Blog Pee Halloween 2009

Blog Pee | October 31, 2009

Made it to the end of month one in this experiment.

Yeah, yeah, I know I got off to a late start, missed a day here and there, but I’m still here.

November starts the implementation of an opt-in list – just need to set up the ‘free offer’ and test it.

Random quotes:

I am one, but wishes to be many” – Shiva Prana

My feet in this world and my head in the next” – TPC  (hmm… sounds like a scary situation involving a small worm hole)

Alexa Ranking update:

Well, it still shows only 4 link ins – not sure why it takes so long for it to catch up.  There’s really more like 20 by now.

US ranking is up to 798,800 from 891,928 (oct 13th) while my alexa overall rank has actually slipped to 4,527,280.

I haven’t really tried pushing traffic yet, so I’m not surprised at the lack of progress.

Mainly wanted to get some content in my blog first so people actually have something to look at when they stop by.

This work in progress is still evolving in many directions and some refocusing and fine tuning will be required.


In other local news. . .

If you see this idiot knock on your door this Halloween – don’t answer it .

He’s not a burgler as he claims, but an encyclopedia salesman and will attempt to sell you a mint set of Encycopedia Brittanicas circa 1984.

City Idiot

OH, and


Hottest Sexy Costumes For Halloween

Click Here 2 see what you look like as  a Zombie

Here’s my Recommendations and finds for Halloween costumes.

Doesn’t hurt if you’re a sexy PYT.

Halloween is just a few more weeks away – horror films, haunted houses, halloween parties Ga-GORE!

If you aren’t one to make your own costume like I have in the past

Homemade Capt Sparrow

Homemade Capt Sparrow

then here are a few of my suggestions for some sexy getups.

Fredericks:  Women only.  This year’s Top Picks  the Genie/belly dancer and the Geisha girl.

Fredericks of Hollywood Belly Dancer Costume

Fredericks of Hollywood Belly Dancer Costume

Fredericks of Hollywood Geisha Costume

Fredericks of Hollywood Geisha Costume

LoversLane A small Midwest chain but with a tantalizing mail order catalog and internet site.

Yet another company with little for the guys, but WOW, do they have some great costumes for the right girl.

BIG selection of sexy outfits to choose from.

A few of my favorites:

I like this egyptian theme costume over the others they have

Egyptian Queen

Egyptian Queen

Images of Barbara Eden are conjured up with this get upGenie


This one is reversible from Taxi Driver to Crazy Racer

Drive Me Crazy Racer

Drive Me Crazy Racer

420/69 on the side of her hat sound like she’s ready 2 Par-tay!420/69 on the side of her hat sounds like she's Mad to Par-tay!

Mad Hatter

A Playful take on Robin Hood and his Merry … Women

A Playful Take On Robin Hood

Robyn Da Hood

Finally, my most recent find is . . .

80sTees Primarily known for awesome and radical retro tees, they offer costumes too. And Boy Do They HAVE COSTUMES!

OMG – I don’t even know where to start – They have them listed by catagory. Groups, couples, sexy, superhero, 80s. . .

Well, you get the idea – just go and check it out 80sTees.

Ok, here’s one idea that I can segue into an embarrassing story of my own.

They have 2 Ghostbusters outfits for girls and one for the guys. . .

FYI:  the inflatable Backpack and gun has complaints of the end of the gun not fully inflating. . . .

sounds like it could use some Viagra 😀

with inflatable gun and backpack

with inflatable gun and backpack

Ok, you’re gonna think I’m such a dork, but one Halloween back in the 80s I made my own Ghostbuster outfit to trick-or-treat in.

I had a tan jumpsuit and a ghostbuster sticker + made my own name tag and ghost trap which doubled as both prop and candy holder.

I still have the name tag somewhere but the jump suit disappeared years ago…

Ghostbuster Ghost Trapper

Ghostbuster Ghost Trapper

The box is still full of stuff like 25 year old fireworks and smoke bombs – hmmm… I should see if they still work, heehee!

That boy ain’t right in da head, is he?

IF ordered by October 14th all the sites guarantee you to get your costume in time for Halloween.

If all else fails and you’re invited to a last minute party, there’s always  your local Party City .