How To Make Money With Twitter – Simple And Easy

Unless you’ve been living under a rock lately, you know that Twitter is one of the fastest growing sites out here right now.

It’s also one of the hottest places to Make Money Online (MMO).  Big marketers like John Chow, Ryan Wade and Jonathan Budd are making thousands of dollars with just a single tweet.

So how can those of us who have much smaller Twitter follower counts hope to cash in? There is hope for you!

Does $25, $50 or $100 for a Sponsored Tweet sound good to you?  It IS possible to make an extra $50 or $100 per month from monetizing your Twitter account even if you have less than 5000 followers.

If you are like me, and consider yourself part of the New Rich – making money online, when and how and on your own terms, using leverage and residual strategies – then you will love this hot new twitter tool.

There’s plenty of ways to make money with your Twitter account.  Affiliate product referrals, lead generation, and traffic generation are just a few. And now for  something completely different. . .

There’s a new kid on the block, and it’s stealing Sponsored Tweets‘ thunder out from under them.

Don’t think you are spamming your Twitter followers.  After all, if they are into making money online as you are, then you should understand that you are offering them value in the form of information and tools to help them reach their goals too.

Even if you don’t have 1000s of followers, if you have followers that actually READ your tweets and are interested in what you have to say, then you have the potential to make some big money with relatively small amount of Twitter followers.  This is exciting news for those of us with a small number of followers.

Like with pre-launches, it’s best to get in earlier than later to maximize your earning potential. Catch the wave and then on to the next hot monetization thing coming down the pipeline. has several cool features that make it enticing to use:

  1. you can set how much you charge for a sponsored tweet
  2. you can refer others and make a percentage off their earnings
  3. you can decide when you don’t want to accept future advertisement offers

There’s really no reason not to sign up for It’ll take less than 5 minutes to sign up right now. Who knows, it might put some ka-ching in your wallet! You can sign up here:

One thought on “How To Make Money With Twitter – Simple And Easy

  1. You want real people to follow you? Then you need to tweet stuff that real people like. I use this software to automatically tweet jokes and quotes and it gets me a ton of real people. Every once in a while I tweet an affiliate link and guess what? The real people click and buy and I make money.

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