Blog Pee | September 26th 2010


September 26th 2010

Been a while since i went…

This is going to have an ADD flow to it.

. . . like those people without class who  are all about appearances . . . they are all flash without substance . . . and the shine isn’t all that brilliant anyway. . . . tpc

What is it about the last 3 months of the year that things go into overdrive with SOOOO much stuff going on?

I mean, sure, there’s Halloween (fun fun fun), and turkey day…god I’m stuffed… and xmas – that pagan holiday that the merchants still hope incites mass material consumption, but beyond that it seems like there’s just more festivals, events, gatherings . . .  you name it.

Like everything you’ve been putting off earlier this year is all crammed together in a vain attempt  to accomplish before the end of the year. This whole silly calendar and time measuring stuff is really getting old, don’t you think?

As if I don’t have more than enough to do now!  How on earth can anyone in this day and age be bored is beyond me!


things found written on my desk :

[word of the day] Serendipity

Chaos Theory and Mandelbrot set fractal

a nostalgic impulse

disruptive technology


When the Roman Empire was in its heyday, I’m sure most romans thought they were at the pinnacle of technological supremacy even as the lead in their cups poisoned them to death.

Are we really so different today?  Sure, we know the dangers of drinking from a leaded glass, but what about our superior modern technology with radiation, and contamination and toxicity?

We’re just finding more creatively complex and sophisticated ways of killing ourselves.

Sexy News:

Frederick’s of Hollywood introduced the thong pany to america way back in 1981.

Here’s A CPR Class I Want To Take:


shake+wipe … we’re done for now : P

Blog Pee | April 14th 2010


April 14, 2010

Like a blonde who doesn’t get the punchline to a joke until two weeks later… APRIL FOOL’S

being a child of the 80s

i sometimes still get stuck in that mindset

forgetting the instant gratification of social media that allows you to let everyone

know what you are doing even as you are doing it

rather than waiting for the chance to get together with a friend days or weeks later

to show him or her the photos from your outing or vacation

that, and I remember rotary dial phones and pulse or tone option

Here’s what’s in store for

upcoming posts –  “stay tooned”

MORE Emm-En-Emms and Eff-En-Effs:

monday night movies and friday night films . . . can you guess which days those will show up?


Coinstar coin counting machines – do they skim off the top or are they on the up and up?

They take 9.8%  or about 10 cents on the dollar just to count your money,

but some machines are set up to trade your change for a gift card without a fee.  .  . or so you think.


My much anticipated follow up video to my McDonald’s 4 year old cheeseburger experiment was finally shot and is currently in post production.

I’m waiting on the results from the doctor to see if it was worth risking my health to do it.

2010 St Pete Festivals Of Speed

This year I got video AND photos of some nice rides including a BATMOBILE from the Michael Keaton Batman movies.

My take on Renaissance Festivals and those silly costumes and goofy way of talking.

More Terry’s Favorite Things to share:

Favorite blender, pocket knife – don’t leave home without it (unless of course you are flying commercial post 09/2001), gotta have water generator, cool gadgets, Shaklee favorites and more,


What can I say other than barf. -Gotta pay uncle sam again this year.

Who is Uncle Sam anyway?  Some long dead old fictitious geezer that was on a poster telling you to die for some stupid manufactured conflict in a foreign land?  Oh wait, that’s not who I pay. I pay that private company that’ll strong arm you into submission if you stand up to it.  Yeah, apparently the IRS is not the government – not in the way you thought.

Limitations of the Physical Body.

I just learned my Great Uncle George died a week ago @ 94… Miss you – hope you’re playing your music where ever you are… He knew Les Paul  personally and helped me get my current guitar – a heritage 535.  I wish I remembered how to make those dollar bill bow ties.

Blog Pee | March 6th 2010


March 6th, 2010

Man, I can’t hold it any longer – gotta go baaad!

My My My… how priorities can change.

Baby did a bad bad thing by neglecting his blog for so many days.

But alas, when family and dear ones fall ill, one’s priorities change and my time is needed elsewhere. (That’s why it’s so important to have a bunch of posts in the que ready to go when Life Happens)

Time for some random quotes:


. . . you beat a horse dead, [resurrect it/bring it back 2 life] and kill it again . . .

quote #2

Victim Consciousness = The perfect formula for a stagnant, depressing life.

quote #3

knowledge is power if you have it and others do not

quote #4 [George Orwell, 1984]

those who control history control the present, and those who control the present control history.

quote #5 [bringers of the dawn]

Light is information; love is creation. You must become informed before you can create.

