DIY Christmas Stocking Stuffers | Money Ball (yarn ball)

DIY Christmas Stocking Stuffer Idea MONEY BALL Yarn ball

Growing up, Christmas was always a fun time. If your family is like mine, us kids were allowed to go through our stocking in the morning but we had to wait for the grown-ups to get up before we could open presents. Stockings were fair game designed to hold us for another hour or two. In actuality, it was good for maybe 30 minutes or so.

Credit goes to my dad for coming up with this idea for us kids way back.

This is great for any budget.

Choose from an assortment of change and bills. Penies, nickels, dimes, quarters…

It’s a great way to help fill up those ever bigger stockings people seem to have nowadays.

Good time killer as it takes a little time to unravel the yarn ball and collect all of the money.

To start, you need to unravel the ball of yarn.

NEED YARN?  Get your YARN here!

Here you have a few options. Originally, my dad would take two quarters and squeeze the end of the yarn between them and wind it up until it forms a small ball. Optionally, you can take a folded up bill and wrap that until you get a small yarn ball started.

As you wind the ball add coins and folded bills as you go until all of the money has been hidden.  If you’ve never done this for your kids, definitely make sure that there is enough yarn left after the last coin or bill so that it is all covered completely by the yarn so they don’t know there’s money rolled up in there.

I remember the first time my dad did this for us kids and we were like, “what the hell did they give us a ball of yarn for?”

At the end of the string, be sure to cinch it under itself so that it doesn’t start to unravel and then place it in the stocking.

Tip* Be sure to count out equal amounts of money for each kid so they don’t have a cow – unless you are in to playing favorites and like drama and yelling and screaming… Trust me, we kids definitely compared to see if we got the same amount of money.

For older kids or grown-ups, you could mix it up and put a ring (or maybe even engagement ring>?) in the center as a nice unexpected gift – especially if this isn’t their first money ball since they won’t be expecting that.

I also have a variation idea on the money ball for your four legged furry kids – specifically cats. You could do this ANY time of the year, but since it’s Christmas time…

DIY Christmas Catnip Treat Ball for Cats

You will need the following items:

Items needed:



Ball of Yarn or string or twine




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Still not helping? How about giving something unique and special and make a gift.

If you are artistic, you could record a song, paint a picture or make jewelry.

Or go in a completely different direction and forget exchanging gifts and instead volunteer your time and money for the less fortunate by working with a charity or foundation or church and help needy family have a better holiday.

Or you could take a trip. One growing popular vacation is cruising during the holidays.

Cruises are a great way for the whole family to enjoy the holidays and no one has to entertain or host and no arguing over who is going to visit who.

Natural Remedy [Cure] for Adjusting to High Altitude

With the Winter season approaching and snow skiing vacations on many people’s list, this is a great time to tell everyone about a most wonderful discovery of a natural treatment for avoiding high altitude sickness. Heck, this is painless adjustment to high altitude in a bottle.

North view of Rio Grande outside Taos, NM

North view of Rio Grande outside Taos, NM

On a recent trip this summer out to Santa Fe and Taos, my friend and I experienced the effects of high altitude on our bodies as we were coming from sea level in Florida which we are accustomed to.

At 6000 to 7000 feet above sea level, I’m told the oxygen levels are about 20% less than at sea level.  Doesn’t sound like much, but it can get to you in the form of shortness of breath, headaches and nausea and worse.

The change in altitude affects the pressure on the kidneys and fluid buildup in the lungs and brain. To make up for the decrease in oxygen, the body needs a few days to acclimate by increasing red blood cells which are your body’s oxygen transporters.

The first day we are hitting the ground running around Santa Fe feeling good.  Gorgeous weather and tons of stuff to see are distracting us from thinking about the change in altitude.  But later in the  day I notice I feel a little winded and my friend is faring much worse. She feels weak and nauseous and has trouble catching a breath.  Concerned, we call a pharmacy to find out we are suffering from altitude sickness and my friend probably needs diuretics.  Not ones for popping pills, we search to see if there are any oxygen bars in town.  We find one but it’s closed.

We consider homeopathic remedies and stop in a Whole Foods market.  After explaining the situation, an employee leads my friend straight to a bottle of green stuff.  I am a little skeptical of this being some sort of miracle elixir, but I figure it can’t hurt.

The product is ChlorOxygen – a chlorophyll concentrate made from stinging nettle put out by Herbs Etc, a local Santa Fe supplement company.  On the packaging, it reads:

  • builds red blood cells
  • increases oxygenation
  • boosts energy levels
  • facilitates high altitude acclimation.

I doubt it’s a placebo effect, but my friend and I can both personally attest that everything the label says is true.

