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Green Green Green

A friend of mine has a really cool company called EcoBold.  She has a popular YoutTube channel and website that encourages and educates people about the importance of going green and buying from companies that are not destroying the planet in the process.

Recently, she posted this hilarious video that shows off just how funny she is and how you can have fun and be entertaining while touting the virtues of living a healthy lifestyle.

Tell Me Again Why I Have Health Insurance?

blue floridaThis is a good illustration of one reason why health insurance is so screwed up.

Ok, I don’t need a string of comments telling me the obvious, WHAT IF? CATASTROPHE Stuck and I had some serious medical  bills.

But this goes along with one reason why I went for some 15+ years without paying for health insurance.  Youth and health on my side coupled with healthy lifestyle choices kept me out of the doctors offices and hospitals for all those years.

Like I pointed out in a previous post, it should be called Disease Management and Potential Catastophe Insurance and not Health Insurance.  The lifestyle choices I make are more aptly named insurance than any silly policy I can pay for.

Now here’s my rant.

I received my year in review report from blue cross today and i had a total of $1700 in bills for health care for 2009

BCBS only paid $500 and I had to pay $250 out of pocket. This doesn’t include the $2600 I paid in premiums.

So, if I could convince the labs and doctors to let me pay the same negotiated amounts that they get if it went thru insurance then I would have only been out $750 dollars last year.

And even if I had to pay the full amount, I would’ve paid $1700

Instead, because I have health insurance, I had to pay out of pocket, $2850. . .

or about $1150 more than if I had none even possibly $2100 in savings if I could pay only what they get from insurance/co-pay.

Tell me again WHY I have health insurance????

I am going to look into catastrophic health insurance as an alternative and switch to that if it is cost effective.

Blog Pee | Febuary 2, 2010

Blog Pee | Febuary 2, 2010

Groundhog Day

that was a funny movie….

yes, it’s blog pee time again, even though we just went… and I’m not sure if it’s still groundhog day or not… each tomorrow seems the same as yesterday’s spilt milk.


green-tea-shadedThe caffeine found in tea leaves is not the same as the caffeine in coffee beans.

For one, tea is much lower in general, rich in anti-oxidants and balanced verses the highs and lows caused by coffee.

Coffee caffeine perpetuates the physiological symptoms as seen in anxiety and stress – racing heartbeat, insomnia, sweating, nervousness, agitation and palpations.  This is all associated with one’s Sympathetic Nervous System or the fight or flight instinct.

Tea on the other hand stimulates the Parasympathetic Nervous System, or the “rest and digest” response.

So the message is, drink coffee and freak out. Drink tea and feel relaxed, happy and healthy. It encourages a clear mind, improves concentration and helps digest food properly.


Things that were better when my parents were growing up.

No microwaves.

The ground soil that we grow our food in wasn’t so depleted.

GMO foods didn’t exist.

Fast food was a rarity.


Feel sorry for the Chinese youth…. ignorance may seem blissful but to me they seem like brainwashed little sheeple who don’t know or apparently care about freedom.  What they don’t know does hurt them. They don’t even know they’re being subjected to excessive censorship.

They think they have choices, but like cable tv, there’s 57 channels of crap.  sure there’s different flavors to ‘choose’ from, but it’s all crap in the end.

Clueless Ignorant Chinese


upon watching slobama’s 2010 SofU address… what comes to mind is this:

joining dar cast of idiots, morons & baffoons >> joe biden dar bobblehead und nancy palosi clap happy jack in dar box clown


I love reading comments on youtube – it confirms that one can be an ignorant douchebag but still be just smart enough to use a computer and surf the internet.


A comeback for when someone calls you crazy:


There are many who will dub me a ‘nut’ for what
I have written and spoken.

My reply is this:
Today’s mighty oak is just
yesterday’s nut that held its ground.