Blog Pee | July 1, 2011


July 1st, 2011

Well well well well well . . . . It seems like a mental enema is in store here.

fall down seven, get up eight

Japanese Proverb – seems appropriate.

I’ve been a naughty, neglectful boy with my passion blog.

Started getting back in the swing of things back in May only to let the entire month of June slip on by.  “Buh-bye” people must’ve thought. For shame 😛

So a good old fashioned BLOG PEE seemed appropriate here to start up again. I’m surprised my bladder didn’t burst. (actually i was relieving myself in the sink)

As it’s america’s birthday this weekend…. again… #235 – boy is she gettin’ old eh?

Bet you wished you look this good at that age….. hell, bet you wish you could reach that age – HA!


What better time to brush up on your RIGHTS (while you still have them!)


It’s summertime!

So the 2nd half of 2011 has begun.  Time to start a new ritual?Trend? whatever you call it…. How about:

MID YEAR Resolutions and Reflections.

Take a moment this weekend to reflect upon the first half of the year and see what you’ve accomplished and whether you are on track with your goals. Maybe you have new goals – i know i do. Maybe you fulfilled some, maybe others are getting cold and moldy on the back burner – salvage them if you want, or throw them out and make room for NEW.

I have been cleaning out my physical environment to create more clarity and focus for myself. It feels good to purge yourself of old things that you no longer want or need.  Nostalgia and the What-If creatures try to sneak into your psyche to get you to reconsider letting go of your STUFF.  But then Rationalization and Practicality double-team them and counter with the ideas of “you can’t take it with you”,” it’s holding you back” and  “it’s weighing you down.”

Where’s The BEEF?

Ok, I realize this is normally slotted for an Eff-En-Eff, so here’s 2 mini-videos of UFOs over LONDON that were aired recently. Quite intriguing. Now I’ll keep my opinions to myself as I’m not an expert on analyzing real vs. fake. The fact that these two I found are taken in totally different parts of the city makes it seem a bit more convincing.

However, an observation is in store here. Why is it that UFOs always seem to move like UFOs? The triangle formation, the radical changes in direction and speed. The odd way the larger disc rotates and spins slowly. And so on.

Finally – cause I got work 2 do, I’ll blog more about this later, but time is of the essence.

There are blenders and then there is IMO, THE World’s Best Blender,  ever. The one and only BLENDTEC. Even better, it can be purchased with FREE SHIPPING all during the month of JULY, 2011.

So my question to you is, Will It Blend, Punk?

footnote - - - 

– – – You Might Be A  Zombie if  …you don’t realize we’ve been living in a  Zombie Apocalypse for several years now.

Yes, I am probably starting a new meme here,  but it dawned on me that the way most people go through their lives, they sure have an awful lot of zombie tendencies and traits… remember, kill the brain and run away – the lactic acid build up in reanimated dead tissue causes them to stop ‘dead’ in their tracks fairly quickly.

Solfeggio Music Player 528Hz

528Hz Solfeggio Musical Instrument

Here’s a fun musical instrument you can experiment with available on my friend down under’s website.

by dragging your mouse over the ‘notes’ you can play the Solfeggio scale:

63Hz – 174Hz – 285Hz – 396Hz – 417Hz – 528Hz – 639Hz – 741Hz – 852Hz – 963Hz – 1074Hz and 1185Hz.

I found you can play a Solfeggio version of the theme to Close Encounters of the Third Kind.

on the equal temperment scale the opening notes are A-B-G-G(octave lower)-D

On Solfeggio, try playing 963 – 1074 – 852 – 417 – 639.

Try your hand at the Solfeggio Player Here

>>528hz Solfeggio Player<<

click on the Solfeggio link to get to the player.

Wonder if Speilberg or John Williams or whoever was responsible for that melody to communicate with the aliens in the movie has any significance or just coincidence.

