture page that you don’t control.  Make your own capture page which creates a buffer between you and the ‘gurus’ site.

IF you just send traffic or leads directly to a guru’s site, you are now out of the picture and have no control over what happens to those leads.  The guru has control over those leads and not YOU.

By building a ‘gatekeeper’ capture page to send them to, you then have control over emailing them for LIFE (or as long as they stay opted into your list) which allows you to maintain control of the list and the ability to communicate via emails, videos, blogs, phone, etc.

To get to the guru, you have a simple capture page set up that basically says, give me your name and email and I’ll let you thru to the affiliate/guru site. Do this using your own autoresponder, aka, AWEBER, or getresponse, etc. and then once a lead opts in, have it redirect them to the guru’s lead capture page.

So by not funneling the traffic and leads thru your own lead capture page first, you can’t follow up with emails to your leads – they don’t know who you are, your story, etc. Remember, people buy from those who they feel they know like and trust.  By not being able to do this, YOU ARE SCREWING YOURSELF OVER!

So the proper steps to take are:

  1. The prospect sees your ad or email
  2. S/he goes to your capture page where they opt in to your own autoresponder  – Aweber, get reponse, etc
  3. Once opted in, they are redirected to the guru’s lead capture page.

Once again the 3 mistakes are:

  1. not controlling the list. . . which results in –
  2. lost upfront income from potential sales. . . as well as –
  3. Not being able to follow up with the leads and lost of long term income potential

Blog Pee December 18, 2009

Priorities Priorities Priorities . . .

Like a broken record or a mantra, it remains the Lack Of Focus for moi.

BLOG PEE | December 18th, 2009

So, let’s take a look and see how Alexa ranks my blog lately. . .

||||| - Site Info from Alexa


Not bad considering I haven’t yet done a few very important things with my blog yet – gotta build the wagon before letting the horse run, ya know?


Does tek [technology] inadvertently make us stupid or more specifically, does certain technology come about with the intention of making us dumber?

Does Too Much Tech Insulate People From Responsibility?

This pondering come to me today as I was driving around town in crazy Florida December holiday weather.  It’s rainy, it’s sunny, it’s windy, it’s frickin’75 degrees – why – am – I – not – at – the – beach – day kind of weather.

I multitask when I drive – like anybody else.  Heck, you have to be able to multi task to drive, period.  Forget about listening to radio, talking on cell fones [don’t do it!], eating, or any other number of distractions people do while driving.  But to just drive a car requires a sort of orchestrated coordination of senses and body parts to make car go down road in a hopefully safe manner.  Just try not to hit anything else and you’ll be fine.

One thing I notice a lot with other cars on the road is how often the left rear tire is low. Low to the point that it looks partially flat.  I compare it to the right rear tire just to be sure it isn’t just the way it looks. This leads me into my question about whether too much tech makes us stupid.

While following a late model [90s] Isuzu SUV, I noticed that its left rear (and front too) tire was low to the point that s/he was driving on the sidewalls a bit too.  I think, do they notice that their car doesn’t handle as well as it should?  They obviously aren’t the type to maintain their car themselves – like checking tire pressure and oil levels, etc.  The basic stuff that you can still do on most cars today.

I always had an interest in cars – not a motor head mind you – I have too many other interests to get too involved in one thing to the point of earning the label. But I do know my way around a car pretty well. Much more than the average joe.  I do my own oil changes, I’ve even rotated my own tires once or twice, done brake jobs, replaced alternators, batteries, spark plugs/wires, radiator hoses, shocks, suspension parts, etc.  Nothing major like an engine rebuild or anything though. I do have a tendency of thinking, shit, if I know to check my tires/oil, other people should too. I mean, come on, it’s easy simple … DUH!

But back to the low tire pressure on the SUV.  Obviously the car isn’t new enough or fancy to have an idiot light feature you find on more expensive and newer cars that’ll tell you your tire is flat, you dumbass.

I can imagine the future of cars if they’re no longer built by driving enthusiasts – the car will drive YOU and if there is a manual override feature, you can be sure that if your oil or tire is low or you dare drive over a line, your car will take over and throw in a nice insult or two telling you why you are better off letting IT do the driving for you because you are obviously an incompetent nitwit.

