Sarasota Man’s Window Invention Tames Florida Sunshine

A bit of local news (at least in my part of the world)

When Ed VerVane moved to Florida from Michigan in the early 1990s, he welcomed the sunshine and then spent the next 17 years earning a living trying to tame its harmful effects.

VerVane created the Winsulator, a clear acrylic interior window attachment that fastens to the inside of windows via magnets. The insets keep the heat at bay and deflect damaging UV rays, creating a comfortable environment inside residential and commercial buildings.

winsulatorWith a background in window installation, VerVane used his knowledge and skill to come up with a design that created energy efficiency, reduced UV exposure and noise levels and could be used as a retrofit in existing buildings.

To gain credibility for his invention, VerVane went to NASA and had its engineers test the product. “They said you have a flawless design,” VerVane said. He then installed the product in the fourth-floor windows of the Kennedy Space Center’s headquarters. “It cut the temperature through the windows by 30 degrees,” he said.

The product, which carries a 10-year guarantee and 100 percent replacement coverage, also has been tested by the Florida Energy Office. The Sarasota-based company has installed the window attachments in the Selby Library, Sarasota County judicial center and residential homes in the area.

Recently, VerVane has concentrated on promoting the preservation aspect of Winsulators and installed the custom-designed attachments in windows in a long list of historical buildings in Florida, Georgia and South Carolina.


Google Nexus One or Apple iPhone 3GS Which One Is Better?

Should Apple Be Worried About Google’s New Nexus One Smart Phone?


Google just released a potential iPhone killer named the Nexus One this January 2010 at the Las Vegas Consumer Electronics Show.  I decided to check out it’s specs to see how it compares to the iPhone 3GS which I’ve had my eye on for a while now.  Being a diehard apple/mac user since the apple II+, I fall into that elitist, smug, fanatical apple fan description.  So it’ll take a lot for me to choose something else.

Many think the Nexus One could be a strong challenger to Apple’s iPhone 3GS. Let’s take a look at each phone’s strong and weak points as it compares to the other.

Apple iPhone Pros:

  1. Industry support with 100,000’s of apps available through iTunes
  2. can buy it and play with one in an Apple store
  3. longer battery life overall
  4. seamless integration with mac and iTunes (strong point for mac users)
  5. video capture up to 30 FPS
  6. multi-touch ability

Google Nexus One Pros:

  1. 5MP camera with LED flash
  2. micro SD card slot (this is one of my pet peeves with the iPhone)
  3. removable battery
  4. noise cancellation mic to cut out car / background noises
  5. 3.7 inch display compared to apple’s 3.5 inch
  6. 480×800 pixel screen to 640×480 for iPhone

Google’s Nexus one claims a 1Ghz processor to apple’s 600Mhz for the 3GS.  But that could be apples and oranges as we know processor speed isn’t the be all end all of true speed.

The iPhone has 256MB of main memory whereas Nexus one has 512MB – double the memory.


Apple iPhone Cons:

  1. currently only available on ATT network unless you jailbreak it (which voids warranty and ability to do software upgrades)
  2. only 3MP camera without a flash
  3. no micro SD slot
  4. non-removable battery

Google Nexus One Cons:

  1. Can’t buy it in a store – only available online
  2. Tmobile network – questionable coverage in many markets
  3. video capture rate up to 20 FPS
  4. lack of apps available

Now a few of those cons are easily remedied.  Eventually, if the Nexus One is successful, it will get more support for apps.  Google could also allow its phones to be sold in stores.

Apple and Google both  have plans to make their phones available on Verizon’s cellular network sometime in 2010 which many people think is a far superior cellular company when it comes to reliability and coverage.

I would guess Apple may have some new improvements in the next version when it comes out this year (I’m assuming).  May only be the verizon version that gets some advancements, but we’ll see.

I know where I live it is certainly the case.  I’ve been with Helio (riding on sprint network) and found it to be HORRIBLE. Before that I was with Nextel, which I thought was bad, until I got Sprint. Now unless I want to wait a few more months, I have to deal with ATT which isn’t too much better.

As a mac user, I am still leaning towards an iPhone, even with its shortcomings. Besides, with planned obsolescence and the blindingly fast speed of technological improvements, no one will have the best or fastest for long at any given time.

I am also a little apprehensive of Google’s dominance in our online lives.  Google is an industry giant and the majority of people use their search engine – which tracks and stores every search ever made.

More people use Gmail which has unlimited storage.  I wonder, when I delete trash forever, is it really gone?  They now have a new Browser called Chrome to compete with IE, Firefox and Safari.   . . .And now a phone.

I’m not very comfortable putting so many details of my life in the hands of  one very powerful far reaching entity.  Google’s  slogan from the start has been “do no evil”, but I find it harder to believe that is anything more than an outdated and ignored slogan now that they have so much control and power and influence and are no longer this cute little fledgling start up.  I don’t care who you are, absolute power corrupts absolutely.

Another thing, Do No Evil backwards Spells Live On OD…. Hmm… does the OD stand for OverDrive or OVER DOSE?

Other good posts on this subject:


Cool cost comparison sheet of iPhone, Nexus, Palm and Droid – but don’t let those bullet points fool you on what’s not shown. Click for full size image you can read.


Icon A5 Sport Aircraft Update – No License? No Problem.

The folks over at Icon Aircraft will even train you to fly your new A5 amphibian.

Being classified as a sports plane, you only need 20 hours of training for your license to fly.

If you don’t have one, they will train you over the course of a few weeks before you take delivery of your plane.

Training will run about $3000 to $5000.  Hey, if you can afford the very affordable price tag of the A5 [$139K], then a few extra Gs should be nothing.

