Transcendental Meditation | Could TM Be Making a Comeback?

Everybody’s doing it… Beatles Paul and Ringo (George and John when they were alive), Russell Simmons, Howard Stern, Mike Love of beach boys, Donovan, David Lynch, Moby, Clint Eastwood, Mary Tyler Moore, (Merv Griffin was a HUGE proponent back in the 70s).

Some others that I was unable to verify for certainty include Jack Canfield, Bob Proctor, Oprah Winfrey, Bono, Sheryl Crow.

I doubt that TM will become ‘MAINSTREAM’ any time soon,  where a large majority of the population is doing it, but  the beauty is it doesn’t have to be practiced by everyone in order to have extremely positive effects on society and the planet.

Enormous amounts of scientific studies have shown again and again the proof of the effectiveness TM has in every aspect of life.  As Maharishi explained, the nature of life is to want more and more and greater and greater happiness.

David Lynch formed his foundation with the goal to teach TM in the schools.

They’ve already incorporated this in many inner city troubled schools with remarkable success in turning things around for the good.

Transcendental Meditation main site:

Transcendental Meditation [TM] 50 Years in the USA – Tampa Bay Radio Interview

Local TM Teacher Interviewed On Smooth Jazz WSJT 98.7 FM

Maharishi Mahesh Yogi brought TM – Transcendental Meditation – to America (beginning in San Francisco)  back in 1959.

50 years go by pretty quick!

Recently, Tampa Bay TM Instructor, Jim Vuille, did an interview on several Tampa Bay radio stations.

Here’s the broadcast recording [30 min]

Transcendental Meditation Interview with Jim Viulle

Why I love practicing TM.  Practicing TM gets you in touch with your own inner potential. . . which is unlimited.

Many of us have just forgotten this truth, distracted and disoriented by all the outside ‘noise’ in our busy lives.

If you’re looking to learn more about TM or you are someone who’s been practicing for years, this 30 min interview reminds us of why TM is such an awesome tool to have in our journey of self discovery, personal development and unlimited potential.

Through my own daily practice of TM, I’ve found that I have cultivated and enhanced many desirable qualities*:

  • being non-judgmental
  • moving towards moderation in everything in life
  • forgiveness
  • learning to love myself
  • acceptance
  • indifference in the face of gain or loss
  • greater appreciation of myself and others
  • self-sufficiency (relying on what one has inside, rather than dependency on external resources)
  • more openness & receptivity
  • freedom, flexibility & adaptability in all sorts of situations
  • physical endurance / more energy

*DISCLAIMER* Although I attribute this to TM, I can’t prove that they are soley a result of doing TM, especially when I tend to do a variety of different things that all help me grow. I like to think of it as a really useful tool in a whole toolbox of stuff.

Here’s some links for more information on research, benefits and local introductory meetings in your area (they’re free)

Main organization []

Florida TM organization []