Blogging Smart – Automating Your Posts Using Time Delay

I like to think I’m kind of smart.  Other people even tell me so – and not just my parents. ;-P

Yet, like an absent minded professor, the obvious and simplistic doesn’t always cross my mind.

Take for instance the ability to time delay blog posts.


Best thing since sliced bread I tell say!

Here I just ASSUME – yup, making an ass of myself – that when I blog, my post goes up when I hit the PUBLISH button.

I didn’t realize before last week  that I can set the date and time I want it to be published. On WordPress, this is accomplished by clicking the edit link by the “Publish Immediately” line where a menu drops down letting you select the day and time you want it to show up. Sweeeet!

Experienced bloggers are saying DUH! right now and wondering why on earth they’re bothering to read my blog when I seem so clueless about the most basic tricks, lol.  I know I have too many things running thru my mind when it takes this long to find out about such a simple thing.

I’m not embarrassed to admit it. This is a big A-Ha for me. Maybe a lightbulb just turned on for you too.  Now you see the true power of this fully operational battlesta- What I mean to say is now I understand how to leverage my time with blogging.

I can take a few hours and preload several posts to be published on a regular basis like say, one a day for the next week.

Take this post.  I’m writing it on Oct 9th, 2009 at 11:11 pm – I know what you’re thinking – and yet I’m going to have it publish Saturday morning bright and early at 7:07 am.  Hey, remember I don’t work normal hours – I’m my own BOSS.

Woo hoo! Now I can take that trip to Tahiti without feeling guilty about not blogging while I’m away having fun in the sun because my blog will continue to be updated on a regular basis with quality funny, inspiring LIFE CHANGING posts.  Yup, piling it on pretty thinck there, aren’t I?

To think, I don’t have to take the laptop with me  – although you and me both know that’s not gonna happen. Well, maybe I’ll just bring my Jesus phone. (heard that was a nik 4 the iPhone)

3 thoughts on “Blogging Smart – Automating Your Posts Using Time Delay

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