Is there perhaps an Orwellian 1984, TPTB undertone to all of this? There’s so many other interesting distractions – your cell fone, your iPod, satellite radio, etc… that hey, little problems with your car are not worthy of your attention or proactive action.

You don’t need to bother yourself with learning these basic skills for you have more exciting things to waste your time on.

Here’s an idiot light for you so you don’t have to take responsibility or take the time and effort to learn how to be self reliant and knowledgeable about the workings of your 2 ton automobile.

“Yes, yes, that’s a good little distracted idiot slave…. Here’s some [bread and circuses] for you to waste your time on while we keep working in the Dark and take away more of your freedoms and work on dumbing you down more and more.”

Ok, maybe I went a little too far there, but that’s why this is BLOG PEE.

The other thing I thought of while noticing the SUV with the flat tires is, gee, there’s a potential accident waiting to happen if road rage were to kick in.  I mean, this is Flor-i-duh… the state that has dozens of different driving styles (no comment on Michigan drivers, ya) and combine that with some odd inferiority complex like Oklahoma has with Texas, and you get this fucked up driving mentality of complete rudeness and insanity.

Most people don’t use their turn signals in Florida because that’s an invitation to have the other driver speed up and cut you off so you can’t execute a lane change.  It’s like Cold war Russia at the supermarket.  200 people and 2 loaves of bread – a lot of panicked pushing and shoving goes on.  I say send me back to California where we may drive fast, but we show courtesy  and respect a lot more than I see here.

Ahhh, that was a fun rant… good blog pee… now I go make pee. . . Ahhhh…..

December 20, 2009

Finishing the thought… so the more we forget how to do things for ourselves, the more fragile our society can become – we become so technologically advanced – at least we think so – that there could be a day where the machines break down, there will be no one to know how to fix them and into a new dark age we would go.

Tip For Google Slap For Affiliate Marketer Review Sites

In case you haven’t heard about the latest Google Slap, you should know that it can wreak havoc on many Affiliate Marketing Review Sites.

Early reports have some very decent sites losing several page ranks while others have actually improved some.

The main idea behind it is to give more weight to quality sites and punish crappy ‘me too’ affiliate sites that are put together by people with little or no interest in offering anything of real value and just in it for a quick buck.

So this tip is only for those Affiliate Marketers who aren’t going to produce garbage sites, ok?


If you aren’t already doing this, here’s how simple it is to do.  And for those of us who just got forgetful and/or lazy, now’s the time to go back and clean house.  I know, I know, it will involve a lot of time consuming busy body work, but it’s something you should’ve been doing all along.

Here’s what you do in a nutshell:

Use subdomains of your main domain to redirect your affiliate links to the affiliate site.

1. Create a subdomain that makes sense to you for each affiliate link:

  • will use the subdomain ‘coolproduct

2. in your Cpanel, create the subdomain coolproduct for

3. go to manage redirection of subdomain ‘coolproduct’ and paste your affiliate link in there and SAVE

Make sure to change any preexisting hyperlinks in your blog or website from the old affiliate link to your new redirected subdomain address:

Example —

  • original link was: ‘’
  • gets changed to :’’

Now you know, future efforts should go smoother and quicker.

How To Make Money With Twitter – Simple And Easy

Unless you’ve been living under a rock lately, you know that Twitter is one of the fastest growing sites out here right now.

It’s also one of the hottest places to Make Money Online (MMO).  Big marketers like John Chow, Ryan Wade and Jonathan Budd are making thousands of dollars with just a single tweet.

So how can those of us who have much smaller Twitter follower counts hope to cash in? There is hope for you!

Does $25, $50 or $100 for a Sponsored Tweet sound good to you?  It IS possible to make an extra $50 or $100 per month from monetizing your Twitter account even if you have less than 5000 followers.

If you are like me, and consider yourself part of the New Rich – making money online, when and how and on your own terms, using leverage and residual strategies – then you will love this hot new twitter tool.

