Key Points For Making Money Online With Your Blog

and now another episode of BLOG POSTING in bite sized chunks

“Blogging for Dollars” has such a cheesy tone, doesn’t it?

Still, lame catch phrases tend to pop into my head easily – like a bad commercial or annoying song like the Macarena.

Ok, on with the show.

Fundamental Guidelines for Making Money With Your Blog

(There are many ways to monetize a blog. Although these tips are given with the  Home based business / internet marketing industry in mind, they can be applied universally)

  • Your number one PRIORITY is to Build your email LIST. (For that you need an Autoresponder)
  • You need an Opt-in offer – something to entice the reader join your list.
  • Offer the reader who opts -in a free gift.

The offer can be something simple like a PDF report related to your niche that you can create yourself , or use someone else’s (make sure you have permission to do so first).  Other ideas are an audio interview, daily quotes or inspiration, or a video training series like the one I created on free SEO marketing tactics for local businesses.


Your email LIST is where the ‘back end‘ monetization occurs.  Readers get to know and trust you and see your offer(s) not as a sales pitch, but as a recommendation from a respected friend.

Final thought:

Pay attention to what other successful bloggers are doing: their layouts, their content, etc.  And don’t forget to leave quality comments on their blogs too. It’s great for networking and getting linkbacks to your blog – which is good for traffic generation.

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