New Powerstick™ Makes Going Mobile Easier

powerstick“This device has been given the nod as the one essential gadget destined to make everyone’s life easier. With upwards of 100,000 MP3 players forecast to be sold in New Zealand for this Christmas period alone, not to mention the fact that many of us now have multiple cellphones, PDAs, iPhone and/or a BlackBerry, consumers are crying out for a way to recharge all their devices in one simple way.

“We have the answer,” says Binns. The Powerstick™ is designed and manufactured in Canada by Ecosol, an engineering-led company with a remit to develop and manufacture sustainable products. With the Powerstick™ that sustainability is achieved in many ways:

  • Consumers now only need one small product to charge virtually all their portable devices
  • The Powerstick™ is a portable rechargeable device that comes with a one-year warranty
  • Chargeable from a laptop, desktop or any device with a USB port (including cars and aircraft)
  • Once charged the Powerstick™ Polymer Lithium battery retains more than 90% of energy so it can be left unused but charged for up to 6 months
  • Having topped up the Powerstick™  will go into sleep mode and will stop drawing down energy unlike normal wall chargers.
  • The LCD display lets the user know when they need a top up, no guessing required and no unnecessary drawdowns

“My arsenal of digital devices is now completely taken care of,” says Binns. “The  Powerstick™ comes with 9 different device connectors including iPod, Nokia, Motorola, Mini-USB, LD, and Samsung. You can charge so many things with one stick and it’s also surge protected, so it can’t harm your precious work or play tools. ”

“It’s the essential gadget for the traveller (business or leisure), the student, the music lover and the workplace, pretty much anyone with a portable device. Most of us find it a challenge to run an iPhone all day without charging. With the  Powerstick™ you can charge up and keep talking, giving you greater peace of mind,” assures Binns.

Powerstick™  is available in New Zealand initially through Noel Leeming and online at With a RRP of $79, it’s an ideal Christmas gift, let alone a useful tool for having the cell, iPod and PDA charged in the beach-bag over summer. And at home users will no longer have to invest in a network of powerboards for their usual electric spaghetti. For more information and for compatibility (virtually all mobile devices are covered). Overseas, check out or call Richard Binns on 021 913 984.

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UPDATE – Powerstick is available in US for $49.99


This is a must have piece of tech in my book.  Especially for the on the go world traveller or even just the on – the – go person who has a lot of energy hungry gadgets.  Heck, for $50, I think I’ll pick up a few.

Each powerstick comes with 9 adaptors but one shortcoming I can see right away is this won’t help me with my 2 AA powered digital camera that loves to run out of juice before the party is over.  Maybe I just need a new camera, but I don’t like to be wasteful as the old one ain’t broke yet.

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