There’s plenty of ways to make money with your Twitter account.  Affiliate product referrals, lead generation, and traffic generation are just a few. And now for  something completely different. . .

There’s a new kid on the block, and it’s stealing Sponsored Tweets‘ thunder out from under them.

Don’t think you are spamming your Twitter followers.  After all, if they are into making money online as you are, then you should understand that you are offering them value in the form of information and tools to help them reach their goals too.

Even if you don’t have 1000s of followers, if you have followers that actually READ your tweets and are interested in what you have to say, then you have the potential to make some big money with relatively small amount of Twitter followers.  This is exciting news for those of us with a small number of followers.

Like with pre-launches, it’s best to get in earlier than later to maximize your earning potential. Catch the wave and then on to the next hot monetization thing coming down the pipeline. has several cool features that make it enticing to use:

  1. you can set how much you charge for a sponsored tweet
  2. you can refer others and make a percentage off their earnings
  3. you can decide when you don’t want to accept future advertisement offers

There’s really no reason not to sign up for It’ll take less than 5 minutes to sign up right now. Who knows, it might put some ka-ching in your wallet! You can sign up here:

Priorities | Focusing | Partnering

2010: Focusing | Prioritizing 4 Your Business and Life

Get a head start on the new year with re-evaluating your goals and objectives for 2010.


Become crystal clear about your most important life roles and priorities,

and begin the process of eliminating activities, beliefs, and relationships that separate you

from what deep-down is TRULY important to you.

Take the time to reflect and meditate on what IS important to you if you have forgotten

and have been distracted by being busy with being busy.


• Identify your most important personal and professional intentions for 2010,

and distinguish what choices will support the fruition of what you desire.

• Understand the value of vision, planning, and priority.

When you have a long term vision for your business and life, the plan, the steps of the plan

become much easier to see and put into action – which leads to the ability to determine how

to prioritize which things are more important and which should be done first, second, etc.


The value of partnership, especially in a marriage, is the number one reason why people fail or succeed.

Believe it or not, your spouse is your life business partner.

If you’re on the same page, “Success Happens.”

This is why if you are single and feel that you are at a disadvantage by not having a partner, and then

decide to expend the energy and time to find one in the hopes they will help you leverage your time,

it is critical you know exactly what it is you are going for and what you need in a partner so that you

don’t make a bad choice and end up with the losing battle of the TWO MISTRESSES or Two Misters

as the case may be.

New Generation Of Search Engines – Google Isn’t One Of Them

Google = Old School
Tweetmeme, OneRiot, Topsy, Scoopler and Collecta = new school of REAL TIME search

Google determines website relevance by backlinking [how many sites are linking to them], how fast it grows:

  • Overnight – sign of spamming
  • Slow and organically – sign of quality and legitimacy

However, as was the case with Micheal Jackson’s death, where millions of people googled him on google news – google suspected a malware attack and blocked people searching for MJ.

These kind of right now news/search inquiries or ‘trending topics‘ are on the rise.

Most of these new search engines rely on Twitter. Ruling out possible spam, these engines analyze tweets to determine what’s Hot.

The biggest difference is that on old school search engines, Google, Yahoo, etc, the results are slow to change, whereas on these new Real-Time search engines, results change constantly.

So how does this affect your marketing tactics? If you are in it for the long haul, you still need to focus on Google.

If you have something short lived and in need of immediate attention/action, then you might want to focus on Tweeting/Retweeting.

**UPDATE** December 11, 2009

Apparently, Google is not one to let any sort of SEARCH pass them by and they are now offering their own REAL TIME search feature.

They call it GOOGLE TRENDS.

Law Of Compensation



  2. YOUR ABILITY TO DO IT  – Do Everything In A Certain Way
  3. THE DIFFICULTY THERE IS TO REPLACE YOU. Of course, no one is indispensable, but there are those that are very difficult to replace.

No one is indispensable but some are VERY hard to replace.  Ex: Michael Jackson.


    Here’s a link to a great video with personal development expert, Bob Proctor explaining this principle of the Law Of Compensation in more detail.