If You Like Fantasy Fiction – D&D Style – Check Out Darkness Rising: Nova’s Story Just Released July 2019

Looking For A Fun Summer Read?

After years of writing and editing and re-editing, the first book in a series of untold numbers  is finally out on AMAZON. If you like fantasy fiction, you will love this read.  For those who grew up in the 1970s 1980s and 1990s playing role playing games like Dungeons & Dragons, you will feel as though you are being led on an adventure guided by an imaginative expert dungeon master.

The title of the book, DARNESS RISING: Nova’s Story Book One tells the story of a young girl who finds adventure with dwarves, halflings, barbarians, mages, and wizards as they face off against nearly undefeatable formidable foes and evil. Along the way of self discovery, she learns about the fate of her mother and the magical connection they share.

There’s intrigue, mystery, crazy gnomes, monsters, giant cats, snowman juice, stupid orcs, demons and dragons and so much more.

This book is not a one off tale. I have sources that tell me there are already 5 more stories in various stages of completion guaranteeing new excitement and entertainment to come for years. Grab a copy today and be the first in your circle to be the one to recommend the first of a great new series of stories by author C. M. Carter.  The only downside will be the impatient wait for the next book in the series.


From the author/amazon:

Her father recently deceased, seventeen year old Nova finds herself summoned by her father’s oldest friend. The dwarven protector of a tiny village has gathered a group of would be heroes and Nova is asked to join them. Within hours of meeting, they are sent to investigate the destruction of nearby Doogan Abbey. Together, they attempt uncover the secrets hidden beneath the rubble, as well as the strange power possessed by young Nova. As the small group discovers what lies beneath, they learn their presence has released a dark evil upon the world causing them to question why the dwarf would send them and why did he insist Nova go with them. What is the connection between Nova, the dwarf, and the darkness? As they come face to face with the evil, Nova quickly becomes the only hope of defeating the darkness.

Laminine Featured on American Health Journal

Laminine was recently showcased on American Health Journal in select markets around the USA This month of July 2012.

Also features Kevin Sorbo of Hercules and Andromeda TV show fame and how Laminine has helped him.  I did not know before this that Kevin Sorbo had had a stroke back in the 1990s when he was still shooting Hercules in New Zealand.

Laminine On American Health Journal


AHJ Program 440 from AHJ on Vimeo.


To learn more about Laminine and Order, visit http://HappyPowerPill.com

Vibram FiveFingers KSO Shoes | TFT

Terry’s Favorite Things | T-F-T

Vibram Five Fingers Shoes

Ok, so as of this posting, I haven’t actually acquired a pair of these quirky new shoes yet, but I have a feeling I’m going to like them.

5 fingertoes Keep Sh** Out (KSO) shoes.

I’ve been meaning to get a pair of these when I heard about them recently.

I’ve experimented with different running styles too…like that of the Tarahumara Indians … barefoot to boot.

Many times I’ve had to run barefoot through a flooded parking lot thanks to sudden torrential downpours we get in Florida and I don’t want to ruin my leather Reef sandals.

However, I’m told that unlike the Tarahumara style of running, where you run with just the soles of your feet and not the heels, the Five Finger shoes require a gate more like chi-walking or chi-running where you don’t do the typical heel-toe gate, but rather come down flat on the whole foot.

  • Have good posture
  • Lean forward slightly with your feet aligned behind you and never going in front of you (that’s when you hit the ground and create an opposite force)
  • Increase the cadence of your strides so that your legs touch the ground more often and therefore decrease the impact of gravity (chi-running trains you to run between 85 to 90 strides per minute which is much higher than we normally do, it feels really weird but actually takes less effort)
  • Touch the ground with your entire foot instead of “heel-toes” you can experiment this technique on a beach, your steps should not create craters in the sand but show a flat step which happens only if the forces are distributed on all its surface.

Hmm… I’ve been chi walking on beaches for years without realizing it!

Sure, these shoes look like part of an Incredible Hulk costume foot accessory or something – especially if you find a green pair and add some hair to the top, LOL.

I wonder what the Parkour  [PK} crowd thinks of these??

They’re definitely not as ugly as Crocs imo. . . and look how popular Crocs became.

Some fellow fans and wearers of these shoes include Tim Ferris of 4 Hour Work Week and Sergie Brin of Google.

Here’s a top view of a Five Finger shoe in funky blue:

Best Designed Products for 2010

Just got my new subscription to Fast Company – a great magazine for the entrepreneurial and curious.

I remember when i first got a neighbor’s issue by accident back in 99 in california.

I think i actually saved it for a while somewhere [hey, no pac-rat comments now].

Anyway, this is a fun way to spend an hour or two looking over the International Designers Society of America’s top 150 picks for 2010.

TFT – Terry’s Favorite Things

So many of these are coming out of California – especially the bay area…

Does that surprise anyone?  A place where Art and Tech come together.

There were so many favorites for me, including the JAMHUB for musicians.

Note – if you go to the company’s site, you won’t find it yet, but there is an inflatable guitar that is really cool.