Some of the frequencies are claimed to be associated with chakras and healing tones:

  • 396 Hz – Releasing emotional patterns.
  • 417 Hz – Breaking up crystallized emotional patterns.
  • 528 Hz – Love frequency “DNA integrity and repair”.
  • 639 Hz – Whole brain quadrant interconnectedness. Connecting Relationships.
  • 741 Hz – Intuitive states & non-linear knowing. Awakening Intuition.
  • 852 Hz – Pure love: unconditional love and returning to Spiritual Order.

Jandy’s site also has some great Binaural beat music that is great for

meditation, relaxation and general tripping out.

*Crash* Glass By Corning for the Future

Ok, so this was pretty cool, but my question is, is it sharp when it shatters?

Personally, I like the windows that black out / photosensitive for privacy/shade.
Don’t care for the bathroom mirror acting as anything other than a reflector of non-augmented reality.
The cell phone being semi-translucent on the backside made no sense other than “ooh, aren’t we cool? Look how sophisticated our tech is”… to me, I’m thinking, where’s the privacy on your call?Why would you want people able to see the reverse image of who you are calling on the backside?
The whole dashboard of glass on the car? How thick is that – meaning, how much heavier is it than current materials?
Bottom line, glass cleaners and micro fiber cloths will be VERY POPULAR.

Mosquito Ringtones | Ultra High Frequency | Test Your Hearing

Test Your Hearing.

Annoy Other People.

Get a Free Stealth Ring for your Phone.

These are some of the reasons to check out

Supposedly most people lose their upper range of hearing as they age.  A story in England mentioned how teens used these high pitched ringtones in classrooms th at their teachers couldn’t hear, so they could send and receive texts undetected.

Well, here’s a bunch of ringtones you can download to your phone – mp3 and wav formats.

To see how good your hearing is (and the highest one to use that you can still hear), play these through a set of speakers that have a rated 20,000Hz response or better. Your hearing may be better than you think if the speakers aren’t able to reproduce the sound.

If you have a dog or cat, they can usually hear the higher frequencies so you can tell if the speakers are producing them by your pet’s reaction. Then see if YOU hear it too.

Personally, I can hear all the way up to 22K… I must be an alien or something because according to the chart, I’m too old to hear that high.

[the following is excerpt from their site:]

What is the Mosquito Ringtone?

The short version, A tone outside the audible range of hearing for most people over the age of 30. This means that you can get phone calls and receive text messages in class or school without teachers hearing it.

Vibram FiveFingers KSO Shoes | TFT

Terry’s Favorite Things | T-F-T

Vibram Five Fingers Shoes

Ok, so as of this posting, I haven’t actually acquired a pair of these quirky new shoes yet, but I have a feeling I’m going to like them.

5 fingertoes Keep Sh** Out (KSO) shoes.

I’ve been meaning to get a pair of these when I heard about them recently.

I’ve experimented with different running styles too…like that of the Tarahumara Indians … barefoot to boot.

Many times I’ve had to run barefoot through a flooded parking lot thanks to sudden torrential downpours we get in Florida and I don’t want to ruin my leather Reef sandals.

However, I’m told that unlike the Tarahumara style of running, where you run with just the soles of your feet and not the heels, the Five Finger shoes require a gate more like chi-walking or chi-running where you don’t do the typical heel-toe gate, but rather come down flat on the whole foot.

  • Have good posture
  • Lean forward slightly with your feet aligned behind you and never going in front of you (that’s when you hit the ground and create an opposite force)
  • Increase the cadence of your strides so that your legs touch the ground more often and therefore decrease the impact of gravity (chi-running trains you to run between 85 to 90 strides per minute which is much higher than we normally do, it feels really weird but actually takes less effort)
  • Touch the ground with your entire foot instead of “heel-toes” you can experiment this technique on a beach, your steps should not create craters in the sand but show a flat step which happens only if the forces are distributed on all its surface.

Hmm… I’ve been chi walking on beaches for years without realizing it!

Sure, these shoes look like part of an Incredible Hulk costume foot accessory or something – especially if you find a green pair and add some hair to the top, LOL.

I wonder what the Parkour  [PK} crowd thinks of these??

They’re definitely not as ugly as Crocs imo. . . and look how popular Crocs became.

