Future of Healthcare MUST Change To This!

With the United States Congress pushing to pass questionable ‘health care’ bill thru the House and Senate, it is crystal clear that the government is clueless and unwilling to go after real POSITIVE CHANGE…

Sure, the president built his whole campaign on the concept of CHANGE… but I never heard it phrased as Change for the BETTER.

For far too long we have had a system of disease management.  Waiting for people to get sick and THEN try to make them well again… Health Care as it is today is mislabeled… IT should be called, Disease Management. Most of the money spent on health care is spent AFTER people are sick.

What we need is to switch to PREVENTION and Proactive healthy lifestyle living. If we don’t, the aging Baby Boomer population will bankrupt our nation.   We need to shift from “wait till you get sick and then try to make you healthy” to “keeping you healthy so you don’t get sick.” This is where Billions of new dollars are going to be spent.

Shaklee’s clinically proven, patented natural products are how you and I can live this new paradigm.

It’s also a phenomenal way to earn a great living and help the world be a better place at the same time.

YOU don’t have to feel excluded from the American Dream… watch this video from Shaklee’s CEO, Roger Barnett and then click on the link to see how You can Take part.

Roger Barnett Shaklee 2010 Highlight

Roger Barnett Shaklee 2010 Highlight

Learn more about how you can be a part of the Shaklee Family.

Are You Making These Three Marketing Blunders?

How to not be an idiot at internet marketing.

I’m going to cover 3 critical mistakes to your online wealth creation.  I’ll tell you right away that if you correct the first mistake, then the other 2 will take care of themselves. I’m going to discuss them all anyway so you can see the flow.

How do you know if you are making these mistakes?

CLUE:  You have been busting your butt for months or years and still haven’t made any  [real] money

Here’s what you are probably doing- not because you are stupid or lazy, but just because you didn’t know any better.

Number 1 Mistake:

You are sending leads directly to an affiliate’s landing page and not your own page.

The Fix:

Take control of the list by building your own list. Never send TRAFFIC or LEADS to a site or lead capture page that you don’t control.  Make your own capture page which creates a buffer between you and the ‘gurus’ site.

IF you just send traffic or leads directly to a guru’s site, you are now out of the picture and have no control over what happens to those leads.  The guru has control over those leads and not YOU.

By building a ‘gatekeeper’ capture page to send them to, you then have control over emailing them for LIFE (or as long as they stay opted into your list) which allows you to maintain control of the list and the ability to communicate via emails, videos, blogs, phone, etc.

To get to the guru, you have a simple capture page set up that basically says, give me your name and email and I’ll let you thru to the affiliate/guru site. Do this using your own autoresponder, aka, AWEBER, or getresponse, etc. and then once a lead opts in, have it redirect them to the guru’s lead capture page.

So by not funneling the traffic and leads thru your own lead capture page first, you can’t follow up with emails to your leads – they don’t know who you are, your story, etc. Remember, people buy from those who they feel they know like and trust.  By not being able to do this, YOU ARE SCREWING YOURSELF OVER!

So the proper steps to take are:

  1. The prospect sees your ad or email
  2. S/he goes to your capture page where they opt in to your own autoresponder  – Aweber, get reponse, etc
  3. Once opted in, they are redirected to the guru’s lead capture page.

Once again the 3 mistakes are:

  1. not controlling the list. . . which results in –
  2. lost upfront income from potential sales. . . as well as –
  3. Not being able to follow up with the leads and lost of long term income potential

Tip For Google Slap For Affiliate Marketer Review Sites

In case you haven’t heard about the latest Google Slap, you should know that it can wreak havoc on many Affiliate Marketing Review Sites.

Early reports have some very decent sites losing several page ranks while others have actually improved some.

The main idea behind it is to give more weight to quality sites and punish crappy ‘me too’ affiliate sites that are put together by people with little or no interest in offering anything of real value and just in it for a quick buck.

So this tip is only for those Affiliate Marketers who aren’t going to produce garbage sites, ok?


If you aren’t already doing this, here’s how simple it is to do.  And for those of us who just got forgetful and/or lazy, now’s the time to go back and clean house.  I know, I know, it will involve a lot of time consuming busy body work, but it’s something you should’ve been doing all along.

Here’s what you do in a nutshell:

Use subdomains of your main domain to redirect your affiliate links to the affiliate site.

