McDonalds Wendys Burger King Follow Up Experiment

McDonalds Wendys Burger King 4 Year Old Cheeseburger and Fries

6 Month Experiment Update  |  Mmm Mmm Barf


This is my much anticipated and requested follow up video report in response to the McDonald’s 4 year old preserved Cheeseburger and Fries.

[In Lieu of the Regular Friday Night Film…]

I didn’t realize when I first did this that the guy who made the movie Super Size Me had done a similar experiment with various McDonald’s menu items placed individually in glass jars. His videos showed the food decaying and molding… except for the fries.  My experiment was different in that I included Wendys and Burger King.

I wish I had taken photos along the way to show the rate of decay. I remember around 3 months they still looked fairly intact but mold was beginning to grow.

I think a few things affected my results.  One being that I stored them right away while they were still warm/hot in plastic containers which caused a rather moist environment in an already humid environment (Florida).

It was only in the last few days that I noticed a smell coming from the cabinet where I had stored the specimens. Once I realized where the smell was coming from I knew it was time to finally finish this project. 6 months to the day.

They all smelled really bad but Burger King by far was the worst.

I managed to avoid throwing up but I was dry heaving afterwards a few times.

“My apologies to my dedicated cameragirl – I didn’t realize just how bad the smell was until I took the respirator off.”

Here’s the Video:

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