Some fellow fans and wearers of these shoes include Tim Ferris of 4 Hour Work Week and Sergie Brin of Google.

Here’s a top view of a Five Finger shoe in funky blue:

Best Designed Products for 2010

Just got my new subscription to Fast Company – a great magazine for the entrepreneurial and curious.

I remember when i first got a neighbor’s issue by accident back in 99 in california.

I think i actually saved it for a while somewhere [hey, no pac-rat comments now].

Anyway, this is a fun way to spend an hour or two looking over the International Designers Society of America’s top 150 picks for 2010.

TFT – Terry’s Favorite Things

So many of these are coming out of California – especially the bay area…

Does that surprise anyone?  A place where Art and Tech come together.

There were so many favorites for me, including the JAMHUB for musicians.

Note – if you go to the company’s site, you won’t find it yet, but there is an inflatable guitar that is really cool.


Yet another skateboard like device that reminds me of a TRON light cycle made by Brooklyn Workshop called the FREE RIDER.

$150 gets you your own ride.


Great wine glasses that everybody can afford – and you don’t have to worry about breaking these. GOVINO Go Anywhere glasses.

The thumb notch is a nice design touch.  And hey, these are only $3.00 a glass.


This one by Hyundai Engineering is dear to my passion for vertical farming – this time on a micro scale – for the condo or apartment dweller!

The Kitcken Nano Garden.



Other notables – the Laundry POD by RKS – when you just need to wash a few little things.


A LED light bulb by Panasonic that might simulate the same coverage as our old favorite, the incandescent?

Although I think Process Taiwan has a better design with their T-Tech LED Dimmable Light Bulb.


If you like motorcycles and going green, there is hope down the road with Mission Motors Mission One Sportbike.

150 mph and 150 miles per charge.


Like to kitesurf in the arctic circle?  Keep dry, warm and stylish with this outfit.


Perfect your push up with the Perfect PushUp V2.


Here’s the first folding bike design that in my opinion is actually a gOOd One. The Ville folding bike


The Write? Light! idea is a perfect solution to people like me who start having ideas pop into our heads

just when we are ready to go to sleep and the lights are off.

Combining a pen and a light in one in a new aesthetically pleasing design.


Here’s an interesting solution to the toilet situation… You know, the one where some guys can’t seem to

contain their #1?  2in1 Toilet concept


Being a fan of Parkour, here’s a shoe that’s supposed to be better than what PKers usually use.


Although I have read that many PK enthusiasts aren’t all that impressed with the current offerings for

specialty shoes and besides, true PK would ideally be done in bare feet. OUCH!


Finally, the Zen Wagon by KaiKu will give the Red Radio Flyer wagon a run for it’s money.


TFT | EcoloBlue – A GoTTA Have It for the Self Reliant

TFT | Terry’s Favorite Things

(atmospheric water generator)  or as I call it, a “glorified de-humidifier.”


Atmospheric Water Generators

10481741-ecoloblue-28When I saw this I thought I was looking at your typical office water cooler and almost didn’t give it a second glance.  But being the inquisitive sort that I am, I noticed it was indeed something much more.

EcoloBlue_Atmospheric_Water_GeneratorAtmospheric water generation isn’t really new – think of a dehumidifier. It sucks water out of the environment and collects it in a reservoir.  I have one – it’s a power hungry machine and I avoid using it but on rare occasions.  The water that is collected doesn’t look like anything I’d want to drink – being full of dust and cat hair. And that’s just the stuff that I can see.

This is where the second half comes in.  Add a water filtration/purification system – in this case, reverse osmosis, UV, carbon, micron, etc and you get a really cool GOTTA HAVE IT! product.  This isn’t so much a review of the Ecoloblue water generator as I don’t have one in my possession . . . yet.  But I can tell you, I won’t be without for long.

When it comes to going off the grid and sticking it to the power company… and water company. . . this is just the sort of product that fits the bill for going independent successfully.

