Ronald Reagan’s Words Truer Than Ever Almost 50 Years Later

What Can We Learn From A 50 Year Old Speech

About The State Of the United States Of America?

Ronald Reagan Official Presidential Portrait


Will history teach us nothing? Maybe we are just unwilling to learn. Eternal vigilance is the requirement for liberty. So stop sleeping on your watch!

When I see what is happening politically in my country today and compare it to this speech, I can’t help but notice a lot of the same things seem to be the ‘issues’ of the day. Government overspending, a growing trend leaning towards bigger socialistic government at the expense of personal freedoms. All in the excuse of big G “Daddy” knows best. It’s like if we’re not constantly on top of things, it all starts going to hell in a hand basket very quickly. 

This is Reagan’s speech when he was campaigning for Barry Goldwater back in October 1964. Needless to say, he out-shined Goldwater and this was a sign of Ronald’s next step in his professional career.

Fact– Reagan won every state (electoral) in his 1984 re-election except walter mondale’s home state of minnesota and D.C.


Happy Brithday Ronnie. We miss ya.

Ronald Reagan Cowboy Hat 1976

February 6, 1911 – June 5, 2004) was the 40th President of the United States (1981–1989),  33rd Governor of California (1967–75)

Social Media Revolution

Oh, HAPPY 2011!

Ok got that out of the way…

Found this video on Social Media and it’s impact on the world.  Reminds me of a comment a naive professor said about the pointlessness and uselessness of the internet back in the early 90s…. He had to eat a dead bird for that one.

This video speaks for itself.

OH, and here’s the first one I remember seeing about a year earlier:

Future of Healthcare MUST Change To This!

With the United States Congress pushing to pass questionable ‘health care’ bill thru the House and Senate, it is crystal clear that the government is clueless and unwilling to go after real POSITIVE CHANGE…

Sure, the president built his whole campaign on the concept of CHANGE… but I never heard it phrased as Change for the BETTER.

For far too long we have had a system of disease management.  Waiting for people to get sick and THEN try to make them well again… Health Care as it is today is mislabeled… IT should be called, Disease Management. Most of the money spent on health care is spent AFTER people are sick.

What we need is to switch to PREVENTION and Proactive healthy lifestyle living. If we don’t, the aging Baby Boomer population will bankrupt our nation.   We need to shift from “wait till you get sick and then try to make you healthy” to “keeping you healthy so you don’t get sick.” This is where Billions of new dollars are going to be spent.

Shaklee’s clinically proven, patented natural products are how you and I can live this new paradigm.

It’s also a phenomenal way to earn a great living and help the world be a better place at the same time.

YOU don’t have to feel excluded from the American Dream… watch this video from Shaklee’s CEO, Roger Barnett and then click on the link to see how You can Take part.

Roger Barnett Shaklee 2010 Highlight

Roger Barnett Shaklee 2010 Highlight

Learn more about how you can be a part of the Shaklee Family.

Top URL Link Shortening Services

Link Shortening Service Alternatives To

Trying to post on Craigslist is getting more and more difficult.  As of November 25th, 2009, 2 of the most popular link shortening services, and are now blacklisted.  So I went out to find some new ones to see if I could find one that still works. . . and I did.

URL shortening services were initially popular because web addresses started to get long and links would break when sent in an email. However, as microblogging services like Twitter have become popular, an increasing number of services and applications, including tracking & metrics, have been added to the basic URL shortening features.

Service Customizable URL Tracking 301 Redirect Unique Features
Yes No Yes Toolbar button
Yes Yes Yes Stats are private, real time and very detailed, geotarget URLs based on country of visitor, bookmarklet.
Yes Yes Yes Bulk URL shortening, registration not required for stats, download stats to CSV, bookmarklet, “popular” links page
Yes Yes Yes Saves copy of page linked to, tracks “conversations”, Twitter search fo uses of shortened URL, bookmarklet, import to Google spreadsheets
tweetburner (aka tweetburner)
No Yes No Most popular items linked in last hour, bookmarklet, built in to Twhirl
No No Yes Really bleeping short URLs, bookmarklet, Firefox plugin, built in to Twhirl
snipurl (aka Snurl Snipr
Yes Yes Yes Popular snips, snip search, RSS feed for snips, export to Excel, claim snips before you registered, edit snips
No Yes No Most POPular links, top domains, public stats, search, must register with Twitter account – boo
adjix (aka adjix)
No* Yes No Optional ads that share revenue, scheduled Tweeting, *use your own domain name as the link URLs, bookmarklet, option to use
Yes Yes Yes Uses Twitter or info for login, bookmarklet
Yes Yes* No** Detailed, real time stats (*if you upgrade) this is the only service with fees but there is a free version, **uses 307 redirect

Thanks to for this table of the best URL Link Shortening Services!

