The Apple of Sports Planes: The Icon A5


If Apple was in the aerospace industry, they couldn’t have done a better job of designing a GOTTA HAVE IT! MUST HAVE IT!

I think of it as the Macintosh of sports planes. . . On my wish list to Santa. Drool….

I’ve had my eye on this baby since it’s inception. The Icon A5 amphibian light sport aircraft.

Price: $139,000

Deposit: $5000 fully transferrable if you have buyer’s remorse.

Beautiful simple design – like a cross between a jet ski and a spaceship.

The interior is simple and sleek like a fine sports car with a stick in place of a steering wheel.



All this is made possible by the FAA avaiation rule change in 2004 by creating a new catagory known as light-sport aircraft.

A mere 20 hours of flight school instead of the 40 hours needed for your standard private pilot license and you’re qualified to fly this baby.
If you don’t already have your pilot’s license, flight lessons will cost you around $5,000 in training fees.

First delivery is expected Q3 2011 plenty of time to get some flying in before 2012, lol.
Powered by a Rotax 100hp engine has a range of about 300nm and speed of 120. 100hp.

Damn, there’s SeaDoos with more horsepower than that!

Due to the aircraft’s class restrictions you’ll have to decide between a rocket safety chute (one, please) or automatic wing folding.




Come on, put a little muscle into it.  Hey, I’ve got hand cranked windows in my truck and I’m cool with that.

One less thing to break.  Besides, I’ll take safety over convenience any day.


ICON Aircraft | Photos


If you really can’t wait and want to be first in line, you can plop down 100K deposit and be one of the first to get delivery.

“The first 100 ICON A5 customer deliveries will be exclusive A5 Limited Edition (A5 LE) models.

Reserving an A5 LE, and thereby joining the ICON 100, requires a higher deposit of $100,000 USD.”


Take off and land on land or WATER!

As new planes go, price isn’t in the stratosphere

Easy to fly

Awesome design


Have to wait for a while before they’re ready for delivery

A few rules of the sky:

Fly below 10,000 feet

Only day flying with clear skys and stay away from busy airports.

The coolness factors WIN

Now where did I put my checkbook?


Icon: southern california manufacturer of light sport aircraft Icon A5.

Founder: Kirk Hawkins, 41, former F16 fighter pilot with degrees in engineering and business from Stanford.

4 thoughts on “The Apple of Sports Planes: The Icon A5

  1. This plane reminds me of the original Republic SeaBee. It was similar in design. but heavier and could carry 4 passengers. The front of the cockpit/windshield opened up and gave entry/egress. You could also open it and fish from the cockpit. Prices run from $50K to 115K for a 50-60 year old aircraft.
    The NEW Icon is really sharp, nice lines, and the capabililties while limited by its class, are better than the SeaBee and as good as the Lake amphibian aircraft. Or close enough that this is the better choice from economics of flight. I think it’s a bargain, and if I come into the money, will buy one. I can go out my back door to the dock, unfold the wings, taxi to the river less than a mile away. open the throttle and be aloft. Fantastic design.

  2. yeah, and I like the added safety of the optional rocket chute . . . which of course only works well above a certain altitude – no help for a lousy pilot who doesn’t know how to water land and does a face plant or worse. Ahh… the SeaBee – cool plane – immortalized in the Bond film man with a golden banana. . . .

  3. Baby, it’s got my name written all over it! I believe the prototype was from one of the sketches I drew back in 1998. It would be the one plane I’d gladly learn how to pilot. My dad expected me to be an astronaut by now….little did he know. I even gave up driving what with gasoline up at $6 per gallon and Global warming having melted 25% of the Floes up north.

    Anyway, it’s my cuppa, as Redgrave would say ;>

    So, which Carter Family are YOU from?

  4. $6 per gallon? ouch! I hear it’s like 25 cents in Venezuela… but I like where I live better.

    Not sure how to answer that… but if you wonder if I’m related to the ex prez, the answer is nope, not even close 🙂

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