VIBRATION is a Primary Law

ATTRACTION is a Secondary Law

HUEY LEWIS and the NEWS @ Busch Gardens MArch 21st, 2010

Well, it only took about 25 years, but I finally saw Huey and the News in concert. The guy is almost 60 but man, him and the band can still rock it.  I was most impressed by their impromptu acapella rendition of So In Love (50s ballad).

The set was about 90 minutes and they played tons of hits. Man, I didn’t realize how many hits they’ve had.

And thank god it didn’t rain like it did @ Derby Lane the year before where the concert was cancelled.

Goin’ back to the 70s… Can you tell me how to get, how to get to Sesame Street?

The mad painter or Number painter as I knew him was a favorite of mine. He was played by Paul Benedict.  Maybe cause he was silly, rebellious, naughty – vandalistic – that made me want to paint murals and the like.

Also, this one – Number 8, did a bit of Benny Hill style fast forward sketch comedy. . . which is why I probably loved watching Benny Hill when I was allowed. Hmm… sesame street prepping a young kid to appreciate more risque comedy? And Disney places subliminal sex messages in their anime.

Wouldn’t this be a funny gadget to have?


On Why Ethanol Gas Is a Big Pile Of Dookie

People – You Are Being Sold A Massively Misleading LIE

Sure, Ethanol will run vehicles, BUT, it requires massive amounts of fertilizer to grow corn (and let’s see, that would be Monsanto’s GMO patented Franken-Corn) which takes food from people and destroys land fertility while poisoning watersheds with nitrogen and other fertilizer runoff.


Simple, just try to convince them that you are a proponent of the NWO – that is, assuming you have all the other credentials and brains to qualify in the first place…

When Rhodes died in 1902, he bequeathed his funds to the cause. These continued to support the Round Table to an extent, although much of the funding came from the House of Rothschild. In his will, Rhodes also created a system of subsidized scholarships which continue to this day. This was, in part, a front to hide the secret society. Selected overseas students are brought to Oxford University to be taught the British view of life and to be sold the idea of a world government. It is remarkable how many ‘Rhodes Scholars’, as they are called, go on to become leaders of countries or heads of intelligence agencies, education, and other subject areas important to the Elite, or ‘advisors’ to those leaders.

The most famous Rhodes Scholar in the world today is Bill Clinton, who was inaugurated as President of the United States in 1993.

from  – … And The Truth Shall Set You Free, David Icke

an opinion on VALENTINE’S Day

Not just another day – it’s a manufactured holiday forced upon people… those who are in a relationship feel obligated to do certain overtures whilst those who are without a significant other get the option to feel like crap.  Not that I don’t have a Valentine or am jaded, I just hate being told what to do based on someone else’s idea or invention.  Any day can be a special day or your own personal holiday. Now  an anniversary, that there’s a good one.  It’s meaningful to YOU. IT has personal significance to your life. Ah, but the difference is an anniversary is not an official holiday.  For me, I love to just be spontaneous and do something without being pressured by some holiday that goads me into it.

ahhhhhh…. that’s better 😉

Blog Pee | Febuary 2, 2010

Blog Pee | Febuary 2, 2010

Groundhog Day

that was a funny movie….

yes, it’s blog pee time again, even though we just went… and I’m not sure if it’s still groundhog day or not… each tomorrow seems the same as yesterday’s spilt milk.


green-tea-shadedThe caffeine found in tea leaves is not the same as the caffeine in coffee beans.

For one, tea is much lower in general, rich in anti-oxidants and balanced verses the highs and lows caused by coffee.

Coffee caffeine perpetuates the physiological symptoms as seen in anxiety and stress – racing heartbeat, insomnia, sweating, nervousness, agitation and palpations.  This is all associated with one’s Sympathetic Nervous System or the fight or flight instinct.

Tea on the other hand stimulates the Parasympathetic Nervous System, or the “rest and digest” response.

So the message is, drink coffee and freak out. Drink tea and feel relaxed, happy and healthy. It encourages a clear mind, improves concentration and helps digest food properly.


Things that were better when my parents were growing up.

No microwaves.

The ground soil that we grow our food in wasn’t so depleted.

GMO foods didn’t exist.

Fast food was a rarity.


Feel sorry for the Chinese youth…. ignorance may seem blissful but to me they seem like brainwashed little sheeple who don’t know or apparently care about freedom.  What they don’t know does hurt them. They don’t even know they’re being subjected to excessive censorship.