EcoloBlue has 2 models as of this writing with a third coming soon.  Starting at $999 for the EcoloBlue 28 (7 gallons per day) and $1399 for the EcoloBlue 30 (8 gallons per day). Units are backordered and expect 3-4 weeks for delivery – that’s how popular these babies are catching on.

Units use a variety of filters that need to be replaced after so much use.  Package deals are offered on their website to make it easy to keep stocked.

From the Horse’s mouth:

EcoloBlue Atmospheric Water Generators (AWGs) produce unlimited, pure, delicious drinking water from just the humidity in the air. Our machines utilize a cutting-edge, proprietary technology –the most efficient, and energy conscious condensers available today– to extract more moisture from the atmosphere, quicker and more efficiently than any comparable machine.

Believe it or not, Earth’s atmosphere contains more water than it’s vast oceans. 8 miles straight-up of untapped atmosphere just waiting to contribute to life on Earth. Until now, it was a mere fantasy to harness that unlimited, and renewable natural resource. EcoloBlue AWGs bring the previously unfathomable idea of limitless, sustainable, and portable hydration to the masses.

As if these weren’t cool enough, extra snaps:


EcoloBlue’s AWGs are designed to work seamlessly with any power source. Including solar, wind, and gas-powered generators. So you can have limitless, pure drinking water anywhere. Any time.

I’d power it with wind or solar or a free energy device ideally. (CC)

OK, if these home units are lacking and wimpy for your tastes, EcoloBlue manufactures 5 industrial size units that produce from 50 to 1300 gallons per day with units weighing in at 700 lbs for the light weight class to over 7000 lbs for heavy weight.

I’m thinking you install this into one of your shipping containers on property…

05/27/2010 UPDATE:

check this out: 10 Water Myths

TFT | Skitch For Mac

TFT – Terrys Favorite Things

Skitch For Mac + Skitch = fast and fun screen capture and image sharing.

Santa Fe Farmers Market | Slow Money Movement |

“this graphic was created using SKITCH


This one too – using the apple built in iSight camera.

Very cool and useful program I’ve been using since November of 2008.

It is still free and periodically has to be upgraded and is still being labeled as Beta version.

Skitch has online storage abilities and quick drag and drop onto desktop or email or ????

It allows you to store images online for free on their server.

Personally, I use it for quick screen grabs and drag the jpg onto my desktop for further use.

You can also use your mac’s built in camera if you want to mark up and image. (see above)

The software has tons of customizable features of which I and most people won’t use most of the features – kinda like photoshop.

It has a save function if the jpg (or png, tif, pdf, etc) drag and drop isn’t what you’re looking for.

A history of previous captures is found under the Photo button at the top left of the skitch screen.

Text – size, color and FONT are all customizable.

Click on the hammer/wrench button top left of the Skitch screen to see a pull down menu of functions available.

Flip and rotate image, change font, full screen snap, snap skitch itself. . . these are just some of the tools available.


See it…

  • Snap a website
  • Capture a chat moment
  • Screenshot an application
  • iSight snap your bad hair day
  • Quickly sketch an idea
  • Tap into your iPhoto Library
  • Re-open images from your Skitch History

Say it…

  • Annotate with circles and gorgeous arrows
  • Add text that always stands out
  • Scribble and jot… it’s automatically smoothed
  • Re-size and crop by simply dragging a corner
  • Drag the file to wherever you like, no need to save
  • Return to what you were doing — in seconds — not minutes!

All in all a must have too for the creatives or online marketers. Skitch. Get it here.

The one thing missing – or I haven’t discovered yet, is the ability to crop an existing snapshot inside the skitch window.

4/16/2010 UPDATE – Just figured out how to crop – it’s really intuitive once I realized what to do. You use the select tool while just inside the borders – top bottom – left – right and crop as you please.

The Future Of Transportation That Will Never Be


A Reality in an Alternate Universe

car1.JPGI’m picturing visions of Logan’s Run or something out of Disney’s Tomorrowland.

