McDonald’s Wendy’s Burger King: IS IT FOOD?

After watching a video on YouTube about a 4 year old well preserved McDonald’s cheeseburger (plain) and fries that was stored in a lunch box, I am inspired to do my own pseudo-scientific experiment to see if I can duplicate the results.

I am adding a twist to my experiment andam putting the Big 3 burger joints to the challenge:



Burger King

To be fair, I order the same thing from each one: a plain cheeseburger – no special sauces or pickles, just the orange cheese-like substance – along with a small fry.

I then place each set in their own plastic container to avoid any possible cross contamination, just in case one of the three turns out to actually be food-like.

I would have liked to throw in an In & Out Burger and fries into the mix seeing as how their fries are made fresh each day from real potatoes.  Not sure about the burgers.  I would still consider eating one… maybe… Only problem is logistical.  Nearest In & Out burger is over 2000 miles away in Arizona.

I’ll do brief updates down the line to see what happens.

1 week. 1 month. . . etc… until I get bored or if it starts smelling.

Want to see the original video that inspired me to do this?

See it here :   4 year old McDonald’s cheeseburger video

If anyone has ideas on what to do about my video quality, I’d love to hear it.  It doesn’t make sense to me.

I’m shooting with a Canon z930 miniDV and importing into iMovie HD 6.0.4 and then i even upload to YouTube as a CD rom quality instead of web, thinking it might help.

I won’t upload at full quality because it’s like 1.5 GB and it’d take forever, not to mention annoy the viewers.

10-12-09 UPDATE*
My friend sent me this link that’s sort of related to this topic – Lot’s of good info:

Still Tasty? Eat It Or Toss It?

One thought on “McDonald’s Wendy’s Burger King: IS IT FOOD?

  1. Very interesting experiment. This is 2010-1.

    You might have considered buying a metal lunch pail at the Dollar store so as to compare with the other experiment.
    Now I can’t even eat Fast Fries. Good thing I stick to my Diabetic Diet.
    Hope you have some seriously comparative data in a month or two or three.

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