Blog Pee | September 26th 2010


September 26th 2010

Been a while since i went…

This is going to have an ADD flow to it.

. . . like those people without class who  are all about appearances . . . they are all flash without substance . . . and the shine isn’t all that brilliant anyway. . . . tpc

What is it about the last 3 months of the year that things go into overdrive with SOOOO much stuff going on?

I mean, sure, there’s Halloween (fun fun fun), and turkey day…god I’m stuffed… and xmas – that pagan holiday that the merchants still hope incites mass material consumption, but beyond that it seems like there’s just more festivals, events, gatherings . . .  you name it.

Like everything you’ve been putting off earlier this year is all crammed together in a vain attempt  to accomplish before the end of the year. This whole silly calendar and time measuring stuff is really getting old, don’t you think?

As if I don’t have more than enough to do now!  How on earth can anyone in this day and age be bored is beyond me!


things found written on my desk :

[word of the day] Serendipity

Chaos Theory and Mandelbrot set fractal

a nostalgic impulse

disruptive technology


When the Roman Empire was in its heyday, I’m sure most romans thought they were at the pinnacle of technological supremacy even as the lead in their cups poisoned them to death.

Are we really so different today?  Sure, we know the dangers of drinking from a leaded glass, but what about our superior modern technology with radiation, and contamination and toxicity?

We’re just finding more creatively complex and sophisticated ways of killing ourselves.

Sexy News:

Frederick’s of Hollywood introduced the thong pany to america way back in 1981.

Here’s A CPR Class I Want To Take:


shake+wipe … we’re done for now : P

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