Delivery is still expected to be in late 2010… oh, the waiting is the hardest part.

Hey, why not go get your license now if you haven’t already?!

Blog Pee November 11, 2009

Blog Pee  11-11. . . 2009 . . .

Change isn’t made by asking for permission. Change is made by asking forgiveness later.

Various interesting bits found around the web . . .

Forbes Top 400 Richest Peeps in USA List in Pictures

Complete with mini bios and occasional insight into their success mindsets.

Like Google founders Sergie and Larry using goats on the corporate lawn instead of lawn mowers under belief of it being better for environment.

Don’t they know about the amount of air  pollution caused by a lifetime of goat farts?

Gee, Bill Gates is still at the top @ $50 Billion

Steve Jobs #43 at just a measly  5.1 Billion

Oprah and Steve Wynn tie for #143 @ 2.3B

Donald Trump #158 @ 2 Billion – tied with FaceBook founder Mark Zuckerberg [youngest person on the list]

Simply because of  their shear wealth, they have a massive impact on the planet – good or bad compared to most people.

Most of the people on this list you wouldn’t recognize on the street. Until #392, all are worth $1 Billion +.


This is cool – but don’t get in trouble 😉

Convert Video / DVD to any device How To (for Mac)


In Other Local News . . .

YouTube has been soliciting me to sign up for Rev Share for several videos.

They finally targeted one that I was confident was not violating any copyrights.

The scary thing is if they decide you have violated something, they’ll pull your video off for good.

Plus I would guess you get a black mark against your account – 3 strikes and you are out.

That can really suck because these videos are the ones that have a lot of views and comments on them.

How To Send Free Text Messages Via E-Mail

Send Free Text Messages Via E-Mail

If you have an iPhone or any other cellular plan that doesn’t have unlimited texting or texting at all, then you know how annoying and expensive it can get if other people text you.

One option is to turn off texting capabilities on your phone or plan. Another is a relatively unknown way using email.

Keep in mind the person receiving the message still has to pay for these—but you won’t have to.**

Here’s how:

Enter the person’s phone number, along with the appropriate carrier-specific e-mail address from those listed below, into any e-mail client.

The result will appear on the person’s phone as an SMS text message.

Note: All phone numbers are 10 digits with no dashes (example: 2135551212).

  • Alltel: [Phone Number]
  • AT&T: [Phone Number]
  • Nextel: [Phone Number]
  • Sprint: [Phone Number]
  • T-Mobile: [Phone Number]
  • Verizon: [Phone Number]
  • Virgin Mobile: [Phone Number]
  • US Cellular: [Phone Number]

**The person receiving the text can then text you back and it goes to the email account you sent your text from.

I tried this the other day and it works great!


Polar Clock 3.0 – A New Way To Tell Time

What Time Is It?

pixelbreaker _ PolarClock

  • Sceen Saver
  • OSX Tiger Widget
  • iPhone App

I discovered PolarClock  in the March 2009 WIRED magazine and just got around to checking into it.

Polar Clock 3.0 is now available as a screen saver for Mac and Windows, and also as a dashboard widget for OSX Tiger.

PolarClock is  also available in the iTunes App store as an iPhone App [more pics here] – last price check – $0.99.

Although the screen savers and widget are free, the creator appreciates donations for his efforts 😉

As one commenter stated, this would make a really cool wrist watch display.  I’m sure someone is working on that!

The Apple of Sports Planes: The Icon A5


If Apple was in the aerospace industry, they couldn’t have done a better job of designing a GOTTA HAVE IT! MUST HAVE IT!

I think of it as the Macintosh of sports planes. . . On my wish list to Santa. Drool….

I’ve had my eye on this baby since it’s inception. The Icon A5 amphibian light sport aircraft.

Price: $139,000

Deposit: $5000 fully transferrable if you have buyer’s remorse.

Beautiful simple design – like a cross between a jet ski and a spaceship.

The interior is simple and sleek like a fine sports car with a stick in place of a steering wheel.



All this is made possible by the FAA avaiation rule change in 2004 by creating a new catagory known as light-sport aircraft.

A mere 20 hours of flight school instead of the 40 hours needed for your standard private pilot license and you’re qualified to fly this baby.
If you don’t already have your pilot’s license, flight lessons will cost you around $5,000 in training fees.

First delivery is expected Q3 2011 plenty of time to get some flying in before 2012, lol.
Powered by a Rotax 100hp engine has a range of about 300nm and speed of 120. 100hp.

Damn, there’s SeaDoos with more horsepower than that!

Due to the aircraft’s class restrictions you’ll have to decide between a rocket safety chute (one, please) or automatic wing folding.




Come on, put a little muscle into it.  Hey, I’ve got hand cranked windows in my truck and I’m cool with that.

One less thing to break.  Besides, I’ll take safety over convenience any day.


ICON Aircraft | Photos


If you really can’t wait and want to be first in line, you can plop down 100K deposit and be one of the first to get delivery.

“The first 100 ICON A5 customer deliveries will be exclusive A5 Limited Edition (A5 LE) models.

Reserving an A5 LE, and thereby joining the ICON 100, requires a higher deposit of $100,000 USD.”


Take off and land on land or WATER!

As new planes go, price isn’t in the stratosphere

Easy to fly

Awesome design


Have to wait for a while before they’re ready for delivery

A few rules of the sky:

Fly below 10,000 feet

Only day flying with clear skys and stay away from busy airports.

The coolness factors WIN

Now where did I put my checkbook?


Icon: southern california manufacturer of light sport aircraft Icon A5.

Founder: Kirk Hawkins, 41, former F16 fighter pilot with degrees in engineering and business from Stanford.