Blog Pee | September 26th 2010


September 26th 2010

Been a while since i went…

This is going to have an ADD flow to it.

. . . like those people without class who  are all about appearances . . . they are all flash without substance . . . and the shine isn’t all that brilliant anyway. . . . tpc

What is it about the last 3 months of the year that things go into overdrive with SOOOO much stuff going on?

I mean, sure, there’s Halloween (fun fun fun), and turkey day…god I’m stuffed… and xmas – that pagan holiday that the merchants still hope incites mass material consumption, but beyond that it seems like there’s just more festivals, events, gatherings . . .  you name it.

Like everything you’ve been putting off earlier this year is all crammed together in a vain attempt  to accomplish before the end of the year. This whole silly calendar and time measuring stuff is really getting old, don’t you think?

As if I don’t have more than enough to do now!  How on earth can anyone in this day and age be bored is beyond me!


things found written on my desk :

[word of the day] Serendipity

Chaos Theory and Mandelbrot set fractal

a nostalgic impulse

disruptive technology


When the Roman Empire was in its heyday, I’m sure most romans thought they were at the pinnacle of technological supremacy even as the lead in their cups poisoned them to death.

Are we really so different today?  Sure, we know the dangers of drinking from a leaded glass, but what about our superior modern technology with radiation, and contamination and toxicity?

We’re just finding more creatively complex and sophisticated ways of killing ourselves.

Sexy News:

Frederick’s of Hollywood introduced the thong pany to america way back in 1981.

Here’s A CPR Class I Want To Take:


shake+wipe … we’re done for now : P

Friday Night Funny | Eff-En-Eff September 17, 2010

F-N-F | Friday Night Film  September 17, 2010

Art House Style Humor by Ryan McGinley and Model Carolyn Murphy (face of Estee Lauder since 2002)

Entrance Romance (it felt like a kiss)

Usually these sorts of films are too obscure or self important and snobbishly arrogant but lacking in true value, in my opinion and come across more like an inside joke for those in the self proclaimed and self appointed ‘in crowd’ who try to act superior over the rest of us but are actually some of the most insecure and self doubting people around…

This short film was just plain silly. It made me laugh.

IF you can’t see the film (it’s Flash based embedded), here’s a link

Vibram FiveFingers KSO Shoes | TFT

Terry’s Favorite Things | T-F-T

Vibram Five Fingers Shoes

Ok, so as of this posting, I haven’t actually acquired a pair of these quirky new shoes yet, but I have a feeling I’m going to like them.

5 fingertoes Keep Sh** Out (KSO) shoes.

I’ve been meaning to get a pair of these when I heard about them recently.

I’ve experimented with different running styles too…like that of the Tarahumara Indians … barefoot to boot.

Many times I’ve had to run barefoot through a flooded parking lot thanks to sudden torrential downpours we get in Florida and I don’t want to ruin my leather Reef sandals.

However, I’m told that unlike the Tarahumara style of running, where you run with just the soles of your feet and not the heels, the Five Finger shoes require a gate more like chi-walking or chi-running where you don’t do the typical heel-toe gate, but rather come down flat on the whole foot.

  • Have good posture
  • Lean forward slightly with your feet aligned behind you and never going in front of you (that’s when you hit the ground and create an opposite force)
  • Increase the cadence of your strides so that your legs touch the ground more often and therefore decrease the impact of gravity (chi-running trains you to run between 85 to 90 strides per minute which is much higher than we normally do, it feels really weird but actually takes less effort)
  • Touch the ground with your entire foot instead of “heel-toes” you can experiment this technique on a beach, your steps should not create craters in the sand but show a flat step which happens only if the forces are distributed on all its surface.

Hmm… I’ve been chi walking on beaches for years without realizing it!

Sure, these shoes look like part of an Incredible Hulk costume foot accessory or something – especially if you find a green pair and add some hair to the top, LOL.

I wonder what the Parkour  [PK} crowd thinks of these??

They’re definitely not as ugly as Crocs imo. . . and look how popular Crocs became.

Some fellow fans and wearers of these shoes include Tim Ferris of 4 Hour Work Week and Sergie Brin of Google.

