ChlorOxygen Benefits of Chlorophyll Supplement

I wanted to add an update on the benefits of the supplement ChlorOxygen.

First off, what the heck is Chlorophyll?

Chlorophyll is the green pigment in plants that harnesses the sun’s energy in photosynthesis. Chlorophyll performs metabolic functions in plants such as respiration and growth.

OK, so why would I, who am NOT a plant, want to take it?

Well, if any of the following apply to you, that’s why:

  1. Alleviate suffering from high altitude sickness naturally and FAST! Symptoms of altitude sicknes include shortness of breath, headache, disorientation, nausea.
  2. Desire to increase red blood cell oxygenation – explains why it works so good on relieving altitude sickness.
  3. You’d like more life energy from a natural source that’s not caffeine or some other stimulant.

I think of ChlorOxygen as INSTANT ALTITUDE ACCLIMATION in a bottle – Just Add Water!

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SO WHAT’s the best brand to take and where do I buy it?

PURCHASE ChlorOxygen Regular

BUY ChlorOxygen Mint

Remember to use code IHE882 to save $5.00 to $10.00 off your first order!

Each ounce of Herb’s Etc. Chlorophyll Concentrate contains as much Chlorophyll as one or two 16 ounce bottles of other brands. Each ounce contains approximately 2,950 milligrams of Chlorophyll.

What makes ChlorOxygen Chlorophyll Concentrate such  an awesome product?

  • It is the best tasting chlorophyll on the market.
    More consumers choose ChlorOxygen for its mild yet tasty sweet grass taste over other chlorophyll brands.
  • It is preservative-free and alcohol-free.
    Since ChlorOxygen is low in water, it does not need preservatives like other chlorophyll products. It is also alcohol-free.
  • It is the only chlorophyll that doesn’t require refrigeration.
    ChlorOxygen is the only liquid chlorophyll on the market that doesn’t require refrigeration, which makes it way convenient. This is very helpful especially when traveling.
  • It offers superior value.
    ChlorOxygen is highly concentrated. It takes up to two 16 oz. bottles of the competition’s chlorophyll to equal a one ounce bottle of Chloroxygen. So you know you’re getting excellent value for your money with ChlorOxygen Chlorophyll Concentrate.

SUGGESTED Use: Each 36-drop dose delivers 100 milligrams of Chlorophyll Concentrate. Take 18-36 drops twice a day in 8 ounces of water.

Caution: Dark green stools may occur.  I have found this to be true when taking it for the first time or when I haven’t taken any in a while and consuming the maximum daily suggested amount.  However, the body seems to acclimate to this after a day or two and that side effect tends to diminish.

Chloroxygen is USA grown and manufactured by Herbs Etc.  It is organic, GMO-free, pesticide-free and BSE safe.

Consider this: over 60% of the dietary supplement ingredients currently come from China. Herbs Etc. is American, family run organic business.

BETTER SEX: Vaginal Rejuvenation Is All the Rage

1069414_gender_symbolsWhen Kegels aren’t enough.

Men have their Viagra, Cialis and Levitra magic pills.

They have their penile implants (eeks!) and they have their penis pumps (not to be confused with gas pumps or breast pumps).

Now It’s The Womens’ Turn to turn the spotlight onto the latest sexual enhancement.

Women can enjoy better sex, say goodbye to incontinence and experience increased confidence in their sexuality all thanks to a quick and simple surgery known as vaginal rejuvenation.

Let’s be real. It’s not always the man’s fault for bad sex.

Sometimes time and babies do their damage and things need to get a little remodel or overhaul, so to speak.

Although I’ve heard about V. R. (no, not virtual reality), some time ago, it’s been surfacing in the media lately.

Take for instance, ABC’s new sitcom, Cougar Town with Courtney Cox –  the (34-49 demo) ladies at work love it.

In a recent episode, one of the characters labeled an older ‘cougar’, 48, is getting a bikini wax and she jokes to the esthetician about how she’s ’19’ down there thanks to vaginal rejuvenation surgery.

Thanks to, I also got sucked in to the premier of the racy (and absurd) drama, Nip/Tuck.

This seasons storyline is using the growing popularity of this procedure as the golden ticket out of the main characters’ financial woes.

In movie land, this summer saw the Ashton Kutcher – Anne Heche film, SPREAD (2009) in which Ashton’s character pimps himself out to a rich cougar (Heche) in swank Beverly Hills.

Heche’s character goes in for an overnight operation in which she’s not allowed to have sex for a few days because as the doctor explains with hand gestures, he removed fat tissue from one part and injected it inside her vagina to make it extra tight (rejuvination).

Well, being the inquisitive guy I am, I just had to see if there are any before /after pics online to see just they mean.

So what exactly does this look like?

Warning – this link takes you to a medical site that leaves NOTHING to the imagination.

Vaginal Rejuvenation Before and After pictures

Seems like we’re living in the age where hardly anything is to taboo to talk about.