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2010: Focusing | Prioritizing 4 Your Business and Life

Get a head start on the new year with re-evaluating your goals and objectives for 2010.


Become crystal clear about your most important life roles and priorities,

and begin the process of eliminating activities, beliefs, and relationships that separate you

from what deep-down is TRULY important to you.

Take the time to reflect and meditate on what IS important to you if you have forgotten

and have been distracted by being busy with being busy.


• Identify your most important personal and professional intentions for 2010,

and distinguish what choices will support the fruition of what you desire.

• Understand the value of vision, planning, and priority.

When you have a long term vision for your business and life, the plan, the steps of the plan

become much easier to see and put into action – which leads to the ability to determine how

to prioritize which things are more important and which should be done first, second, etc.


The value of partnership, especially in a marriage, is the number one reason why people fail or succeed.

Believe it or not, your spouse is your life business partner.

If you’re on the same page, “Success Happens.”

This is why if you are single and feel that you are at a disadvantage by not having a partner, and then

decide to expend the energy and time to find one in the hopes they will help you leverage your time,

it is critical you know exactly what it is you are going for and what you need in a partner so that you

don’t make a bad choice and end up with the losing battle of the TWO MISTRESSES or Two Misters

as the case may be.

Law Of Compensation



  2. YOUR ABILITY TO DO IT  – Do Everything In A Certain Way
  3. THE DIFFICULTY THERE IS TO REPLACE YOU. Of course, no one is indispensable, but there are those that are very difficult to replace.

No one is indispensable but some are VERY hard to replace.  Ex: Michael Jackson.


    Here’s a link to a great video with personal development expert, Bob Proctor explaining this principle of the Law Of Compensation in more detail.

    Daily Dose Of Wisdom . . .


    Sometimes [heck, what am I saying? Most of the time] we are very adept at making things much more complicated and difficult for ourselves because we don’t believe or realize how simple and easy life, success, happiness can be.

    All wise people do is they are able to grasp and convey simple universal truths.

    For example, in dealing with other people, it helps to understand a basic, simple psychological premise regarding what makes people do ANYTHING.

    At the basic level, we are motivated by one thing [yet we perceive it at a duality].

    Everything we do or act upon is all based on our belief of whether or not taking such action will result in greater pleasure or less pain.

    Once you understand and apply this basic truth, you will be much more effective in your communication and dealings with others.

    People want more happiness, more expression of creativity. . . so therefore, everything they do is based on whether they think it will bring them more happiness, fulfillment and joy to their life.

    Going with the dualistic nature of our current reality, sometimes one’s perspective on reality can become distorted and the things that they think bring them joy and pleasure are actually harmful and negative to themselves and or others.

    Leadership | Review of Tribes by Seth Godin

    A buddy of mine recommended the book, Tribes: We Need You to Lead Us by Seth Godin so I grabbed a copy and just finished it this weekend.

    An easy read, it offers some real life examples of all kinds of people leading a tribe, big or small and what sort of person makes a leader [hint – all kinds].

    While reading this book, I was reminded of this quote:

    It’s easier to ask for forgiveness after the fact than to ask for permission first.

    He offers some food for thought, of which I’ll mention a few bites here. . .

    Here’s most people:

    “Isn’t it sad that we have a job where we spend two weeks avoiding the stuff we have to do fifty weeks a year? . . .”

    Life’s too short.  You don’t have enough time to be both unhappy and mediocre. It’s not just pointless, it’s painful.  Instead of wondering where your next vacation is, maybe you ought to set up a life you don’t need to escape from.:

    We have an OBLIGATION.

    Don’t settle.Living in places like America, we have so many advantages, resources, opportunity and ability to build momentum.  Yet too many of us settle for mediocrity and maintain the status quo out of ignorance and fear.  The world is going through a shift and transfer of wealth and power – if you aren’t stepping up yet, now is the time.

    The last morsel I’ll share pertains to the challenge of leading.  This is why passion and commitment is so important to lead successfully.

    Once you chose to lead, you will  be under tremendous pressure to rethink your choice, to make compromises, to dumb it down, or to just plain give up. That’s the world’s job – to shut you up and be a good sheepwalker.  That’s why it’s called the status quo.

    Good book – I encourage you to read it yourself. Tribes: We Need You to Lead Us

    Thoughts On Attitude And Success

    What Is ATTITUDE?

    Attitude = the composite of our thoughts, feelings, and actions.

    We tend to think in pictures which we internalize and add feelings to them which moves us to take action.

    “A bad attitude doesn’t produce good results and a god attitude doesn’t produce bad results.”

    On Success. . .

    Common denominator of success – doing things that failures don’t want to do.

    The thing is, successful people don’t like doing these things either, which is why they turn them into HABITS.

    [see Law of Cosmic Habit Force – Napoleon Hill >>>  The Master Key to Riches]

    Accumulation of great wealth calls for power.

    Power comes from highly organized and intelligently directed Specialized Knowledge [such as a mastermind group].

    This knowledge does NOT have to be possessed all by you.

    All successful people get help. Through courses, books, online information, other people, mentors.

    [Mentoring is the transferring of knowledge from one mind to another.]

    Transcendental Meditation [TM] 50 Years in the USA – Tampa Bay Radio Interview

    Local TM Teacher Interviewed On Smooth Jazz WSJT 98.7 FM

    Maharishi Mahesh Yogi brought TM – Transcendental Meditation – to America (beginning in San Francisco)  back in 1959.

    50 years go by pretty quick!

    Recently, Tampa Bay TM Instructor, Jim Vuille, did an interview on several Tampa Bay radio stations.

    Here’s the broadcast recording [30 min]

    Transcendental Meditation Interview with Jim Viulle

    Why I love practicing TM.  Practicing TM gets you in touch with your own inner potential. . . which is unlimited.

    Many of us have just forgotten this truth, distracted and disoriented by all the outside ‘noise’ in our busy lives.

    If you’re looking to learn more about TM or you are someone who’s been practicing for years, this 30 min interview reminds us of why TM is such an awesome tool to have in our journey of self discovery, personal development and unlimited potential.

    Through my own daily practice of TM, I’ve found that I have cultivated and enhanced many desirable qualities*:

    • being non-judgmental
    • moving towards moderation in everything in life
    • forgiveness
    • learning to love myself
    • acceptance
    • indifference in the face of gain or loss
    • greater appreciation of myself and others
    • self-sufficiency (relying on what one has inside, rather than dependency on external resources)
    • more openness & receptivity
    • freedom, flexibility & adaptability in all sorts of situations
    • physical endurance / more energy

    *DISCLAIMER* Although I attribute this to TM, I can’t prove that they are soley a result of doing TM, especially when I tend to do a variety of different things that all help me grow. I like to think of it as a really useful tool in a whole toolbox of stuff.

    Here’s some links for more information on research, benefits and local introductory meetings in your area (they’re free)

    Main organization []

    Florida TM organization []

    How To Align With Your Source Energy

    A wee bit of wisdom for all who find themselves struggling with challenges.

    Yes, we live in a Dimension of Dualities and Contrasts.

    So why do so many of us find ourselves on the side of duality that does not feel good to us?

    One thing is we should stop trying to think our way through it so much and start feeling our way.

    Realities of lack, limitation, frustration and pain do exist, but they do not serve us when we focus on them.

    When we are in alignment with our Source Energy [Abraham-Hicks], we are in a place that feels like love.

    It feels like clarity.

    It feels like solutions.

    It feels like answers to questions.

    It feels like something we’ve been looking for a long time.

    It feels GOOD.


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