Say Goodbye to Shampoo

Say Goodbye to Shampoo

my friend’s mama always said, and I paraphrase,

Soap is cheap. No excuse for not being clean

But most soaps and traditional shampoos are actually quite harsh for the skin and hair.

That’s why I love to use Wen hair conditioner products. They are amazing.

A former girlfriend of mine introduced me to this fantastic product.

Wen Fig 32oz

There are several types – not to be used based on your nose’s preference but rather the type of hair you have.

For fine and medium hair the proper choices are Lavender, Cucumber Aloe, or Sweet Almond Mint.

If you have medium coarse or ethnic hair then Fig, Lavender or Tea Tree are your best bets.

She gave me the Fig conditioner to try and I have to say, I didn’t think I’d like the scent, but after using it I find I do.  Plus it feels great working it into your scalp.  That’s the key to using hair products I found out.   To get rid of dirt and balance the scalp’s oils, you need to work your fingers down in there.  And when it comes to conditioning the hair, the ends need it the most.

I really like that Wen is a very natural product that has no sodium laurel sulfate which is pretty much in most all shampoos and body soaps on the market today.  Sure, they get you clean but they are WAY to harsh on the skin and hair.

What the company says:

WEN is designed to eliminate shampoo and its harsh and damaging effects, without sacrificing the integrity and beauty of your hair. WEN is the only cleanser/conditioner you will need to use in your daily routine, and can be used as often as necessary.

Fig Cleansing Conditioner is a universal cleanser which, due to its rich, dense consistency, works exceptionally well to moisturize, hydrate and replenish dry, heat-damaged, color-treated, or dehydrated hair. This cleansing conditioner is free of sodium laurel sulfates and detergents, and cleanses without lathering or stripping the scalp or hair of natural moisture.

Due to the harsh detergents and sodium laurel/laureth sulfates found in most all shampoos, they would experience color fading/stripping, dull, lifeless, frizzy, dry hair, dry scalps, oily scalps, scalp disorders, hair loss, etc., damaging their scalp, hair, health and environment. That was when I started to implement my new concept in cleansing, eliminating the detergents and harsh chemicals that lather and strip your scalp and hair, and introduced the WEN product line to the world.

WEN Cleanses with astringent and antibacterial properties without lathering; it adds sheen, luster, moisture, strength and manageability to the hair. Color lasts much longer and it stimulates the scalp promoting blood circulation, stopping hair loss and promoting healthy hair growth. WEN is formulated with the perfect balance for all hair types and performs amazingly well on ethnic hair, due to its moisture content.

Learn more about the specifics

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