The Future Of Transportation That Will Never Be


A Reality in an Alternate Universe

car1.JPGI’m picturing visions of Logan’s Run or something out of Disney’s Tomorrowland.

Imagine podcars as the public transportation of the future.  AKA, personal rapid transit, would be a system of vehicles that provide on-demand, private travel. I mean if you think about it, this idea is hardly new or revolutionary.  More like it has not been very popular of a concept for those who own and control the auto industry, the oil industry, etc, etc.


Able to carry people as well as light freight, PodCars would ride on small guideways like a monorail. They could be powered by electricity, or hey, how about that electro-magnetic gravitics we have been withheld by TPPTS?


The podcars would travel on main lines like a freeway with on and off ramp legs that would stop at stations where you can get on and off. A good size would be vehicles that hold up to 4 people, but be cost effective to run even with just one person riding.


Some estimates gauge cost at $25 to $40 million per mile including the rail, vehicles and stations.

Compare this to $100 to $300 million for subway or light rail systems.


Currently, a podcar system called ULTra is being built at London’s Heathrow airport.


Oh yeah, that looks like fun.  Seriously, except for driving enthusiasts, this would allow people better use of their time while commuting and traveling. Minor issue of those who are germaphobes – how do you sanitize each car after use?  For that matter, how  and how often would they be cleaned?


For example, what if someone just came off the beach with their great dane and got in a podcar prior to you using the same car?  Wet and covered in sand and dog hair, not to mention the lingering smell to remind you of the prior occupants, could you request a different car or what?

Hmm. . . sounds like a whole slew of business opportunities and jobs for podcar support that might not be readily considered!

4 thoughts on “The Future Of Transportation That Will Never Be

  1. Looks like a reasonable part-solution if you take the urban transportation problem in isolation, but viewed in relation to the overall problems of our civilisation (over-population, resource depletion, peak-oil, inequality, declining health, accelerating conflicts, declining public security, etc)it is a fail because it further entrenches rather than fundamentally changes the existing unsustainable culture. Come up with something that initiates decentralisation of our populations and food supply chains, contraction of consumption and footprint, ecological balance, social equality (globally), and breaks the nexus of dependence on commercial growth and you might be on a winner. For more insights from this perspective, see

    George Trembath

  2. it would certainly help in urban settings … I encourage you to read my post on vertical farming as a solution to food issues . . . also, one must question the source of info that claims we have over population and resource depletion – and ask why is that happening?
    For instance, there are those who think what they call the Global Elite purposely practice the art of eugenics on what they perceive as inferior races along with destroying other countries by creating conflict where there was none, profit from the war, then profit again by ‘helping’ rebuild, in turn for giving up their land – which is then used to grow unnecessary crops for the Elite’s benefit instead of growing food for their own country.

    Look into Monsanto, the DVD, Food Inc, NWO, etc and see what you find – maybe it will sound like BS to you and maybe it will ring true.

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