Green Green Green | Funny Video With A Great Message

Green Green Green

A friend of mine has a really cool company called EcoBold.  She has a popular YoutTube channel and website that encourages and educates people about the importance of going green and buying from companies that are not destroying the planet in the process.

Recently, she posted this hilarious video that shows off just how funny she is and how you can have fun and be entertaining while touting the virtues of living a healthy lifestyle.

My First Movie Remix/Mashup

Anyone who knows the artist and title of the song,  please post in the comments.
I think I first heard it on secret agent radio (iTunes) or Pandora – don’t remember which.
Then I heard it as the opening theme song for a Japanese movie called Immoral Affairs that was on Hulu. The majority of the footage is from the beginning of that film.
I decided to try my hand at a mashup tweaking some of the opening scenes of the movie along with adding this annoying footage of a rabbit nose twitching umbrella man taken from a documentary about Frida from the music group Abba. Something about her dad being a Nazi who met her mom while stationed in Norway during WWII.
Anyway, here it is: Immoral Affairs Mashup Remix

Immoral Affairs Mashup Remix

You have to click on the link above to see the quicktime movie and the size is small… I’ll try to figure out a way to upload it larger.

When a brwak cat kwosses my … path [lol]


April 25, 2012 UPDATE

Ok, so I was looking around and someone was kind enough to respond to my request on Hulu for this song:

It’s Sugar Water by Cibo Matto – the NYC based japanese girl duo from the 1990s.

Here’s a link to their music video too.