Here’s a top view of a Five Finger shoe in funky blue:

Best Designed Products for 2010

Just got my new subscription to Fast Company – a great magazine for the entrepreneurial and curious.

I remember when i first got a neighbor’s issue by accident back in 99 in california.

I think i actually saved it for a while somewhere [hey, no pac-rat comments now].

Anyway, this is a fun way to spend an hour or two looking over the International Designers Society of America’s top 150 picks for 2010.

TFT – Terry’s Favorite Things

So many of these are coming out of California – especially the bay area…

Does that surprise anyone?  A place where Art and Tech come together.

There were so many favorites for me, including the JAMHUB for musicians.

Note – if you go to the company’s site, you won’t find it yet, but there is an inflatable guitar that is really cool.


Yet another skateboard like device that reminds me of a TRON light cycle made by Brooklyn Workshop called the FREE RIDER.

$150 gets you your own ride.


Great wine glasses that everybody can afford – and you don’t have to worry about breaking these. GOVINO Go Anywhere glasses.

The thumb notch is a nice design touch.  And hey, these are only $3.00 a glass.


This one by Hyundai Engineering is dear to my passion for vertical farming – this time on a micro scale – for the condo or apartment dweller!

The Kitcken Nano Garden.



Other notables – the Laundry POD by RKS – when you just need to wash a few little things.


A LED light bulb by Panasonic that might simulate the same coverage as our old favorite, the incandescent?

Although I think Process Taiwan has a better design with their T-Tech LED Dimmable Light Bulb.


If you like motorcycles and going green, there is hope down the road with Mission Motors Mission One Sportbike.

150 mph and 150 miles per charge.


Like to kitesurf in the arctic circle?  Keep dry, warm and stylish with this outfit.


Perfect your push up with the Perfect PushUp V2.


Here’s the first folding bike design that in my opinion is actually a gOOd One. The Ville folding bike


The Write? Light! idea is a perfect solution to people like me who start having ideas pop into our heads

just when we are ready to go to sleep and the lights are off.

Combining a pen and a light in one in a new aesthetically pleasing design.


Here’s an interesting solution to the toilet situation… You know, the one where some guys can’t seem to

contain their #1?  2in1 Toilet concept


Being a fan of Parkour, here’s a shoe that’s supposed to be better than what PKers usually use.


Although I have read that many PK enthusiasts aren’t all that impressed with the current offerings for

specialty shoes and besides, true PK would ideally be done in bare feet. OUCH!


Finally, the Zen Wagon by KaiKu will give the Red Radio Flyer wagon a run for it’s money.


How To Create A Good Password

Here’s a great way to make easy to remember but hard to crack passwords for your email, bank accounts, affiliate accounts, or any other site that requires a password.

Did you know that “Password” is one of the 10 most used passwords every year?!

Surely the ‘00‘ in you would never choose such a foolish thing!

The most secure passwords you can use are known as “pass phrases” such as ” A cow says moo”.

You can easily turn that into “acowsaysmoo” by simply removing the spaces between the words.

Hackers invented a language called leetspeak, where they use characters and numbers that look like letters but they’re actually identified differently by security software.

These are called homoglyphs, or symbols that closely resemble the letters for which they stand.

(“4(0//say5M0o”. Can you see it?)

Here it is broken down by each word:

A= the number 4

cow = (0//  which is open parenthesis, the number zero, and two slashes to make the ‘W’

says= say5  where the second ‘S’ is switched to the number 5

moo = capital ‘M’ followed by a zero and a lower case ‘o’.

Remember, most people don’t make use of upper case letters with the exception of sites that require you to use at least one upper case character/letter.

Use this tool to your advantage and get creative with symbols and numbers.

Want to learn more about LEET? or should I say, 1337? These Wiki links have a whole list of characters to use in place of letters.

Another good tip is the LONGER the BETTER. I’ve heard is that a 12 character password could take a thief up to 17000 years to crack.

The top ten most common (and stupid) passwords used [according to a survey by PC Magazine]

1. password

2. 123456

3. qwerty

4. abc123

5. letmein

6. monkey

7. myspace 1

8. password 1

9. blink182

10. (your first name)

These are the first passwords that a criminal would try when attempting to hack your account.

Other types of passwords you want to avoid are birthdays and the names of your children or spouse.