Blog Pee | April 14th 2010


April 14, 2010

Like a blonde who doesn’t get the punchline to a joke until two weeks later… APRIL FOOL’S

being a child of the 80s

i sometimes still get stuck in that mindset

forgetting the instant gratification of social media that allows you to let everyone

know what you are doing even as you are doing it

rather than waiting for the chance to get together with a friend days or weeks later

to show him or her the photos from your outing or vacation

that, and I remember rotary dial phones and pulse or tone option

Here’s what’s in store for

upcoming posts –  “stay tooned”

MORE Emm-En-Emms and Eff-En-Effs:

monday night movies and friday night films . . . can you guess which days those will show up?


Coinstar coin counting machines – do they skim off the top or are they on the up and up?

They take 9.8%  or about 10 cents on the dollar just to count your money,

but some machines are set up to trade your change for a gift card without a fee.  .  . or so you think.


My much anticipated follow up video to my McDonald’s 4 year old cheeseburger experiment was finally shot and is currently in post production.

I’m waiting on the results from the doctor to see if it was worth risking my health to do it.

2010 St Pete Festivals Of Speed

This year I got video AND photos of some nice rides including a BATMOBILE from the Michael Keaton Batman movies.

My take on Renaissance Festivals and those silly costumes and goofy way of talking.

More Terry’s Favorite Things to share:

Favorite blender, pocket knife – don’t leave home without it (unless of course you are flying commercial post 09/2001), gotta have water generator, cool gadgets, Shaklee favorites and more,


What can I say other than barf. -Gotta pay uncle sam again this year.

Who is Uncle Sam anyway?  Some long dead old fictitious geezer that was on a poster telling you to die for some stupid manufactured conflict in a foreign land?  Oh wait, that’s not who I pay. I pay that private company that’ll strong arm you into submission if you stand up to it.  Yeah, apparently the IRS is not the government – not in the way you thought.

Limitations of the Physical Body.

I just learned my Great Uncle George died a week ago @ 94… Miss you – hope you’re playing your music where ever you are… He knew Les Paul  personally and helped me get my current guitar – a heritage 535.  I wish I remembered how to make those dollar bill bow ties.

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