Imagine podcars as the public transportation of the future.  AKA, personal rapid transit, would be a system of vehicles that provide on-demand, private travel. I mean if you think about it, this idea is hardly new or revolutionary.  More like it has not been very popular of a concept for those who own and control the auto industry, the oil industry, etc, etc.


Able to carry people as well as light freight, PodCars would ride on small guideways like a monorail. They could be powered by electricity, or hey, how about that electro-magnetic gravitics we have been withheld by TPPTS?


The podcars would travel on main lines like a freeway with on and off ramp legs that would stop at stations where you can get on and off. A good size would be vehicles that hold up to 4 people, but be cost effective to run even with just one person riding.


Some estimates gauge cost at $25 to $40 million per mile including the rail, vehicles and stations.

Compare this to $100 to $300 million for subway or light rail systems.


Currently, a podcar system called ULTra is being built at London’s Heathrow airport.


Oh yeah, that looks like fun.  Seriously, except for driving enthusiasts, this would allow people better use of their time while commuting and traveling. Minor issue of those who are germaphobes – how do you sanitize each car after use?  For that matter, how  and how often would they be cleaned?


For example, what if someone just came off the beach with their great dane and got in a podcar prior to you using the same car?  Wet and covered in sand and dog hair, not to mention the lingering smell to remind you of the prior occupants, could you request a different car or what?

Hmm. . . sounds like a whole slew of business opportunities and jobs for podcar support that might not be readily considered!

New Powerstick™ Makes Going Mobile Easier

powerstick“This device has been given the nod as the one essential gadget destined to make everyone’s life easier. With upwards of 100,000 MP3 players forecast to be sold in New Zealand for this Christmas period alone, not to mention the fact that many of us now have multiple cellphones, PDAs, iPhone and/or a BlackBerry, consumers are crying out for a way to recharge all their devices in one simple way.

“We have the answer,” says Binns. The Powerstick™ is designed and manufactured in Canada by Ecosol, an engineering-led company with a remit to develop and manufacture sustainable products. With the Powerstick™ that sustainability is achieved in many ways:

  • Consumers now only need one small product to charge virtually all their portable devices
  • The Powerstick™ is a portable rechargeable device that comes with a one-year warranty
  • Chargeable from a laptop, desktop or any device with a USB port (including cars and aircraft)
  • Once charged the Powerstick™ Polymer Lithium battery retains more than 90% of energy so it can be left unused but charged for up to 6 months
  • Having topped up the Powerstick™  will go into sleep mode and will stop drawing down energy unlike normal wall chargers.
  • The LCD display lets the user know when they need a top up, no guessing required and no unnecessary drawdowns

“My arsenal of digital devices is now completely taken care of,” says Binns. “The  Powerstick™ comes with 9 different device connectors including iPod, Nokia, Motorola, Mini-USB, LD, and Samsung. You can charge so many things with one stick and it’s also surge protected, so it can’t harm your precious work or play tools. ”

“It’s the essential gadget for the traveller (business or leisure), the student, the music lover and the workplace, pretty much anyone with a portable device. Most of us find it a challenge to run an iPhone all day without charging. With the  Powerstick™ you can charge up and keep talking, giving you greater peace of mind,” assures Binns.

Powerstick™  is available in New Zealand initially through Noel Leeming and online at With a RRP of $79, it’s an ideal Christmas gift, let alone a useful tool for having the cell, iPod and PDA charged in the beach-bag over summer. And at home users will no longer have to invest in a network of powerboards for their usual electric spaghetti. For more information and for compatibility (virtually all mobile devices are covered). Overseas, check out or call Richard Binns on 021 913 984.

Full Article Source

UPDATE – Powerstick is available in US for $49.99


This is a must have piece of tech in my book.  Especially for the on the go world traveller or even just the on – the – go person who has a lot of energy hungry gadgets.  Heck, for $50, I think I’ll pick up a few.

Each powerstick comes with 9 adaptors but one shortcoming I can see right away is this won’t help me with my 2 AA powered digital camera that loves to run out of juice before the party is over.  Maybe I just need a new camera, but I don’t like to be wasteful as the old one ain’t broke yet.