You use it by putting 18-36 drops in a bottle of water and have it once or twice a day.  Being concentrated, it can stain easily and green teeth and tongues can be a bit disconcerting.  “Me HULK… Me Angry!

My friend wastes no time and grabs a bottle of water in the store and mixes up the concoction right there and starts drinking it.  It turns the water a dark green color. As for the taste, they say it has a mild grassy flavor. It also comes in a mint flavored version.

Personally, I like the taste and find it VERY mild… If you’ve ever had a shot of wheat grass, I can tell you this is NOTHING like that.  I find wheat grass hard to drink as it’s soooo strong.  This stuff isn’t.

I am amazed at how quickly it works.  My friend starts feeling a bit better within minutes and before the day is through, she is good to go.  We both end up drinking the stuff the rest of the time we are in New Mexico.  I swear it gives us a nice energy boost too  – and not a harsh ‘wired’ one like mass marketed energy drinks can do.  Along with regular water, it makes it very easy to stay properly hydrated the whole time we are there.

We both like the benefits so much that we even use it daily back in Florida. We share the tip with everyone we meet too.

I have to warn you, we did experience one of the ‘side effects’ too – green poo which smelled like grass fed cow variety.  This seems to go away after you’ve been taking it for a while and your body adjusts to it.

I really like that ChlorOxygen doesn’t require refrigeration and has no icky preservatives. At about $10 for a 1oz bottle [60 18 drop servings], it’s a very cheap solution to solving the problem of altitude sickness.

I like the Mint Flavored version myself – available here: BUY Herbs Etc – ChlorOxygen Mint Flavored – 1 fl oz

HEC-31901-lChlorOxygen, don’t leave for your mountain vacation without it!

**Save $5.00 on your order at use code IHE882**

Hottest Sexy Costumes For Halloween

Click Here 2 see what you look like as  a Zombie

Here’s my Recommendations and finds for Halloween costumes.

Doesn’t hurt if you’re a sexy PYT.

Halloween is just a few more weeks away – horror films, haunted houses, halloween parties Ga-GORE!

If you aren’t one to make your own costume like I have in the past

Homemade Capt Sparrow

Homemade Capt Sparrow

then here are a few of my suggestions for some sexy getups.

Fredericks:  Women only.  This year’s Top Picks  the Genie/belly dancer and the Geisha girl.

Fredericks of Hollywood Belly Dancer Costume

Fredericks of Hollywood Belly Dancer Costume

Fredericks of Hollywood Geisha Costume

Fredericks of Hollywood Geisha Costume

LoversLane A small Midwest chain but with a tantalizing mail order catalog and internet site.

Yet another company with little for the guys, but WOW, do they have some great costumes for the right girl.

BIG selection of sexy outfits to choose from.

A few of my favorites:

I like this egyptian theme costume over the others they have

Egyptian Queen

Egyptian Queen

Images of Barbara Eden are conjured up with this get upGenie


This one is reversible from Taxi Driver to Crazy Racer

Drive Me Crazy Racer

Drive Me Crazy Racer

420/69 on the side of her hat sound like she’s ready 2 Par-tay!420/69 on the side of her hat sounds like she's Mad to Par-tay!

Mad Hatter

A Playful take on Robin Hood and his Merry … Women

A Playful Take On Robin Hood

Robyn Da Hood

Finally, my most recent find is . . .

80sTees Primarily known for awesome and radical retro tees, they offer costumes too. And Boy Do They HAVE COSTUMES!

OMG – I don’t even know where to start – They have them listed by catagory. Groups, couples, sexy, superhero, 80s. . .

Well, you get the idea – just go and check it out 80sTees.

Ok, here’s one idea that I can segue into an embarrassing story of my own.

They have 2 Ghostbusters outfits for girls and one for the guys. . .

FYI:  the inflatable Backpack and gun has complaints of the end of the gun not fully inflating. . . .

sounds like it could use some Viagra 😀

with inflatable gun and backpack

with inflatable gun and backpack

Ok, you’re gonna think I’m such a dork, but one Halloween back in the 80s I made my own Ghostbuster outfit to trick-or-treat in.

I had a tan jumpsuit and a ghostbuster sticker + made my own name tag and ghost trap which doubled as both prop and candy holder.

I still have the name tag somewhere but the jump suit disappeared years ago…

Ghostbuster Ghost Trapper

Ghostbuster Ghost Trapper

The box is still full of stuff like 25 year old fireworks and smoke bombs – hmmm… I should see if they still work, heehee!

That boy ain’t right in da head, is he?

IF ordered by October 14th all the sites guarantee you to get your costume in time for Halloween.

If all else fails and you’re invited to a last minute party, there’s always  your local Party City .