ChlorOxygen Benefits of Chlorophyll Supplement

I wanted to add an update on the benefits of the supplement ChlorOxygen.

First off, what the heck is Chlorophyll?

Chlorophyll is the green pigment in plants that harnesses the sun’s energy in photosynthesis. Chlorophyll performs metabolic functions in plants such as respiration and growth.

OK, so why would I, who am NOT a plant, want to take it?

Well, if any of the following apply to you, that’s why:

  1. Alleviate suffering from high altitude sickness naturally and FAST! Symptoms of altitude sicknes include shortness of breath, headache, disorientation, nausea.
  2. Desire to increase red blood cell oxygenation – explains why it works so good on relieving altitude sickness.
  3. You’d like more life energy from a natural source that’s not caffeine or some other stimulant.

I think of ChlorOxygen as INSTANT ALTITUDE ACCLIMATION in a bottle – Just Add Water!

This is  a link to my personal story

SO WHAT’s the best brand to take and where do I buy it?

PURCHASE ChlorOxygen Regular

BUY ChlorOxygen Mint

Remember to use code IHE882 to save $5.00 to $10.00 off your first order!

Each ounce of Herb’s Etc. Chlorophyll Concentrate contains as much Chlorophyll as one or two 16 ounce bottles of other brands. Each ounce contains approximately 2,950 milligrams of Chlorophyll.

What makes ChlorOxygen Chlorophyll Concentrate such  an awesome product?

  • It is the best tasting chlorophyll on the market.
    More consumers choose ChlorOxygen for its mild yet tasty sweet grass taste over other chlorophyll brands.
  • It is preservative-free and alcohol-free.
    Since ChlorOxygen is low in water, it does not need preservatives like other chlorophyll products. It is also alcohol-free.
  • It is the only chlorophyll that doesn’t require refrigeration.
    ChlorOxygen is the only liquid chlorophyll on the market that doesn’t require refrigeration, which makes it way convenient. This is very helpful especially when traveling.
  • It offers superior value.
    ChlorOxygen is highly concentrated. It takes up to two 16 oz. bottles of the competition’s chlorophyll to equal a one ounce bottle of Chloroxygen. So you know you’re getting excellent value for your money with ChlorOxygen Chlorophyll Concentrate.

SUGGESTED Use: Each 36-drop dose delivers 100 milligrams of Chlorophyll Concentrate. Take 18-36 drops twice a day in 8 ounces of water.

Caution: Dark green stools may occur.  I have found this to be true when taking it for the first time or when I haven’t taken any in a while and consuming the maximum daily suggested amount.  However, the body seems to acclimate to this after a day or two and that side effect tends to diminish.

Chloroxygen is USA grown and manufactured by Herbs Etc.  It is organic, GMO-free, pesticide-free and BSE safe.

Consider this: over 60% of the dietary supplement ingredients currently come from China. Herbs Etc. is American, family run organic business.

30 thoughts on “ChlorOxygen Benefits of Chlorophyll Supplement

  1. Hello. I want you to give me more information on how better ChlorOxygen is to Wheatgrass. Can I take both, Wheatrass and ClorOxygen at the same time? I have to build up my blood and my Immune System. Well, both of these product work?

  2. I’m not a doctor or licensed nutritionist (disclaimer)… but I don’t see any problem with taking both at the same time (again, check with your doctor). Personally, I’m not wild about drinking wheatgrass… It can get costly to do it on a daily basis as well. I know some people who went to the extreme of growing their own – their home looks like a greenhouse lol. If you are wanting to build up your blood / immune system, there’s PLENTY of other things you can do to help as well. I am working on a e’book/report and sister-site that will cover what I have learned so far.
    I know wheat grass, if freshly made like any fresh fruits and veggies has enzymes and other nutrients that are usually lost when processed so I wouldn’t bother spending my money on pre-packaged fancy drinks containing it.
    As far as the Chloroxygen goes – it’s made from stinging nettle – not a plant you’d really want to cultivate yourself – that’s the reason for using it. The chlorophyll. Which as I’ve explained in my posts is great for altitude sickness, increasing energy via oxygenating red blood cells, etc. Plus I find it’s very affordable and versatile in that you can add it to almost any beverage.
    Does that help answer your question?

  3. Hello,

    I´m taking Cell Food. I want to know if I can take both, Ceel Food and Chloroxygen at the same time. And I want to know if I can drop both in the same glass of water.

    Thanks a lot!


  4. Hi – I don’t see why not. I’ve tried Cell Food drops in the past and thought it had a peculiar taste. I recall getting a minor headache too. Of course people could say the same thing about chloroxygen.

    Everybody’s body chemistry is sensitive to different things. What works for one person may not for another.

    I don’t know if you saw my st patrick’s day comedy video where I invented a new drink using chloroxygen as one of the ingredients. I’ve also combined it with Shaklee’s Cinch tea – boy talk about major energy drink buzz – and without the scary chemicals!

    I say go for it and if you would, come back and comment on your experience with combining cell food + chloroxygen!

  5. You need to find out why your iron is low – there are many underlying causes – although the most common is insufficient intake in your diet. However, it could be due to poor digestion, ulcers, excessive use of antacids, etc. Strict vegetarians also have trouble with low iron. There are many symptoms besides low energy. If you do need to take an iron supplement, make sure it’s organic iron – cheap brands use inorganic sources which can oxidize Vit E. I could go on if I had time, but one thing I can recommend is check out a book – Prescription for Nutritional Healing by Phyllis Balch. Also, if you need to take a supplement, I would use Shaklee products.

