Transcendental Meditation | Could TM Be Making a Comeback?

Everybody’s doing it… Beatles Paul and Ringo (George and John when they were alive), Russell Simmons, Howard Stern, Mike Love of beach boys, Donovan, David Lynch, Moby, Clint Eastwood, Mary Tyler Moore, (Merv Griffin was a HUGE proponent back in the 70s).

Some others that I was unable to verify for certainty include Jack Canfield, Bob Proctor, Oprah Winfrey, Bono, Sheryl Crow.

I doubt that TM will become ‘MAINSTREAM’ any time soon,  where a large majority of the population is doing it, but  the beauty is it doesn’t have to be practiced by everyone in order to have extremely positive effects on society and the planet.

Enormous amounts of scientific studies have shown again and again the proof of the effectiveness TM has in every aspect of life.  As Maharishi explained, the nature of life is to want more and more and greater and greater happiness.

David Lynch formed his foundation with the goal to teach TM in the schools.

They’ve already incorporated this in many inner city troubled schools with remarkable success in turning things around for the good.

Transcendental Meditation main site:

Eff-En-Eff | Friday Night Funny August 13 2010

Eff-En-Eff or FNF

however you spell it, you don’t have to yell it.

Friday Night Funnies August 13 2010

Ooh! Another Friday the 13th [Big Fat Deal says Garfield. Or more likely “Pass the lasagna”]

I’ve taken liberty here and renamed the Eff-En-Eff from Friday Night Film to Friday Night Funny or Funnies.

Seems like Youtube and other video channels keep pulling down the good stuff, dammit.

Well, in case you are like me and haven’t yet heard (or did, but quickly forgot about it and never checked it out), and their YouTube channel going by same name [FunnyOrDie on YouTube] brings us some pretty funny skits  . . . and some not so funny.. Thus the ‘dying’ part which they manage to live up to as well. We try to avoid those now, right?

Well, if you are as busy as me you probably don’t have time for a feature length documentary or film anyway so here’s four of my personal favorites that I found on Funny Or Die:

Dana Carvey returns as George Bush Sr and Jim Carrey Does Ronald Reagan:

“Daniel San” Karate Kid Ralph Macchio attempts his comeback

Tiffany Amber Thiessen is still one hot babe . . .
oh, and she dropped Amber from her professional name. . .
Here’s a parody that mimics my life with waaaay too many things going on:

Finally, Denise Richards Fun Bags – say no more:

Oh, and I can’t forget this modern classic:

Justin Timberlake and Andy Samberg have a special gift for the ladys (warning, uncensored version):

In case the first four aren’t watchable here, here’s the links to youtube (they turned off embed on Youtube)

Presidents Reunion

Ralph Macchio Comeback

Tiffany’s Busy Girl

Denise’s Boobs