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F-N-F | Friday Night Film | August 26, 2011

The Skeletor Show

by Everyone’s Voice (Daniel Geduld)

I never liked He-Man Masters of the Universe cartoons as a kid so I never watched them. Ridiculed fans of it maybe. This may be an oldie in internet years, but it’s still funny. Good comedy will stand up in the long run. Funny is funny. Daniel – the creator of these parodies did this for fun as I remember… As a result, he ended up getting a real [paying] gig out of the exposure.

Here’s how it all started:

And Part One:

Hmm… have I killed any puppies lately?

New Irish Green Gem Juice Drink For St Patrick’s Day

Happy St Patrick’s 2011

Thanks to the local City Idiot for this gem.



Since i am often the DD – “designated driver” verses the luckier DD – “designated drunk”, I have to find a non-alcoholic beverage to consume while out at the clubs, bars, restaurants and parties.



So what’s better than tiger blood juice and a perfect drink for St Patrick’s Day?

why, Lucky Irish Gem Juice!

Careful how you say that. Don’t let drunk friends order it as if they’re slurring their speech  it could sound like you’re asking for Jim Juice, aka Jim Jones Blue Kool-Aid suicide drink. Just remember Green Good. Blue Bad. Simple alliteration memory jogger there. GG good, BB bad.

This drink can pass as non-alcoholic and safe for the non-idiots to drink who are the chosen ones to take their village idiot and city idiot buddies home from their favorite Irish Pub this St Paddy’s day.  An excellent choice for those who choose not to imbibe the green beer monster.

LUCKY IRISH GEM JUICE (inventor – Terry P Carter)

Drink Recipe:

  • Ginger Ale
  • Ice
  • Bitters –  i like the taste – it really amps up the ginger ale.  Bitters does have alcohol but it’s like the equivalent of adding vanilla extract to a drink. A few drops aren’t going to do anything to your sobriety. Here’s a few BITTERS I like to use.
  • Chloroxygen – 4 to 10 drops will do the trick depending on how ‘healthy and energetic’ you want to make the drink.

REGULAR Chloroxygen or MINT Chloroxygen can be used depending on your preference.

be sure to use $5.00 coupon IHE882 @ iHerb.com

to get your Lucky Leprechaun Magic Elixir, aka CHLOROXYGEN today.

*disclaimer 1*

THE LUCKY IRISH LEPRACHAUN GRASS  is actually CHLOROXYGEN chloropyll supplement – great for natural energy boost and great for solving and avoiding altitude sickness / acclimating yourself to high altitude especially if you are like me and live most of the time near sea level.

*disclaimer 2*

Regarding the video – it’s my interpretation of a city idiot – urban version of the Village idiot.

It’s not polished, predictable, professional, etc. and it’s not supposed to be. He’s an IDIOT, duh.

It’s a bit off, stupid, and just a little out there…. although as with the special idiot savant variety, there’s always a little bit of wisdom in older idiots – they are most likely the smartest of the bunch as they are still alive.

. . . and yes, i AM Irish but pretty far removed from the homeland – ancestors bailed out of the Blarney ages ago.

Proud to be Chinese Shoes?

Ok, for all of those people who want to keep purposely buying Chinese made shoes (can you say NIKE?) and don’t care about playing ignorant to the fact you are helping China buy more and more of the US one step at a time, why not embrace it whole-heartedly and help the Li-Ning brand make it big in America.

I have to say, this commercial they put on YouTube is rather funny – full of stereo-types and jokes. But like every other ad – it’s just using humor to push product. That said, enjoy a laugh if you dare 😛

Some funny quotes from the vid (seems like most of the good lines are given to the Indian:

It’s cow’s head … I know cows, trust me I know cows.

Eff me? Eff you!

Why is it wet if it’s waterproof?

Kiss him… kiss him! Suck his face!

I’m li-ning towards kicking your ass!

the Indian talking in mocking chinese – “engwish”

The Indian actor reminds me of an older version of actor Ajai Naidu from Office Space fame.

Interested in buying a pair yourself? Get Li Ning Shoes here.

Eff-En-Eff | Friday Night Funny August 13 2010

Eff-En-Eff or FNF

however you spell it, you don’t have to yell it.

Friday Night Funnies August 13 2010

Ooh! Another Friday the 13th [Big Fat Deal says Garfield. Or more likely “Pass the lasagna”]

I’ve taken liberty here and renamed the Eff-En-Eff from Friday Night Film to Friday Night Funny or Funnies.

Seems like Youtube and other video channels keep pulling down the good stuff, dammit.

Well, in case you are like me and haven’t yet heard (or did, but quickly forgot about it and never checked it out), FunnyorDie.com and their YouTube channel going by same name [FunnyOrDie on YouTube] brings us some pretty funny skits  . . . and some not so funny.. Thus the ‘dying’ part which they manage to live up to as well. We try to avoid those now, right?

Well, if you are as busy as me you probably don’t have time for a feature length documentary or film anyway so here’s four of my personal favorites that I found on Funny Or Die:

Dana Carvey returns as George Bush Sr and Jim Carrey Does Ronald Reagan:

“Daniel San” Karate Kid Ralph Macchio attempts his comeback

Tiffany Amber Thiessen is still one hot babe . . .
oh, and she dropped Amber from her professional name. . .
Here’s a parody that mimics my life with waaaay too many things going on:

Finally, Denise Richards Fun Bags – say no more:

Oh, and I can’t forget this modern classic:

Justin Timberlake and Andy Samberg have a special gift for the ladys (warning, uncensored version):

In case the first four aren’t watchable here, here’s the links to youtube (they turned off embed on Youtube)

Presidents Reunion

Ralph Macchio Comeback

Tiffany’s Busy Girl

Denise’s Boobs