1. Create a subdomain that makes sense to you for each affiliate link:

  • clickbank.hop.net.coolproduct44556 will use the subdomain ‘coolproduct

2. in your Cpanel, create the subdomain coolproduct for mydomain.com

3. go to manage redirection of subdomain ‘coolproduct’ and paste your affiliate link in there and SAVE

Make sure to change any preexisting hyperlinks in your blog or website from the old affiliate link to your new redirected subdomain address:

Example —

  • original link was: ‘http://clickbank.hop.net.coolproduct44556’
  • gets changed to :’http://coolproduct.mydomain.com’

Now you know, future efforts should go smoother and quicker.

How To Make Money With Twitter – Simple And Easy

Unless you’ve been living under a rock lately, you know that Twitter is one of the fastest growing sites out here right now.

It’s also one of the hottest places to Make Money Online (MMO).  Big marketers like John Chow, Ryan Wade and Jonathan Budd are making thousands of dollars with just a single tweet.

So how can those of us who have much smaller Twitter follower counts hope to cash in? There is hope for you!

Does $25, $50 or $100 for a Sponsored Tweet sound good to you?  It IS possible to make an extra $50 or $100 per month from monetizing your Twitter account even if you have less than 5000 followers.

If you are like me, and consider yourself part of the New Rich – making money online, when and how and on your own terms, using leverage and residual strategies – then you will love this hot new twitter tool.

There’s plenty of ways to make money with your Twitter account.  Affiliate product referrals, lead generation, and traffic generation are just a few. And now for  something completely different. . .

There’s a new kid on the block, Ad.ly and it’s stealing Sponsored Tweets‘ thunder out from under them.

Don’t think you are spamming your Twitter followers.  After all, if they are into making money online as you are, then you should understand that you are offering them value in the form of information and tools to help them reach their goals too.

Even if you don’t have 1000s of followers, if you have followers that actually READ your tweets and are interested in what you have to say, then you have the potential to make some big money with relatively small amount of Twitter followers.  This is exciting news for those of us with a small number of followers.

Like with pre-launches, it’s best to get in earlier than later to maximize your earning potential. Catch the wave and then on to the next hot monetization thing coming down the pipeline.

Ad.ly has several cool features that make it enticing to use:

  1. you can set how much you charge for a sponsored tweet
  2. you can refer others and make a percentage off their earnings
  3. you can decide when you don’t want to accept future advertisement offers

There’s really no reason not to sign up for Ad.ly. It’ll take less than 5 minutes to sign up right now. Who knows, it might put some ka-ching in your wallet! You can sign up here: Ad.ly.

Top URL Link Shortening Services

Link Shortening Service Alternatives To Bit.ly

Trying to post on Craigslist is getting more and more difficult.  As of November 25th, 2009, 2 of the most popular link shortening services, Bit.ly and tinyurl.com are now blacklisted.  So I went out to find some new ones to see if I could find one that still works. . . and I did.

URL shortening services were initially popular because web addresses started to get long and links would break when sent in an email. However, as microblogging services like Twitter have become popular, an increasing number of services and applications, including tracking & metrics, have been added to the basic URL shortening features.

Service Customizable URL Tracking 301 Redirect Unique Features
Yes No Yes Toolbar button
Yes Yes Yes Stats are private, real time and very detailed, geotarget URLs based on country of visitor, bookmarklet.
Yes Yes Yes Bulk URL shortening, registration not required for stats, download stats to CSV, bookmarklet, “popular” links page
Yes Yes Yes Saves copy of page linked to, tracks “conversations”, Twitter search fo uses of shortened URL, bookmarklet, import to Google spreadsheets
twurl.nl (aka tweetburner)
No Yes No Most popular items linked in last hour, bookmarklet, built in to Twhirl
No No Yes Really bleeping short URLs, bookmarklet, Firefox plugin, built in to Twhirl
snipurl.com (aka Snurl Snipr Sn.im)
Yes Yes Yes Popular snips, snip search, RSS feed for snips, export to Excel, claim snips before you registered, edit snips
No Yes No Most POPular links, top domains, public stats, search, must register with Twitter account – boo
ad.vu (aka adjix)
No* Yes No Optional ads that share revenue, scheduled Tweeting, *use your own domain name as the link URLs, bookmarklet, option to use ad.vu
Yes Yes Yes Uses Twitter or identi.ca info for login, bookmarklet
Yes Yes* No** Detailed, real time stats (*if you upgrade) this is the only service with fees but there is a free version, **uses 307 redirect

Thanks to TopRankBlog.com for this table of the best URL Link Shortening Services!