Yet another skateboard like device that reminds me of a TRON light cycle made by Brooklyn Workshop called the FREE RIDER.

$150 gets you your own ride.


Great wine glasses that everybody can afford – and you don’t have to worry about breaking these. GOVINO Go Anywhere glasses.

The thumb notch is a nice design touch.  And hey, these are only $3.00 a glass.


This one by Hyundai Engineering is dear to my passion for vertical farming – this time on a micro scale – for the condo or apartment dweller!

The Kitcken Nano Garden.



Other notables – the Laundry POD by RKS – when you just need to wash a few little things.


A LED light bulb by Panasonic that might simulate the same coverage as our old favorite, the incandescent?

Although I think Process Taiwan has a better design with their T-Tech LED Dimmable Light Bulb.


If you like motorcycles and going green, there is hope down the road with Mission Motors Mission One Sportbike.

150 mph and 150 miles per charge.


Like to kitesurf in the arctic circle?  Keep dry, warm and stylish with this outfit.


Perfect your push up with the Perfect PushUp V2.


Here’s the first folding bike design that in my opinion is actually a gOOd One. The Ville folding bike


The Write? Light! idea is a perfect solution to people like me who start having ideas pop into our heads

just when we are ready to go to sleep and the lights are off.

Combining a pen and a light in one in a new aesthetically pleasing design.


Here’s an interesting solution to the toilet situation… You know, the one where some guys can’t seem to

contain their #1?  2in1 Toilet concept


Being a fan of Parkour, here’s a shoe that’s supposed to be better than what PKers usually use.


Although I have read that many PK enthusiasts aren’t all that impressed with the current offerings for

specialty shoes and besides, true PK would ideally be done in bare feet. OUCH!


Finally, the Zen Wagon by KaiKu will give the Red Radio Flyer wagon a run for it’s money.


Simon’s Cat Gets His Own Book

IF you haven’t seen Simon’s Cat on YouTube, you gotta check it out.  Thru simple line drawing cartooning, on-spot sound effects and observations, the personified cat in Simon’s cat will have you laughing your ass off.  Unless of course, you hate cats…. But why would you hate cats? Twit.

Simon's Cat Book

Simon's Cat BookSimon’s Cat.
Now in his very own book.

Based on Simon Tofield’s animations that have taken YouTube by storm with over thirty million hits, SIMON’S CAT depicts and exaggerates the hilarious relationship between a man and his cat. The daily escapades of this adorable pet, who will do just about anything to be fed, and his exasperated but doting owner, come to life through beautiful black and white line drawings. With a huge fan following that is growing even larger by the day, SIMON’S CAT is set to become a major new comic creation.

Simon Tofield is an award-winning illustrator, animator and director at Tandem Films in London.

Trade Paperback
240 pages
Publication date: September 24th 2009
Published by Grand Central Publishing
Pre-order now at:
Simon’s Cat @ Amazon

What People Are Saying about the book:

I was a little afraid Simon’s Cat would be lacking because you can’t hear his little mews, but it’s just as funny if not more! Tofield does a great job with little “mini-strips,” and stories that every cat owner can appreciate. There is a ton of variety, and it’s ALL illustrated brilliantly! Absolutely hilarious!

I love the antics of Simon’s Cat. His expressions are absolutely priceless.

Simon’s Cat book is probably the most brilliant of the kitty books in market. Funny, creative and real. Sometimes I think this cat is real. Of course, his antics can hurt Simon when he is asleep or watching tv but he is so adorable you’re able to forgive him. What has struck me most is that how Simon’s graphics teach us to treat animals humanely and with special care. I am one of the fans and it is an excellent book. Loved it. Plus this book makes a great gift.


I have been enchanted by Simon’s Cat on YouTube for 2 years now. I wasn’t sure how this would come across in book format but it is brilliant! It maintains the same tone with its wordless cartoons – and every picture defintely tells a story. I am owned by several cats and Simon definitely understands feline behavior and portrays it indescribably well.

Get Your Copy Of Simon’s Cat Here
Here’s Latest Simon’s Cat Video:

Google Nexus One or Apple iPhone 3GS Which One Is Better?

Should Apple Be Worried About Google’s New Nexus One Smart Phone?


Google just released a potential iPhone killer named the Nexus One this January 2010 at the Las Vegas Consumer Electronics Show.  I decided to check out it’s specs to see how it compares to the iPhone 3GS which I’ve had my eye on for a while now.  Being a diehard apple/mac user since the apple II+, I fall into that elitist, smug, fanatical apple fan description.  So it’ll take a lot for me to choose something else.

Many think the Nexus One could be a strong challenger to Apple’s iPhone 3GS. Let’s take a look at each phone’s strong and weak points as it compares to the other.

