Uncontacted Tribes In Amazon Brazil | In Peril

Evidence of Uncontacted Tribes In Amazon

Footage Released  For the First Time, February 2011

I first learned about this from a client and meant to post it back in Febuary.

This particular tribe is located on the Peru – Brazil border.  It’s amazing that in this day and age that there is actually still indigenous people on the planet.  They must wonder what sort of mysterious metal birds jets are…. Or in this case – what the helicopter was. I wouldn’t be surprised if their eyesight was good enough to spot the people inside the chopper and thought, who are these people of the sky?

What’s an urgent concern is logging companies are getting closer and closer to these people and if they are allowed to continue the pillaging, these people will lose their home and most likely their life as they know it. That would be a shame.

I know what certain people of the western world might think. “What can little ole’ me possibly do?” Or, “big deal, there’s nothing we can do about it. Not my problem”  Or, “who cares? Those people are savages anyway and need to get some clothes on and start shopping at Walzmart.”

Now for some related intellectual commentary:

I read an article back in October 2010 that stated a new species was being discovered every 3 days in the Amazon for the last 10 years. Species like a baldheaded parrot, a blue-fanged tarantula, and bright red catfish. One in 10 species is found in the Amazon. Such a rich source of life doesn’t deserve to be turned into mono-crop bullshit for our endless hunger for cheap meat. (that’s grain crops grown to feed all the cattle that we in turn scarf down).

Yup, cattle ranching is largely responsible for the destruction of the rainforest. We’ve lost 17% of it in the last 50 years.  That is SERIOUSLY effed up.  So again, I ask, how arrogant and/or apathetic are we?  Who are we to think we can keep doing this and be allowed to live on this planet?  This brings up a good argument for going vegetarian.

Breakdown of recorded discoveries from 1999 to 2009:

  • 637 plants
  • 257 fish
  • 216 amphibians
  • 55 reptiles
  • 16 birds
  • 39 mammals

These aren’t all that’s there – just the ones we noticed and not counting all the species we knew about before.

Tying this altogether – don’t you think that if. . .  oh hell, who am I kidding? I mean WHEN we decide to make contact with these people, that once communication barriers are overcome,  they could teach US so much about all the animals and plants in the rapidly disappearing rainforest?  I think from a selfish standpoint, that’s a worthy reason to try to save them.  After all, that’s the sort of argument that might hold water to those in power who see them as a nuisance and just want to take the resources for their own gain.

Read more @ http://www.uncontactedtribes.org/brazilfootage

Survival is launching an urgent campaign calling on the Peruvian government to expel all loggers working illegally on the land of uncontacted Indians in Peru

Oh, and here’s a good 20 minute TED Talk on Indigenous People presented by Wade Davis

Do We Deserve To Exist Any Longer? What Would Michael Jackson Say?

Nothing like music to get one’s emotions stoked. Michael Jackson was such a talented sensitive soul.

Michael Jackson | Earth Song

Well, from what I remember from Michael Jackson’s posthumous movie, This Is It, Michael thought we needed to stop the devastation immediately or else we’re definitely effed for good. Remember, this song was released back in 1995. That’s over 15 years ago.  Has anyone seen how the rain forests, et al have changed since then?

When you think about what we’ve be doing, the question comes up – Do we deserve to keep on going?

The entity to ask this to isn’t so much each other than it is our home, Mother Earth.  A sincere apology is probably a good start followed by a commitment to change for the better.  Maybe it’s already out of our hands and She’s retaliating slowly but surely.  It could be that it’s all a part of some elaborate program. I’m not one to put much stock into 2012 from a prophecy standpoint, unless you consider the self-fulfilling kind where you give up and are resolved to experience a certain outcome.

It’s as if we are at war with the earth. But we are not separate from it, therefore we are really at war with ourselves. We deny our connection to each other, the animals, the plants, the ocean, the earth, the stars.

We are all one, yet most of us live in the false idea of separation, largely in part to the wonderful nature of duality. That’s the secret.  Duality exists for us to appreciate the unlimited variety of expression of life. But what we need to remember that above the duality is the oneness that encompasses all.

The ALL is in all of us and we are all part of the ALL. The separation is only perception from each of our limited consciousness.

I’ll post a similar topic in a few days regarding this subject.

some background info on the video [taken from Wikipedia]

The video was filmed in four geographic regions. The first location was the Amazon Rainforest, where a large part was destroyed a week after the video’s completion. Natives of the region appeared in the video and were not actors. The second scene was a war zone in Croatia, with famous Serbian-born Croatian actor Slobodan Dimitrijević and the residents of the area. The third location was Tanzania, which incorporated scenes of illegal poaching and hunting into the video. No animals were harmed in the making of the “Earth Song”, as the footage came from documentary archives. However, a poacher killed an elephant within a mile of the shot. The final location was in Warwick, New York, where a safe forest fire was simulated in a corn field