*UPDATE* to Top URL Link Shortening Services

I posted a blog recently about URL alternatives to Bit.ly that you can refer to here.

I had been using Zi.ma for a few months in place of bit.ly on CL as craigslist has blacklisted bit.ly links but zi.ma was being accepted.  However, today it has been down, which is bad for business if you know what I mean.

I searched around and found an interesting bit of info on Zi.ma:


So I went ahead and registered for a free KL.AM account and switched / adjusted my links and now I’m back in business.  Klam offers some nice tracking features too – like stats  – visits and clicks even geo tracking.

Shorten URL with URL Shortener for Internet MarketersYou gotta love the creativity with these site names and extensions.

Zima – bad beer alternative beverage of the 90s.

Klam. . .  sounds like one of the cartoon words from the 60s Batman show during fight scenes.

Ka-blam! Ker-Pow!

Anyway, if you are looking for another alternative URL link shortening site, check out http://kl.am

*UPDATE* January 23, 2011

Kl.am no longer works (hasn’t in a while) I noticed that people are still reading this post and i figured i’d update it with WHAT’S WORKING NOW.
The URL Shortening site I’ve been using to this day successfully on Craigslist and Backpage is is.gd

Here’s the link http://is.gd

You’re Welcome 😉

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