Grand Opening of Etsy Shop Unlimited Imagination

Grand Opening of Etsy Shop Unlimited Imagination January 2017

I finally opened an etsy shop this month to sell my art work which can be seen at

I currently have a few of my collage pieces available as¬†prints available including my first piece Debbie Harry/Blondie and a 16×16 print of my 5×5 2015 submission for the tampa bay five by five art show.

As I finish more pieces I may consider selling some of the originals as well but I am not sure if etsy is the best marketplace for high end original art ¬†what I mean by that is most of my original pieces will be priced in the 1000s on the low end. They take a lot of planning and time to assemble. As an example I estimated that my Blondie piece took a minimum of 50 hours. I didn’t keep track accurately so that is only a rough guess

I also have my custom designed american flag vinyl bumper stickers for $3.50 for two stickers plus shipping ($.50) they are approximately 5″x2.66″ in size.

The words American flag in blue text are not on the actual stickers.

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Mockingbird Night Serenade March 2015

Mockingbird Night Serenade March 2015


Mockingbird Singing at Night March 5th, 2015. Clearwater Florida.

This mockingbird was singing for hours through the night and several nights afterward. He was in the middle of the parking lot in some palm trees. Because of the surrounding highrise condos, there was a nice echo going on along with the crickets serenading in the background. Took several samples from about 10:00pm till about 11:30pm on March 5th. Had to edit out cars and people noises. Edited it all in REASON 8. Ended up with about 35 minutes of audio here.

Have a separate audio of songs on first day of spring, march 21, 2015, but those have a lot of traffic sound from construction going on in Clearwater on US19 and didn’t fit with the this more quiet and peaceful night. Sort of an interesting dichotomy of pleasant and irritating sounds. If I could, I’d separate them into left and right channels and make it into some sort of Dr Evil horrible binaural beat brainwashing bit.

This is another ‘Audio Catnip’ soundscape that people and other animals like too. I plan on combining the daytime one together as 2 tracks running consecutively for an hour or so of music or should I say sound.

528 Hz Solfeggio Love Tuner DNA Repair Brain Entrainment Phantom Tone

528 Hz Solfeggio Love Tuner DNA Repair Brain Entrainment Phantom Tone

Here is my first published experiment into solfeggio tone generation as well as phantom tone generation.

I’m not sure about the effectiveness or validity of the entire solfeggio concept as I haven’t personally done enough experimenting with them.

Musically, the common specific tones are quite limited in their ability to ‘knock out a wide variety of appealing tunes.’

As far as effects on water, or the body, such as what Dr Emoto has apparently done, well, that remains to be tested.

You could say I am optimistically skeptical. Would like to prove there’s something beneficial to this stuff.

It was kind of funny that I was able to find a screen capture off the visualizer that had HEARTS in the design. Hmm, maybe there is some truth to it ūüėÄ

Soundscapes like this are ideally listened to with headphones. Especially in this case where we are going for the phantom tone effect. I explain in detail below…


This piece consists of 3 tracks:

Track one is a left channel frequency of 523Hz and right channelfrequency of 533Hz

This causes the brain to hear a phantom frequency halfway between the two, which in this case is 528Hz

After 2:30 minutes, Track 1 stops and Track 2 starts with the tones reversed to 533 left, 523 right.

Throughout the track, a 528 Hz center tone (both left and right channels) fades in and out throughout the track and then finally by itself for the last minute fading out completely.

Both tracks one and two run for two minutes 30 seconds. Track one starts first then track two begins when track one ends.

The entire musical part of the video is 6 minutes long although the last 10 to 15 seconds are probably too faint to hear on most systems as I faded out all the way to infinity on the mixer, even though by -20db, it’s pretty close to silent.

Programs I utilized to create this:

REASON 8¬†and a tone generator that I since can’t recall which one for the tones and mixing/tweaking of said tones.

iTunes for the visual effect, in this case the jelly? selection.

iShowU to record the video of the Visualizer. Great little desktop program designed by a Kiwi will quite a few new features since the original.

Mockingbird Singing Soundscape Audio Catnip

October 16, 2014


I recorded this Mockingbird at my parent’s backyard back in April 2014. It hung around for a few weeks singing off and on all day long till dusk. Even then some nights it belted out a few tunes for good measure. ¬†

The first video is a 30 minute soundscape of the bird singing over a period of about an hour. It consists of 7 tracks one after the other all recorded with the iphone 4s standard recording app. ¬†It’s amazing the things the mic will pick up that you DON’T want. Like a distant motorcycle racing down a street. ¬†Added to the song is the waterfalls around the pool area.

So far, feedback on cat owners have witnessed an assortment of reactions. Some kitties zen out, while others look far and wide for the mysterious bird.

30 Minute Mockingbird Waterfall Soundscape


The second video I titled MockingBird 7 as I took all 7 tracks and played them over each other simultaneously. Since they are all different lengths, they cut off one by one till the last one plays out.

I played around with the still images utilizing various visual effects on iMovie as I didn’t get footage of the actual bird.

