Best Designed Products for 2010

Just got my new subscription to Fast Company – a great magazine for the entrepreneurial and curious.

I remember when i first got a neighbor’s issue by accident back in 99 in california.

I think i actually saved it for a while somewhere [hey, no pac-rat comments now].

Anyway, this is a fun way to spend an hour or two looking over the International Designers Society of America’s top 150 picks for 2010.

TFT – Terry’s Favorite Things

So many of these are coming out of California – especially the bay area…

Does that surprise anyone?  A place where Art and Tech come together.

There were so many favorites for me, including the JAMHUB for musicians.

Note – if you go to the company’s site, you won’t find it yet, but there is an inflatable guitar that is really cool.


Yet another skateboard like device that reminds me of a TRON light cycle made by Brooklyn Workshop called the FREE RIDER.

$150 gets you your own ride.


Great wine glasses that everybody can afford – and you don’t have to worry about breaking these. GOVINO Go Anywhere glasses.

The thumb notch is a nice design touch.  And hey, these are only $3.00 a glass.


This one by Hyundai Engineering is dear to my passion for vertical farming – this time on a micro scale – for the condo or apartment dweller!

The Kitcken Nano Garden.



Other notables – the Laundry POD by RKS – when you just need to wash a few little things.


A LED light bulb by Panasonic that might simulate the same coverage as our old favorite, the incandescent?

Although I think Process Taiwan has a better design with their T-Tech LED Dimmable Light Bulb.


If you like motorcycles and going green, there is hope down the road with Mission Motors Mission One Sportbike.

150 mph and 150 miles per charge.


Like to kitesurf in the arctic circle?  Keep dry, warm and stylish with this outfit.


Perfect your push up with the Perfect PushUp V2.


Here’s the first folding bike design that in my opinion is actually a gOOd One. The Ville folding bike


The Write? Light! idea is a perfect solution to people like me who start having ideas pop into our heads

just when we are ready to go to sleep and the lights are off.

Combining a pen and a light in one in a new aesthetically pleasing design.


Here’s an interesting solution to the toilet situation… You know, the one where some guys can’t seem to

contain their #1?  2in1 Toilet concept


Being a fan of Parkour, here’s a shoe that’s supposed to be better than what PKers usually use.


Although I have read that many PK enthusiasts aren’t all that impressed with the current offerings for

specialty shoes and besides, true PK would ideally be done in bare feet. OUCH!


Finally, the Zen Wagon by KaiKu will give the Red Radio Flyer wagon a run for it’s money.


Random Thoughts Of An ADD Riddled Mind. . .

Unable to take a thought very far, the ADD Riddled Mind flits from one ‘Great Idea’ to another ‘Fantastic Concept’

October 7th, 2009

Sound Frequencies to Remove Emotional Charges in the Body. Like grounding yourself.  Ex: Practical use – assisting in getting over a former lover.

October 7th, 2009

A Key to Success

Pick a Rabbit Hole and dive down deeper into it than anyone else [become expert] in a myopic narrow field of knowledge.

September ??, 2009

dual citizenship…buy gold/art..sell in Euro… open suiss acct with funds from sale…

October ?, 2009

Connection/Explanation of pilots back in the 50s seeing cigar shaped UFOs that they often described as B-29 fuselages without wings [See  The Report On Unidentified Flying Objects: By The Former Head Of Project Blue Book].

Possible explanation – someone took Nikola Tesla’s idea of Telautomaton [see Tesla’s Autobiography ] and built and flew them secretly and thus scaring the willies out of airline pilots and others.

November 13, 2009

I’m a prototype  . . . and they destroyed the mold when they made me

November 15th, 2009

IDEA: Helping each other get traffic for their blog – have a ‘group’ blog that has 3 posts a day by 3 different people and each person [member] is allowed 1 or 2 posts per month. This would allow about 100 bloggers to have a community blog that helps them get noticed.

December 3rd, 2009

Have you ever stopped what you are doing or thinking and centered yourself and put your attention on the NOW?
How do you feel?
Have you ever wondered or realized that maybe you are partially happy with everything?

Maybe you are happy where you are but not who you are with. . .

Or you’re happy with who you are with but not with what you are doing at the moment.

December 3rd, 2009

Hmm… maybe time to post this one and move on…

Nikola Tesla Musings

“The wonders of yesterday are today common occurances.”

  • 1966 Star Trek communicators…
  • 1996 Cell phones commonplace.

N.M.I. [Not My Idea] . . . . . . N.I.H. [Not Invented Here]

. . . on new disruptive technological inventions . . .

“The greatest impediment is encountered in the prejudicial opinions created in the minds of experts by organized opposition.”

Nikola Tesla | Timeless Wisdom and Insight

Words from the man who gave the world AC – Alternating Current

Nikola Tesla – underrated is an understatement regarding this man’s brilliance of mind and contributions to the world.

I just finished reading  My Inventions: The Autobiography of Nikola Tesla, and have a newfound respect for the incredible genius of this man.  He not only had an amazing ability to come up with transformative new technology and discovery but also the insight into the possible repercussions and misuse of some of these inventions.

And that’s what I want to share today – a passage in his book that seems as if it could have been written today, but in fact, is his words from over 90 years ago.

War can not be avoided until the physical cause for its recurrence is removed and this, in the last analysis, is the vast extent of the planet on which we live. Only thru annihilation of distance in every respect, as the conveyance of intelligence, transport of passengers and supplies and transmission of energy will conditions be brought about some day, insuring permanency of friendly relations.

What we now want most is closer contact and better understanding between individuals and communities all over the earth, and the elimination of that fanatic devotion to exalted ideals of national egoism and pride which is always prone to plunge the world into primeval barbarism and stirfe.

No league or parliamentary act of any kind will every prevent such a calamity. These are only new devices for putting the weak at the mercy of the strong.  I have exprest myself in this regard fourteen years ago, when a combination of a few leading governments – a sort of Holy Alliance – was advocated by the late Andrew Carnegie, who may be fairly considered as the father of this idea, having given to it more publicity and impetus than anybody else prior to the efforts of the President.

While it can not be denied that such a pact might be of material advantage to some less fortunate peoples, it can not attain the chief object sought. Peace can only come as a natural consequence of universal enlightenment and merging of races, and we are still far from this blissful realization.

As I view the world of today, in the light of the gigantic struggle we have witnest, I am filled with conviction that the interests of humanity would be best served if the United States remained true to its traditions and kept out of “entangling alliances.”

Situated as it is, geographically, remote from the theatres of impending conflicts, without incentive to territorial aggrandizement, with inexhaustible resources and immense population thoroly imbued with the spirits of liberty and right, this country is placed in a unique and privileged position. It is thus able to exert, independently, its colossal strength and moral force to the benefit of all, more judiciously and effectively, than as a member of a league.” p. 101