How To Send Free Text Messages Via E-Mail

Send Free Text Messages Via E-Mail

If you have an iPhone or any other cellular plan that doesn’t have unlimited texting or texting at all, then you know how annoying and expensive it can get if other people text you.

One option is to turn off texting capabilities on your phone or plan. Another is a relatively unknown way using email.

Keep in mind the person receiving the message still has to pay for theseā€”but you won’t have to.**

Here’s how:

Enter the person’s phone number, along with the appropriate carrier-specific e-mail address from those listed below, into any e-mail client.

The result will appear on the person’s phone as an SMS text message.

Note: All phone numbers are 10 digits with no dashes (example: 2135551212).

  • Alltel: [Phone Number]
  • AT&T: [Phone Number]
  • Nextel: [Phone Number]
  • Sprint: [Phone Number]
  • T-Mobile: [Phone Number]
  • Verizon: [Phone Number]
  • Virgin Mobile: [Phone Number]
  • US Cellular: [Phone Number]

**The person receiving the text can then text you back and it goes to the email account you sent your text from.

I tried this the other day and it works great!


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