How To Send Free Text Messages Via E-Mail

Send Free Text Messages Via E-Mail

If you have an iPhone or any other cellular plan that doesn’t have unlimited texting or texting at all, then you know how annoying and expensive it can get if other people text you.

One option is to turn off texting capabilities on your phone or plan. Another is a relatively unknown way using email.

Keep in mind the person receiving the message still has to pay for these—but you won’t have to.**

Here’s how:

Enter the person’s phone number, along with the appropriate carrier-specific e-mail address from those listed below, into any e-mail client.

The result will appear on the person’s phone as an SMS text message.

Note: All phone numbers are 10 digits with no dashes (example: 2135551212).

  • Alltel: [Phone Number]
  • AT&T: [Phone Number]
  • Nextel: [Phone Number]
  • Sprint: [Phone Number]
  • T-Mobile: [Phone Number]
  • Verizon: [Phone Number]
  • Virgin Mobile: [Phone Number]
  • US Cellular: [Phone Number]

**The person receiving the text can then text you back and it goes to the email account you sent your text from.

I tried this the other day and it works great!


Drive Quality Traffic To Your Blog With This Free and Simple Method

“BLOG POSTING in bite sized chunks.”

The addage, ‘how do you eat an elephant?’

Answer, ‘One bite at a time.

It’s very easy in this industry to get DISTRACTED and OVERLOADED.

Brain meltdowns are commonplace.

So in the nature of keeping things simple, today’s post covers one simple but VERY IMPORTANT tip for driving quality traffic to your blog or website.

LEAVE comments on other people’s blogs.

Specifically, those who are in your niche.

And not just the Biggest Bloggers – although you certainly don’t want to leave them out.

Blog on ‘Rising Stars’ blogs as you can ride alongsie their increasing popularity and exposure and help each other out.


When you comment on someone else’s blog post, there’s a place to put a backlink to your blog or website.

So keeping that in mind, don’t spam other blogs just to try to get traffic.

You won’t get any quality traffic and will appear as an idiot to others.

Write something that adds to the blog post, or address someone else’s well thought out comment.

If you can’t think of anything, a sincere compliment thanking for a great informative post is acceptable, but people are unlikely to click on your link.

This is a great way to make connections and network amongst your peers and shows you are serious about your business.

Added benefit – helps you stay in the loop of your niche and see what the pros are blogging about and what they’re doing with their own sites.

This tactic of commenting on other’s blogs can also be applied to forums, facebook and twitter


Quality over Quantity in the end makes for better results and better use of your TIME.

The Importance Of Branding Part 1 – Discovering Your Niche

This is part one of a multi-part series on personal branding.

Today I cover the importance of Branding yourself online by understanding your niche as it relates to the industry of home based businesses.  It has many sub-catagories: Network Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, Direct Response, MLM to name a few.

Understand that your Niche is NOT your MLM or Direct Sales opportunity.  Your Brand fully represents YOU and the VALUE you have to give to other people.  Your Niche is the overal ‘umbrella’ or the general THEME of your Brand.

If you don’t already possess expertise in an area, pick an area where you can delvelop yourself into and expert.

If you are having trouble discovering what that is, ask yourself a few questions:

  • What are you passionate about?
  • What do you enjoy learning about?
  • What are you good at?


Here’s some Brainstorming ideas for Expert Niches:

  • Marketing: SEO, Social Media, Personal Branding, Copywriting and Content Creation, Direct Response, Follow-up
  • Personal Development: Leadership, Communication, Relationships, Health and Wellness, Spiritual Growth, Emotional Awareness
  • Creativity: Freedom, Personal Expression


Don’t be a buffet – people won’t know what you are about.  Pick a few and get ‘expert’ at them.

My niches cover one or two topics in each of the catagories above. i.e. personal expression, social media, health and wellness…

If you have a hobby or interest like say, Charities, Parenting, Massage, Tech/Gadgets, Surfing, etc. and want to tie it into your

home based business / network marketing blog, then figure out a way to make it relevant to making money online. Otherwise, put those posts in a separate blog.

This is stretching it, but here’s an example of how you can tie something seemingly unrelated to your niche.

I blogged about a science experiment with fast food and how it isn’t really food.

This relates to one of my businesses, Shaklee, which is all about top notch nutrition.

The video and post I made help illustrate a point to fellow teammates and prospects.

And that is, You Are What You Eat, so eat right.