New SEO Tactic You Should Embrace

You heard it here first [ok, maybe second, since I am passing along the info].

On your feet everyone.  Pay Attention if you want to stay in the game.

B.S. tactics that marketers have been using to get their content at the top of Google is being challenged again with a smarter, better way of crawling websites.

This is good news believe it or not as it will help bump off those bits of content that is just annoying crap, where every other sentence has those keywords ‘in your face’ as if written by a retarded salesman trying to shout louder than the rest.

So without further rambling, here is the article in its entirety:

How To Make Your Website Search Engine Friendly

Search Engine Friendly Websites.

Much has been said about making your website or blog search engine friendly. Many talk about algorithms, Meta tags, keyword density and getting your site listed on the first page for your chosen keywords and of course good original content.

And hopefully your website will get top rankings. Of course this is what we all want. Search optimization works very well but until recently I’ve been reading about something that will totally blow away SEO. Many of you already know what it is but I will give you a layman’s term on how and what all the hoopla is about.

LSI or Latent Semantic Indexing has changed the inteet world of search engine optimization. Today, SEO specialists or webmasters have found that most of their best ranking websites on Google were in trouble. Google has now updated its crawler bots to contain LSI and has moved in a more relevant rating list. This makes it much more appealing to the general search engine public.

Unless you are a complete newbie you know that SEO is what most website developer’s stress. You will need the usual meta tags, keyword density (not that important anymore), heading tags and adding your keywords throughout your website.

It is called LSI or latent semantic indexing. If you Google LSI or latent semantic indexing you will get a slew of websites, forums and blogs that try to describe what this new way of pleasing the search engines is all about. Most of these

Websites do a poor job of trying to explain what it means or what it will do to your online marketing efforts.
This is what it all boils down to. If a person searches for say “car prices” you know the documents you have found is about the pricing of cars.

Humans can understand this but search engines will have a harder time trying to figure out if you are looking for “cheap car prices” or “pricing cars in Germany” or even “expensive car prices”. But with semantic indexing or analysis it can now figure out that you are now looking for “cheap car prices” if the website or document you are reading is indeed about the pricing of “cheap car prices”.

If you are looking to get top search engine rankings I highly recommend you start writing or developing your website or blog using keywords that are relevant to the search engines. For instance if your website is about racing cars you need to stop using high keyword density or using “racing cars” on every other sentence. [besides, that is incredibly annoying to the reader who actually graduated college]. Instead concentrate on good content and use other words that pertain to racing cars. For instance: automobiles, speed, fast, driving fast and other keywords the search engines will think are relevant to “racing cars”.

This is pretty simple and basic and is the wave of the future. What really matters is that you should now worry less about algorithms, keyword density and start developing, writing and blogging with your own natural ability. [tell that to the marketers who don’t even write their own stuff]. The search engines are now looking for that natural flow of writing and this is the way it should have been all along.


Thoughts On Attitude And Success


Attitude = the composite of our thoughts, feelings, and actions.

We tend to think in pictures which we internalize and add feelings to them which moves us to take action.

“A bad attitude doesn’t produce good results and a god attitude doesn’t produce bad results.”

On Success. . .

Common denominator of success – doing things that failures don’t want to do.

The thing is, successful people don’t like doing these things either, which is why they turn them into HABITS.

[see Law of Cosmic Habit Force – Napoleon Hill >>>  The Master Key to Riches]

Accumulation of great wealth calls for power.

Power comes from highly organized and intelligently directed Specialized Knowledge [such as a mastermind group].

This knowledge does NOT have to be possessed all by you.

All successful people get help. Through courses, books, online information, other people, mentors.

[Mentoring is the transferring of knowledge from one mind to another.]

Top 20 US Metropolitan Markets

Comparison of top 20 [22] Craigslist US marketplaces as to 2004 demographics information.

2004 Demographics:

  1. New York-Newark-Bridgeport, NY-NJ-CT-PA
  2. Los Angeles-Long Beach-Riverside, CA
  3. Chicago-Naperville-Michigan City, IL-IN-WI
  4. Washington-Baltimore-No. Virginia, DC-MD-VA-WV
  5. San Jose-San Francisco-Oakland, CA
  6. Philadelphia-Camden-Vineland, PA-NJ-DE-MD
  7. Dallas-Fort Worth, TX
  8. Boston-Worcester-Manchester, MA-NH
  9. Detroit-Warren-Flint, MI
  10. Miami-Fort Lauderdale-Miami Beach, FL
  11. Houston-Baytown-Huntsville, TX
  12. Atlanta-Sandy Springs-Gainesville, GA-AL
  13. Seattle-Tacoma-Olympia, WA
  14. Phoenix-Mesa-Scottsdale, AZ
  15. Minneapolis-St. Paul-St. Cloud, MN-WI
  16. Cleveland-Akron-Elyria, OH
  17. San Diego-Carlsbad-San Marcos, CA
  18. St. Louis-St. Charles-Farmington, MO-IL
  19. Denver-Aurora-Boulder, CO
  20. Tampa-St. Petersburg-Clearwater, FL