At first it sounds like a bunch of mockingbirds all singing at once. Something I don’t believe happens in nature as they seem to be a competitive bird when it comes to singing a song. ¬†Duets or group songs don’t seem to be their thing.




F-N-F | Friday Night Film | SECRETS OF THE UNIVERSE in HD



August 15, 2014

Ok, posted this a while back in it’s regular version by one Jeremy Stride ( He pulled that one and posted an updated HD version of his engaging video on the secrets of Coral Castle.

F-N-F | Genetic Roullette | Friday Night Film

March 28 2013


Genetic Roullette – The Gamble Of Our Lives

Some day soon I hope to be able to say. GMO crops in the USA was a dark chapter in our food history that thankfully is no more a reality, but something that we need to remember so as not to repeat these mistakes again.

This documentary is really a great watch and the best thing I’ve seen come down the pipeline since Food Inc. ¬†I am not sure when this was made, but I believe it was some time in 2012. By the time you see this post, Obama, if he did the right thing, will have vetoed the HR 933 that had a completely unrelated ‘Monsanto Protection Act’ slipped in there.

And now, Genetic Roullette:
UPDATE August16,__Nobember 3rd, 2013…..January 5th, 2014January 12, 2014
Here we go again

UPDATE JULY 22, 2013

OK, it’s become a shell game of sorts trying to keep a copy of this up on youtube.

Here’s the latest:


UPDATE JUNE 2ND, 2013 Рsorry, just found out the original link I had has been pulled from youtube. Here is another full version:

********* – deleted from youtube.

When man thinks he can play God, the result is a major drag. Just because we have the scientific knowledge and ability to do something doesn’t mean we SHOULD do that thing.



I regret to inform you that late Tuesday night, March 27, 2013 President Barack Obama signed H.R. 933, which contained the Monsanto Protection Act into law. President NObama knowingly signed the Monsanto Protection Act over the urgent pleas of more than 250,000 Americans who asked that he use his executive authority to veto it. President Obama failed to live up to his oath to protect the American people and our constitution. I am so not surprised, just disappointed.

Happy St Patrick’s Day 2013 | New Irish Green Drink

Happy St Paddy’s Day

New Irish Green Energy Drink From the City Idiot


He’s back again this year with another quick and easy recipe for a clover inspired drink. This time he’s left the alcohol on the shelf (or so he said) and has decided to offer something more healthy and energizing for those of us looking for a natural long lasting energy boost.


Super Green Power Fuel Gogo Juice


Super Green Power Fuel Gogo Juice (inventor – terry p carter)

Here’s the recipe:

  • 1 16oz bottle water
  • 1 scoop (3 TBPS) of Shaklee lemon-lime Performance drink mix
  • 18 drops Chloroxygen (mint flavored or regular)
  • 1 packet of Shaklee 180 Matcha Energizing Tea
  • Serving: 1
  • Calories: ~100
  • Remember to put the cap on tight and Shake well.

Personally I think it tastes better chilled. If you like a much stronger flavor and need more fuel (calories) you can add a second scoop of Performance. This ups it to ~200 calories and is more in line with the suggested use of the product as normally you would only use 8oz of water per scoop, not 16oz, which is why the way I make it tends to make it watered down.

Also remember when using my favorite high altitude remedy/oxygen booster product, Chloroxygen, that you go slow with this if you haven’t used it before. ¬†If you don’t, don’t say I didn’t warn you when your poop looks like a cow used your toilet.

Chloroxygen is USA grown and manufactured by Herbs Etc.  It is organic, GMO-free, pesticide-free and BSE safe.

Consider this: over 60% of the dietary supplement ingredients currently come from China. Herbs Etc. is American, family run organic business.


YOUTUBE’s auto transcriber is hilarious – it didn’t do such a good job on my video. I feel bad for the hearing impaired… Oh wait, I mean deaf people.:

