How To Create A Good Password

Here’s a great way to make easy to remember but hard to crack passwords for your email, bank accounts, affiliate accounts, or any other site that requires a password.

Did you know that “Password” is one of the 10 most used passwords every year?!

Surely the ‘00‘ in you would never choose such a foolish thing!

The most secure passwords you can use are known as “pass phrases” such as ” A cow says moo”.

You can easily turn that into “acowsaysmoo” by simply removing the spaces between the words.

Hackers invented a language called leetspeak, where they use characters and numbers that look like letters but they’re actually identified differently by security software.

These are called homoglyphs, or symbols that closely resemble the letters for which they stand.

(“4(0//say5M0o”. Can you see it?)

Here it is broken down by each word:

A= the number 4

cow = (0// ¬†which is open parenthesis, the number zero, and two slashes to make the ‘W’

says= say5 ¬†where the second ‘S’ is switched to the number 5

moo = capital ‘M’ followed by a zero and a lower case ‘o’.

Remember, most people don’t make use of upper case letters with the exception of sites that require you to use at least one upper case character/letter.

Use this tool to your advantage and get creative with symbols and numbers.

Want to learn more about LEET? or should I say, 1337? These Wiki links have a whole list of characters to use in place of letters.

Another good tip is the LONGER the BETTER. I’ve heard is that a 12 character password could take a thief up to 17000 years to crack.

The top ten most common (and stupid) passwords used [according to a survey by PC Magazine]

1. password

2. 123456

3. qwerty

4. abc123

5. letmein

6. monkey

7. myspace 1

8. password 1

9. blink182

10. (your first name)

These are the first passwords that a criminal would try when attempting to hack your account.

Other types of passwords you want to avoid are birthdays and the names of your children or spouse.

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