They think they have choices, but like cable tv, there’s 57 channels of crap.  sure there’s different flavors to ‘choose’ from, but it’s all crap in the end.

Clueless Ignorant Chinese


upon watching slobama’s 2010 SofU address… what comes to mind is this:

joining dar cast of idiots, morons & baffoons >> joe biden dar bobblehead und nancy palosi clap happy jack in dar box clown


I love reading comments on youtube – it confirms that one can be an ignorant douchebag but still be just smart enough to use a computer and surf the internet.


A comeback for when someone calls you crazy:


There are many who will dub me a ‘nut’ for what
I have written and spoken.

My reply is this:
Today’s mighty oak is just
yesterday’s nut that held its ground.

Blog Pee | January 24, 2010

Blog Pee

January   24, 2010

well well well. . . seems like I can hold it for about a month now 😛

Wanna Wina Hemi? Or more specifically, a yellow 2009 Dodge Viper SRT 10 Convertible.

It’s basically brand new with less than 10 miles on the odo.

Drawing is May 15, 2010 and tickets are $25 for one, discounts on multiple.

Benefits  C.R.S. [Can’t Remember Shit] Foundation of Brevard (Melboring, Flor-i-duh)

2009 dodge viper srt 10 convertible


If you are feeling more spiritual and want to experience some powerful CHI energy,

then head to the Qi Gong Revolution seminar at one of the cities it’s coming to this spring 2010: March – May window.

Looks like right now it’s Chicago, Atlanta and Orlando.

I went to it in May 2009 for my massage CEUs … then went ahead and took the advanced class followed by getting certified as a teacher.

The way I imagine it is our bodies are like electro-magnetics and through practicing Qi Gong, moving and breathing a certain way, we build up a ‘charge’ of life force energy.

Yeah, it’s pretty good stuff. I had heard little about it back in the 90s but for whatever reason, it didn’t grab my attention.

But getting all my CEUs taken care of for $99 got my attention.



If you haven’t written out your goals for this year, it’s not too late… In fact, it’s never too late. So Go Do It!

Got this bit in an email – maybe you did too . . . Food 4 Thought.

Socialism Sucks.

An economics professor at a local college made a statement that he had never failed a single student before, but had once failed an entire class.
That class had insisted that Obama’s socialism worked and that no one would be poor and no one would be rich, a great equalizer.
The professor then said, “OK, we will have an experiment in this class on Obama’s plan”.
All grades would be averaged and everyone would receive the same grade so no one would fail and no one would receive an A…
After the first test, the grades were averaged and everyone got a B.
The students who studied hard were upset and the students who studied little were happy.
As the second test rolled around, the students who studied little had studied even less and the ones who studied hard decided they wanted a free ride too so they studied little.
The second test average was a D!
No one was happy.
When the 3rd test rolled around, the average was an F.
The scores never increased as bickering, blame and name-calling all resulted in hard feelings and no one would study for the benefit of anyone else.
All failed, to their great surprise, and the professor told them that socialism would also ultimately fail because when the reward is great, the effort to succeed is great but when government takes all the reward away, no one will try or want to succeed.

Could not be any simpler than that.

Blog Pee December 18, 2009

Priorities Priorities Priorities . . .

Like a broken record or a mantra, it remains the Lack Of Focus for moi.

BLOG PEE | December 18th, 2009

So, let’s take a look and see how Alexa ranks my blog lately. . .

||||| - Site Info from Alexa


Not bad considering I haven’t yet done a few very important things with my blog yet – gotta build the wagon before letting the horse run, ya know?


Does tek [technology] inadvertently make us stupid or more specifically, does certain technology come about with the intention of making us dumber?

Does Too Much Tech Insulate People From Responsibility?

This pondering come to me today as I was driving around town in crazy Florida December holiday weather.  It’s rainy, it’s sunny, it’s windy, it’s frickin’75 degrees – why – am – I – not – at – the – beach – day kind of weather.

I multitask when I drive – like anybody else.  Heck, you have to be able to multi task to drive, period.  Forget about listening to radio, talking on cell fones [don’t do it!], eating, or any other number of distractions people do while driving.  But to just drive a car requires a sort of orchestrated coordination of senses and body parts to make car go down road in a hopefully safe manner.  Just try not to hit anything else and you’ll be fine.

One thing I notice a lot with other cars on the road is how often the left rear tire is low. Low to the point that it looks partially flat.  I compare it to the right rear tire just to be sure it isn’t just the way it looks. This leads me into my question about whether too much tech makes us stupid.