nl so let’s let’s see it¬†0:08¬†event¬†0:10¬†careless there is a extended¬†0:14 ¬†harassing you¬†0:16¬†ntelligent share another favorite retrieved¬†0:20¬†and going to do is¬†0:23¬†at stake¬†0:23¬†no sense¬†0:26¬†so what we have here¬†0:28¬†it’s not just about all of sixteen ounce bottle proximity of cosco about water¬†0:34¬†jeffries¬†0:35¬†performance in this case it’s the lemon lime flavor¬†0:39¬†pledges to be called sanchez now shaklee twenty eighty energizing green marketing¬†0:45¬†in china¬†0:47¬†and of course¬†0:49¬†my favorites¬†0:50¬†postion brewster clorox agenda¬†0:53¬†this case it’s the most flavor¬†0:56¬†and one of these alone is a great drink enough itself¬†1:00¬†but uh… when i need a lot of endurance¬†1:03¬†and to keep going without going for a greater caffeine bashed¬†1:07¬†buyers were up¬†1:10¬†you know i’m not into like the red ball type drinks in a re-enactment¬†1:13¬†groups dot that’s all that¬†1:15¬†on the twenty cent¬†1:17¬†first take over the water up top¬†1:22¬†over the stuff¬†1:26¬†clarkston¬†1:28¬†about eighteen drops that¬†1:31¬†they could use more of that¬†1:32¬†okay that’s good¬†1:42¬†the happy performers¬†1:47 ¬†they’re opening up tomorrow i will use a funnel¬†1:50¬†to get in there¬†1:52¬†wants to which is approximately three tablespoons¬†1:56¬†uh… that has about two hundred dollars¬†2:00¬†all cards but if you do for research and check the website and just how asked for¬†2:05¬†presidential seal at such a good thing¬†2:08¬†the video would be an issue¬†2:10¬†tracked forget that american clorox gently has no cabarets¬†2:16¬†uh… the green team next year¬†2:19¬†action not sure it hasn’t hours it’s very low¬†2:22¬†at the top of that¬†2:25¬†interesting it intrigued¬†2:28¬†painted that all this lawsuit has occurred¬†2:30¬†tristen¬†2:32¬†txt don’t have to use this time i just find it’s very convenient qtp chertoff¬†2:38¬†for ingredients in there¬†2:40¬†but to get that done¬†2:44¬†fiche¬†2:46¬†sured¬†2:50¬†initiated this looks like¬†2:53¬†clear glass¬†2:59¬†also sometimes is just one x robots hollywood three pts¬†3:04¬†particles called it ranks¬†3:06¬†drinks that out¬†3:07¬†hires to really just a¬†3:10¬†dissolved¬†3:12¬†residency¬†3:14¬†it’s a fairly dark green drink¬†3:22¬†not a real strong taste but¬†3:23¬†uh… delicious¬†3:25¬†and keep it going¬†3:26¬†twenty year extended use¬†3:29¬†so they have it¬†3:32¬†political action after a great deal of command¬†3:35¬†going i heard that you can use this coupon code gimmicks discount off your¬†3:39¬†order¬†3:40¬†i_t_t_ eighty two¬†3:42¬†now have links below on we can get uh… shaklee products¬†3:47¬†acts like a lot¬†3:48¬†see you next year

Ronald Reagan’s Words Truer Than Ever Almost 50 Years Later

What Can We Learn From A 50 Year Old Speech

About The State Of the United States Of America?

Ronald Reagan Official Presidential Portrait


Will history teach us nothing? Maybe we are just unwilling to learn. Eternal vigilance is the requirement for liberty. So stop sleeping on your watch!

When I see what is happening politically in my country today and compare it to this speech, I can’t help but notice a lot of the same things seem to be the ‘issues’ of the day. Government overspending, a growing trend leaning towards bigger socialistic government at the expense of personal freedoms. All in the excuse of big G “Daddy” knows best. It’s like if we’re not constantly on top of things, it all starts going to hell in a hand basket very quickly.¬†

This is Reagan’s speech when he was campaigning for Barry Goldwater back in October 1964. Needless to say, he out-shined Goldwater and this was a sign of Ronald’s next step in his professional career.

Fact– Reagan won every state (electoral) in his 1984 re-election except walter mondale’s home state of minnesota and D.C.


Happy Brithday Ronnie. We miss ya.

Ronald Reagan Cowboy Hat 1976

February 6, 1911¬†‚Äď June 5, 2004) was the 40th President of the United States (1981‚Äď1989),¬†¬†33rd¬†Governor of California¬†(1967‚Äď75)

Dream Realization: Wisdom and Insights From of Black Eyed Peas

July 25, 2012

A Day In The Life:

There’s a new series I found on Hulu called A Day In The Life. Their first episode showcases a day in the life of billionaire Richard Branson.

So far, I’ve only watched Richard Branson, Girl Talk, and Timothy Ferriss. Besides offering a glimpse into each of their lives, there are some good nuggets of wisdom i take away from. Even if it’s not something they said, it could be how they go about doing things, how they interact with others, their mannerisms, etc. The shows are disappointingly short – less than 25 minutes long.

In series one, episode 3, they follow around of Black Eyed Peas fame. seems quite grounded and humble in his success which he has worked long and hard at. The show catches up with him while the Peas are performing in Paris. In the car, he is amazed at how once upon a time it was all just in his head and now 10s of 1000s of people are waiting to hear them play.

He also expressed qualities that helped him get to where he is today:

  • Dedication
  • Focus
  • Discipline
  • Patience
  • Passion for his craft
  • Thick skin – have had to endure a whole bunch, heart broken, screwed in business deals, etc. But through all that learning to turn those negatives into positives.

Finally, he says why he was able to accomplish these things is due to his close friends who trust and support each other. Having good people around you is one of the cardinal rules to reach your goals.

Laminine Featured on American Health Journal

Laminine was recently showcased on American Health Journal in select markets around the USA This month of July 2012.

Also features Kevin Sorbo of Hercules and Andromeda TV show fame and how Laminine has helped him.  I did not know before this that Kevin Sorbo had had a stroke back in the 1990s when he was still shooting Hercules in New Zealand.

Laminine On American Health Journal


AHJ Program 440 from AHJ on Vimeo.


To learn more about Laminine and Order, visit