Apple iPhone Pros:

  1. Industry support with 100,000’s of apps available through iTunes
  2. can buy it and play with one in an Apple store
  3. longer battery life overall
  4. seamless integration with mac and iTunes (strong point for mac users)
  5. video capture up to 30 FPS
  6. multi-touch ability

Google Nexus One Pros:

  1. 5MP camera with LED flash
  2. micro SD card slot (this is one of my pet peeves with the iPhone)
  3. removable battery
  4. noise cancellation mic to cut out car / background noises
  5. 3.7 inch display compared to apple’s 3.5 inch
  6. 480×800 pixel screen to 640×480 for iPhone

Google’s Nexus one claims a 1Ghz processor to apple’s 600Mhz for the 3GS.  But that could be apples and oranges as we know processor speed isn’t the be all end all of true speed.

The iPhone has 256MB of main memory whereas Nexus one has 512MB – double the memory.


Apple iPhone Cons:

  1. currently only available on ATT network unless you jailbreak it (which voids warranty and ability to do software upgrades)
  2. only 3MP camera without a flash
  3. no micro SD slot
  4. non-removable battery

Google Nexus One Cons:

  1. Can’t buy it in a store – only available online
  2. Tmobile network – questionable coverage in many markets
  3. video capture rate up to 20 FPS
  4. lack of apps available

Now a few of those cons are easily remedied.  Eventually, if the Nexus One is successful, it will get more support for apps.  Google could also allow its phones to be sold in stores.

Apple and Google both  have plans to make their phones available on Verizon’s cellular network sometime in 2010 which many people think is a far superior cellular company when it comes to reliability and coverage.

I would guess Apple may have some new improvements in the next version when it comes out this year (I’m assuming).  May only be the verizon version that gets some advancements, but we’ll see.

I know where I live it is certainly the case.  I’ve been with Helio (riding on sprint network) and found it to be HORRIBLE. Before that I was with Nextel, which I thought was bad, until I got Sprint. Now unless I want to wait a few more months, I have to deal with ATT which isn’t too much better.

As a mac user, I am still leaning towards an iPhone, even with its shortcomings. Besides, with planned obsolescence and the blindingly fast speed of technological improvements, no one will have the best or fastest for long at any given time.

I am also a little apprehensive of Google’s dominance in our online lives.  Google is an industry giant and the majority of people use their search engine – which tracks and stores every search ever made.

More people use Gmail which has unlimited storage.  I wonder, when I delete trash forever, is it really gone?  They now have a new Browser called Chrome to compete with IE, Firefox and Safari.   . . .And now a phone.

I’m not very comfortable putting so many details of my life in the hands of  one very powerful far reaching entity.  Google’s  slogan from the start has been “do no evil”, but I find it harder to believe that is anything more than an outdated and ignored slogan now that they have so much control and power and influence and are no longer this cute little fledgling start up.  I don’t care who you are, absolute power corrupts absolutely.

Another thing, Do No Evil backwards Spells Live On OD…. Hmm… does the OD stand for OverDrive or OVER DOSE?

Other good posts on this subject:


Cool cost comparison sheet of iPhone, Nexus, Palm and Droid – but don’t let those bullet points fool you on what’s not shown. Click for full size image you can read.


Leadership | Review of Tribes by Seth Godin

A buddy of mine recommended the book, Tribes: We Need You to Lead Us by Seth Godin so I grabbed a copy and just finished it this weekend.

An easy read, it offers some real life examples of all kinds of people leading a tribe, big or small and what sort of person makes a leader [hint – all kinds].

While reading this book, I was reminded of this quote:

It’s easier to ask for forgiveness after the fact than to ask for permission first.

He offers some food for thought, of which I’ll mention a few bites here. . .

Here’s most people:

“Isn’t it sad that we have a job where we spend two weeks avoiding the stuff we have to do fifty weeks a year? . . .”

Life’s too short.  You don’t have enough time to be both unhappy and mediocre. It’s not just pointless, it’s painful.  Instead of wondering where your next vacation is, maybe you ought to set up a life you don’t need to escape from.:

We have an OBLIGATION.

Don’t settle.Living in places like America, we have so many advantages, resources, opportunity and ability to build momentum.  Yet too many of us settle for mediocrity and maintain the status quo out of ignorance and fear.  The world is going through a shift and transfer of wealth and power – if you aren’t stepping up yet, now is the time.

The last morsel I’ll share pertains to the challenge of leading.  This is why passion and commitment is so important to lead successfully.

Once you chose to lead, you will  be under tremendous pressure to rethink your choice, to make compromises, to dumb it down, or to just plain give up. That’s the world’s job – to shut you up and be a good sheepwalker.  That’s why it’s called the status quo.

Good book – I encourage you to read it yourself. Tribes: We Need You to Lead Us

Polar Clock 3.0 – A New Way To Tell Time

What Time Is It?

pixelbreaker _ PolarClock

  • Sceen Saver
  • OSX Tiger Widget
  • iPhone App

I discovered PolarClock  in the March 2009 WIRED magazine and just got around to checking into it.

Polar Clock 3.0 is now available as a screen saver for Mac and Windows, and also as a dashboard widget for OSX Tiger.

PolarClock is  also available in the iTunes App store as an iPhone App [more pics here] – last price check – $0.99.

Although the screen savers and widget are free, the creator appreciates donations for his efforts 😉

As one commenter stated, this would make a really cool wrist watch display.  I’m sure someone is working on that!