Google Nexus One or Apple iPhone 3GS Which One Is Better?

Should Apple Be Worried About Google’s New Nexus One Smart Phone?


Google just released a potential iPhone killer named the Nexus One this January 2010 at the Las Vegas Consumer Electronics Show.  I decided to check out it’s specs to see how it compares to the iPhone 3GS which I’ve had my eye on for a while now.  Being a diehard apple/mac user since the apple II+, I fall into that elitist, smug, fanatical apple fan description.  So it’ll take a lot for me to choose something else.

Many think the Nexus One could be a strong challenger to Apple’s iPhone 3GS. Let’s take a look at each phone’s strong and weak points as it compares to the other.

Apple iPhone Pros:

  1. Industry support with 100,000’s of apps available through iTunes
  2. can buy it and play with one in an Apple store
  3. longer battery life overall
  4. seamless integration with mac and iTunes (strong point for mac users)
  5. video capture up to 30 FPS
  6. multi-touch ability

Google Nexus One Pros:

  1. 5MP camera with LED flash
  2. micro SD card slot (this is one of my pet peeves with the iPhone)
  3. removable battery
  4. noise cancellation mic to cut out car / background noises
  5. 3.7 inch display compared to apple’s 3.5 inch
  6. 480×800 pixel screen to 640×480 for iPhone

Google’s Nexus one claims a 1Ghz processor to apple’s 600Mhz for the 3GS.  But that could be apples and oranges as we know processor speed isn’t the be all end all of true speed.

The iPhone has 256MB of main memory whereas Nexus one has 512MB – double the memory.


Apple iPhone Cons:

  1. currently only available on ATT network unless you jailbreak it (which voids warranty and ability to do software upgrades)
  2. only 3MP camera without a flash
  3. no micro SD slot
  4. non-removable battery

Google Nexus One Cons:

  1. Can’t buy it in a store – only available online
  2. Tmobile network – questionable coverage in many markets
  3. video capture rate up to 20 FPS
  4. lack of apps available

Now a few of those cons are easily remedied.  Eventually, if the Nexus One is successful, it will get more support for apps.  Google could also allow its phones to be sold in stores.

Apple and Google both  have plans to make their phones available on Verizon’s cellular network sometime in 2010 which many people think is a far superior cellular company when it comes to reliability and coverage.

I would guess Apple may have some new improvements in the next version when it comes out this year (I’m assuming).  May only be the verizon version that gets some advancements, but we’ll see.

I know where I live it is certainly the case.  I’ve been with Helio (riding on sprint network) and found it to be HORRIBLE. Before that I was with Nextel, which I thought was bad, until I got Sprint. Now unless I want to wait a few more months, I have to deal with ATT which isn’t too much better.

As a mac user, I am still leaning towards an iPhone, even with its shortcomings. Besides, with planned obsolescence and the blindingly fast speed of technological improvements, no one will have the best or fastest for long at any given time.

I am also a little apprehensive of Google’s dominance in our online lives.  Google is an industry giant and the majority of people use their search engine – which tracks and stores every search ever made.

More people use Gmail which has unlimited storage.  I wonder, when I delete trash forever, is it really gone?  They now have a new Browser called Chrome to compete with IE, Firefox and Safari.   . . .And now a phone.

I’m not very comfortable putting so many details of my life in the hands of  one very powerful far reaching entity.  Google’s  slogan from the start has been “do no evil”, but I find it harder to believe that is anything more than an outdated and ignored slogan now that they have so much control and power and influence and are no longer this cute little fledgling start up.  I don’t care who you are, absolute power corrupts absolutely.

Another thing, Do No Evil backwards Spells Live On OD…. Hmm… does the OD stand for OverDrive or OVER DOSE?

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