While following a late model [90s] Isuzu SUV, I noticed that its left rear (and front too) tire was low to the point that s/he was driving on the sidewalls a bit too.  I think, do they notice that their car doesn’t handle as well as it should?  They obviously aren’t the type to maintain their car themselves – like checking tire pressure and oil levels, etc.  The basic stuff that you can still do on most cars today.

I always had an interest in cars – not a motor head mind you – I have too many other interests to get too involved in one thing to the point of earning the label. But I do know my way around a car pretty well. Much more than the average joe.  I do my own oil changes, I’ve even rotated my own tires once or twice, done brake jobs, replaced alternators, batteries, spark plugs/wires, radiator hoses, shocks, suspension parts, etc.  Nothing major like an engine rebuild or anything though. I do have a tendency of thinking, shit, if I know to check my tires/oil, other people should too. I mean, come on, it’s easy simple … DUH!

But back to the low tire pressure on the SUV.  Obviously the car isn’t new enough or fancy to have an idiot light feature you find on more expensive and newer cars that’ll tell you your tire is flat, you dumbass.

I can imagine the future of cars if they’re no longer built by driving enthusiasts – the car will drive YOU and if there is a manual override feature, you can be sure that if your oil or tire is low or you dare drive over a line, your car will take over and throw in a nice insult or two telling you why you are better off letting IT do the driving for you because you are obviously an incompetent nitwit.

Is there perhaps an Orwellian 1984, TPTB undertone to all of this? There’s so many other interesting distractions – your cell fone, your iPod, satellite radio, etc… that hey, little problems with your car are not worthy of your attention or proactive action.

You don’t need to bother yourself with learning these basic skills for you have more exciting things to waste your time on.

Here’s an idiot light for you so you don’t have to take responsibility or take the time and effort to learn how to be self reliant and knowledgeable about the workings of your 2 ton automobile.

“Yes, yes, that’s a good little distracted idiot slave…. Here’s some [bread and circuses] for you to waste your time on while we keep working in the Dark and take away more of your freedoms and work on dumbing you down more and more.”

Ok, maybe I went a little too far there, but that’s why this is BLOG PEE.

The other thing I thought of while noticing the SUV with the flat tires is, gee, there’s a potential accident waiting to happen if road rage were to kick in.  I mean, this is Flor-i-duh… the state that has dozens of different driving styles (no comment on Michigan drivers, ya) and combine that with some odd inferiority complex like Oklahoma has with Texas, and you get this fucked up driving mentality of complete rudeness and insanity.

Most people don’t use their turn signals in Florida because that’s an invitation to have the other driver speed up and cut you off so you can’t execute a lane change.  It’s like Cold war Russia at the supermarket.  200 people and 2 loaves of bread – a lot of panicked pushing and shoving goes on.  I say send me back to California where we may drive fast, but we show courtesy  and respect a lot more than I see here.

Ahhh, that was a fun rant… good blog pee… now I go make pee. . . Ahhhh…..

December 20, 2009

Finishing the thought… so the more we forget how to do things for ourselves, the more fragile our society can become – we become so technologically advanced – at least we think so – that there could be a day where the machines break down, there will be no one to know how to fix them and into a new dark age we would go.

Blog Pee November 11, 2009

Blog Pee  11-11. . . 2009 . . .

Change isn’t made by asking for permission. Change is made by asking forgiveness later.

Various interesting bits found around the web . . .

Forbes Top 400 Richest Peeps in USA List in Pictures

Complete with mini bios and occasional insight into their success mindsets.

Like Google founders Sergie and Larry using goats on the corporate lawn instead of lawn mowers under belief of it being better for environment.

Don’t they know about the amount of air  pollution caused by a lifetime of goat farts?

Gee, Bill Gates is still at the top @ $50 Billion

Steve Jobs #43 at just a measly  5.1 Billion

Oprah and Steve Wynn tie for #143 @ 2.3B

Donald Trump #158 @ 2 Billion – tied with FaceBook founder Mark Zuckerberg [youngest person on the list]

Simply because of  their shear wealth, they have a massive impact on the planet – good or bad compared to most people.

Most of the people on this list you wouldn’t recognize on the street. Until #392, all are worth $1 Billion +.


This is cool – but don’t get in trouble 😉

Convert Video / DVD to any device How To (for Mac)


In Other Local News . . .

YouTube has been soliciting me to sign up for Rev Share for several videos.

They finally targeted one that I was confident was not violating any copyrights.

The scary thing is if they decide you have violated something, they’ll pull your video off for good.

