Blog Pee November 11, 2009

Blog Pee  11-11. . . 2009 . . .

Change isn’t made by asking for permission. Change is made by asking forgiveness later.

Various interesting bits found around the web . . .

Forbes Top 400 Richest Peeps in USA List in Pictures

Complete with mini bios and occasional insight into their success mindsets.

Like Google founders Sergie and Larry using goats on the corporate lawn instead of lawn mowers under belief of it being better for environment.

Don’t they know about the amount of air  pollution caused by a lifetime of goat farts?

Gee, Bill Gates is still at the top @ $50 Billion

Steve Jobs #43 at just a measly  5.1 Billion

Oprah and Steve Wynn tie for #143 @ 2.3B

Donald Trump #158 @ 2 Billion – tied with FaceBook founder Mark Zuckerberg [youngest person on the list]

Simply because of  their shear wealth, they have a massive impact on the planet – good or bad compared to most people.

Most of the people on this list you wouldn’t recognize on the street. Until #392, all are worth $1 Billion +.


This is cool – but don’t get in trouble 😉

Convert Video / DVD to any device How To (for Mac)


In Other Local News . . .

YouTube has been soliciting me to sign up for Rev Share for several videos.

They finally targeted one that I was confident was not violating any copyrights.

The scary thing is if they decide you have violated something, they’ll pull your video off for good.

Plus I would guess you get a black mark against your account – 3 strikes and you are out.

That can really suck because these videos are the ones that have a lot of views and comments on them.

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