CraigsList top markets by percentage of traffic [Alexa.com source]

  1. sfbay.craigslist.org 7.6%
  2. • newyork.craigslist.org 6.6%
  3. • losangeles.craigslist.org 5.6%
  4. • seattle.craigslist.org 3.2%
  5. • washingtondc.craigslist.org 3.0%
  6. • chicago.craigslist.org 2.8%
  7. • sandiego.craigslist.org 2.6%
  8. • phoenix.craigslist.org 2.6%
  9. • boston.craigslist.org 2.5%
  10. • atlanta.craigslist.org 2.2%
  11. • portland.craigslist.org 2.2%
  12. • dallas.craigslist.org 2.1%
  13. • lasvegas.craigslist.org 2.0%
  14. • orangecounty.craigslist.org 1.9%
  15. • miami.craigslist.org 1.7%
  16. • denver.craigslist.org 1.6%
  17. • post.craigslist.org 1.5%
  18. • minneapolis.craigslist.org 1.5%
  19. • orlando.craigslist.org 1.4%
  20. • austin.craigslist.org 1.3%
  21. • sacramento.craigslist.org 1.3%
  22. • tampa.craigslist.org 1.3%

Basic Guidelines To Being Successful Online

How to Avoid Failing Miserably At Making Money Online

When you have been putting in the hours and still haven’t experienced success online in the form of money coming in and a growing opt-in LIST, then you need to ask yourself if you’re truly being productive or  just being busy.

Although this advice seems like common sense, there are just too many distractions and time wasters vying for your valuable time and attention.

You Must FOCUS your time on the things that are PROFITABLE.

For example, do not spend large amounts of time investing in learning a new skill that you can easily pay someone else a minimal fee to do for you.

If you do, you are being penny wise and pound foolish and I dare say may have control issues needing to be addressed.

An example of this would be spending time to learn graphic design and web design.

This is a very time consuming skill to learn.

There are plenty of skilled people available to supply you with what you need for a nominal fee.

Ask yourself, what is my time worth?

How many hours will I spend to learn this skill to the point of proficiency that can match the quality I would get from paying someone else to do it for me?

Here’s some examples of Money Making Activities:

  • Networking: i.e. Twitter, Facebook, forums
  • Lead Generation
  • Copywriting
  • Pay Per Click Marketing
  • Driving Traffic
  • Talking to Leads, learning how to close on the phone
  • Making new contacts and Building Releationships

In order to be successful, you must weed out all the distractions that suck your energy and your time.

You have to create an environment where you can hyper focus on all of hte things that matter the most and create the results you are after.

Key Points For Making Money Online With Your Blog

and now another episode of BLOG POSTING in bite sized chunks

“Blogging for Dollars” has such a cheesy tone, doesn’t it?

Still, lame catch phrases tend to pop into my head easily – like a bad commercial or annoying song like the Macarena.

Ok, on with the show.

Fundamental Guidelines for Making Money With Your Blog

(There are many ways to monetize a blog. Although these tips are given with the  Home based business / internet marketing industry in mind, they can be applied universally)

  • Your number one PRIORITY is to Build your email LIST. (For that you need an Autoresponder)
  • You need an Opt-in offer – something to entice the reader join your list.
  • Offer the reader who opts -in a free gift.

The offer can be something simple like a PDF report related to your niche that you can create yourself , or use someone else’s (make sure you have permission to do so first).  Other ideas are an audio interview, daily quotes or inspiration, or a video training series like the one I created on free SEO marketing tactics for local businesses.


Your email LIST is where the ‘back end‘ monetization occurs.  Readers get to know and trust you and see your offer(s) not as a sales pitch, but as a recommendation from a respected friend.

Final thought:

Pay attention to what other successful bloggers are doing: their layouts, their content, etc.  And don’t forget to leave quality comments on their blogs too. It’s great for networking and getting linkbacks to your blog – which is good for traffic generation.