Plus I would guess you get a black mark against your account – 3 strikes and you are out.

That can really suck because these videos are the ones that have a lot of views and comments on them.

Blog Pee Halloween 2009

Blog Pee | October 31, 2009

Made it to the end of month one in this experiment.

Yeah, yeah, I know I got off to a late start, missed a day here and there, but I’m still here.

November starts the implementation of an opt-in list – just need to set up the ‘free offer’ and test it.

Random quotes:

I am one, but wishes to be many” – Shiva Prana

My feet in this world and my head in the next” – TPC  (hmm… sounds like a scary situation involving a small worm hole)

Alexa Ranking update:

Well, it still shows only 4 link ins – not sure why it takes so long for it to catch up.  There’s really more like 20 by now.

US ranking is up to 798,800 from 891,928 (oct 13th) while my alexa overall rank has actually slipped to 4,527,280.

I haven’t really tried pushing traffic yet, so I’m not surprised at the lack of progress.

Mainly wanted to get some content in my blog first so people actually have something to look at when they stop by.

This work in progress is still evolving in many directions and some refocusing and fine tuning will be required.


In other local news. . .

If you see this idiot knock on your door this Halloween – don’t answer it .

He’s not a burgler as he claims, but an encyclopedia salesman and will attempt to sell you a mint set of Encycopedia Brittanicas circa 1984.

City Idiot

OH, and


Blog Pee October 17, 2009

“You know you’re in trouble when the Village Idiot is elected Mayor.”

Checked my Alexa rankings this week

As of October 13, 2009 has a world rank of 4,082,926  {{891,928 for US}} - Traffic Details from Alexa-1



Stopped by to hear trumpeter Chris Botti at the 30th annual Clearwater Jazz Festival in Coachman park Friday night (10-16-09).


He told the audience he and his band has been on tour for 6 years now.

Talk about dedication.  Helps to love what ya do!

His piano player is Billy Childs – winner of 2009’s highly prestigious Gueenheim award in music composition.

Only one is awarded each year for all genres of music.

Kinda makes his grammys seem like bookends by comparison.

It started to rain about an hour into the set.

I decided to leave but my car was parked several blocks away.

Needless to say, I got drenched. The rain was surprisingly sweet on my lips.

Hmm… are they seeding the clouds with sugar or artificial sweeteners?

If I get a headache, I’ll know which 😛

Blog Pee October 9, 2009

My first update of my experiment in perpetual evolution.

“You Start From Where Ever You Are.”

TPC BLOG Planned start date: October 1st

TPC BLOG Actual start date: October 7th

Delay caused by procrastination & a multitude of distractions. Installed a temporary theme till the blog makes enough money to get a makeover with a professional theme I’ve been eyeing.  Planning on paper future pees…. Hmm do you say I am posting a post?  Still not totally comfortable with the whole BLOG thing even after having several dating back years.

Today I had the last of the peaches from Costco. Mmm  my favorite fruit. This season was fair, but I imagine it’s about over.  I had a few really good ones – which is more than I can say some years.

Paying $9 for 12 peaches at Costco is actually a deal compared to the grocery stores, but I still had 4 bad ones in the bunch, either rotting spontaneously or just being mealy and so NOT tasty.

Then of course there is the phenomenon of nearly simultaneous ripening.  It’s almost enough to make a guy OD on them.  I guess the 4 ‘bad apples’ were a blessing in disguise.

santa fe PeachThis is actually a picture of a peach my friend took that came from the farmer’s market in Sante Fe while visiting SF back in August.  It became a topic of photographic interest after discussing Georgia O’Keefe’s artwork regarding the female privates that are prominently featured, ahem, I mean suggested, in her work.


I’ve given up TV for some time now.  I don’t really even miss it since I didn’t watch much anyway.  I only keep my old TV set around just in case I need to turn on the Weather Channel during hurricane season. . . which is unusually quiet this year.

I probably have to thank for my lack of withdrawal from TV. (I’d put a direct link to my HULU profile, but I set everything to private so it’d be pretty boring).  So I guess me giving up TV is more of a technicality and not a truth in that I simply get my fix from a different dealer or screen, lol.  Still getting my fill of mind numbing zombie inducing drivel that’s passes for entertainment.  Lately YouTube’s original content has been substituting extensively.

I remember reading that back in the 50s, they said TV allowed the farmer and the banker to have something in common to talk about and therefore could be a bridge to bring people from all walks of life together in a fashion.

Seems like it’s been one of the greatest waste of one’s time of their life as well as a way to have us become strangers instead of neighbors.