Daily Dose Of Wisdom . . .


Sometimes [heck, what am I saying? Most of the time] we are very adept at making things much more complicated and difficult for ourselves because we don’t believe or realize how simple and easy life, success, happiness can be.

All wise people do is they are able to grasp and convey simple universal truths.

For example, in dealing with other people, it helps to understand a basic, simple psychological premise regarding what makes people do ANYTHING.

At the basic level, we are motivated by one thing [yet we perceive it at a duality].

Everything we do or act upon is all based on our belief of whether or not taking such action will result in greater pleasure or less pain.

Once you understand and apply this basic truth, you will be much more effective in your communication and dealings with others.

People want more happiness, more expression of creativity. . . so therefore, everything they do is based on whether they think it will bring them more happiness, fulfillment and joy to their life.

Going with the dualistic nature of our current reality, sometimes one’s perspective on reality can become distorted and the things that they think bring them joy and pleasure are actually harmful and negative to themselves and or others.

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