Decluttering Defined

Here’s a nice little tidbit for all you Clutter Bugs out there who are feeling overwhelmed with all the piles of stuff everywhere.  I’m going to keep it short and simple as pac-rats tend to be anything but.


Help! I’m buried under a plethora of paper!

The concept of Decluttering is based on the theory that clutter drains both physical and mental energy.

Decluttering involves two components:

  1. Releasing things (clothing, papers, furniture, objects and IDEAS) that no longer serve a good purpose in one’s life.
  2. Creating a simple system of personal organization that is esay to maintain and guards against accumulating things that are neither necessary or nourishing.

This can be accomplished by one, being present in the now and not daydreaming while surmising your environment, and two, by enlisting the help of a friend or family member in cleaning out.

For serious cases, there are even professionals who you can hire to get your space cleared out.  Your sanity will thank you and your productivity and creativity will expand.

**UPDATE April Fool’s Day 2011**

This is not a joke. I recently discovered a MUST HAVE book for everyone who wants to get their life back and make the task of eliminating clutter simple and fun.>>> Clutter’s Last Stand

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