Sarasota Man’s Window Invention Tames Florida Sunshine

A bit of local news (at least in my part of the world)

When Ed VerVane moved to Florida from Michigan in the early 1990s, he welcomed the sunshine and then spent the next 17 years earning a living trying to tame its harmful effects.

VerVane created the Winsulator, a clear acrylic interior window attachment that fastens to the inside of windows via magnets. The insets keep the heat at bay and deflect damaging UV rays, creating a comfortable environment inside residential and commercial buildings.

winsulatorWith a background in window installation, VerVane used his knowledge and skill to come up with a design that created energy efficiency, reduced UV exposure and noise levels and could be used as a retrofit in existing buildings.

To gain credibility for his invention, VerVane went to NASA and had its engineers test the product. “They said you have a flawless design,” VerVane said. He then installed the product in the fourth-floor windows of the Kennedy Space Center’s headquarters. “It cut the temperature through the windows by 30 degrees,” he said.

The product, which carries a 10-year guarantee and 100 percent replacement coverage, also has been tested by the Florida Energy Office. The Sarasota-based company has installed the window attachments in the Selby Library, Sarasota County judicial center and residential homes in the area.

Recently, VerVane has concentrated on promoting the preservation aspect of Winsulators and installed the custom-designed attachments in windows in a long list of historical buildings in Florida, Georgia and South Carolina.


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