  6. I’ve a bottle of chloroxygen for some time now….. let’s say a couple years. Its been in the fridge…… is it still good to use or should I use it for the house plants and buy fresh?

  7. Hmm… good question. They do have an expiration date on the bottles and unless it is preceeded by a ‘best by’ date, it just refers to the last day it can be sold.
    I am going to do a follow up video of what happens when you leave it in hot environments too much – not good. However, since you left it in the fridge all this time, I would bet it’s ok.
    Although it says it doesn’t require refrigeration, I’ve found that excessive heat DOES affect it. When the bottle I left in the car in hot florida weather too many times, i found that when I added it to water, it was a dark, ugly sort of green color – compared to a fresh bottle that has that bright, light green color. The taste wasn’t all that great either. In fact I felt just a little nauseous afterwards – although I can’t be for sure that was the culprit.
    Bottom line, put a few drops in a glass of water and notice the color…. then taste a little. I don’t think it will hurt you, but if the taste is off, I’d probably just give it to the plants – they probably wont mind. 🙂

  8. Hi Regina – I haven’t tried the soft gel – for portability either has its advantages I suppose. Personally, I like being able to add it to water or other beverage as I like the taste and it gets my water intake at the same time.

  9. Hi
    I have multiple sclerosis and I am wondering if I should take cell power and chloroxygen. I am not on any medication for my ms. in addition what actually is the benefit of taking chloroxygen besides enhancing energy?
    Thank you,

  10. I have no energy at all. I have an extremely difficult time getting out of bed in the morning. My body feels so week and lifeless. I’ve always been very energetic but in the last year or so I just keep getting weaker. Dr ran test and find nothing wrong. I feel that it is my blood lacking something. I had atltitude sickness in the past after hiking Mt Rainier. That terrible weaknes that wouldn’t allow me to go more than a few feet without having to rest. That was extreme but what I’m feeling now is exactly the same feeling EVERYDAY to a much milder degree. Could it be a lack of oxygen to my body and will this product help me. Please,, I need help. I cant function like this everyday.

  11. I’m not familiar with cell power so I can’t comment on that. Chloroxygen is chlorophyll sourced from the stinging nettle plant. It has been shown to increase oxygen levels in one’s red blood cells.
    (I apologize for not responding timely fashion as I had taken a break from my blog and my notification email had not been updated so I didn’t see this until now)

  12. Hi Connie,
    When people say they have had the doctor perform tests, they usually aren’t specific. I am not a doctor, but I wonder if there aren’t some markers that haven’t been measured in your blood that might shed some light.
    You say up until the past year you’ve been very energetic. What changes or events have transpired in your life since last year?
    One’s wellness is not only influenced by physical or outside forces, but also mental, emotional and spiritual.
    Have you travelled anywhere where you may have been exposed to something or been bitten by something?
    Have you changed your diet or added or removed from it?
    Have you changed your lifestyle from an active to sedentary one before this began?
    Any new vaccinations around the start of this?
    Keep brainstorming for other possibilities.

    I would certainly try Chloroxygen. It’s a very minimal investment ($10.00). It’s not a drug, but basically just chlorophyll extracted from a plant. I have not heard of anyone being allergic to it, although in this day and age, there’s always someone who will claim they are allergic to life.
    Another supplement that has had a LOT of research in the last several years is that most everyone it turns out is deficient in vitamin D3.
    It is very inexpensive although you may want to get a liquid form as some people don’t absorb capsule forms as well.
    Hope I have provided you with some insight.

  13. Tamara, I am not sure if it would help or not. I am not a medical expert. All I know is that chloroxygen helps with increasing oxygen in red blood cells. I don’t know if it helps in increasing the amount of red blood cells in the body or actually create more oxygen. (I amdonot have the FAQ on chloroxygen in front of me right now – did you read that yet?)

  14. My wife is being treated for cancer with radiation and chemo. Would this help with her blood count etc while she is being treated. I know this is a difficult question but just wanted your thoughts. I want to do all that is possible to help her keep up her strength and I also heard that cancer does not do well in a highly oxygenated environment.

  15. I am not sure it would increase her blood count. It is not approved as a ‘medicine’and I am not a doctor. What I can tell you is im my own experience of using it, it works for combating altitude sickness and increases oxygen delivery to red blood cells (which is how it works). If I were your wife I would eliminate all sugars from my diet as sugar feeds cancer like nothing else. Hope your wife gets better!

  16. I just started using ChlorOxygen. I was told that is use to balance the alkaline in the blood. For how long should I take it. I also started using Red Tart cherry concentreated and Spirulina. Can these three item be takent at the same time? Thank you

  17. If it tastes ok to you I don’t see why you can’t take them all together. I would take chloroxygen when you feel you need it. unless you are taking serveral doses a day, I don’t see a problem with using it on a regular basis. Most people only use it if they are travelling to higher elevations and want to avoid shortness of breath and altitude sickness. I also use it as part of my energy drink when I am very active – I will mix it with shaklee performance in a bottle of water and it allows me to keep going without getting tired compared to drinking only water. If you do some research on chloroxygen you will see the explanation of how it helps deliver oxygen to red blood cells which is why it works for altitude acclimation.

  18. Hello I have a co worker that takes it daily in water and it turns the water dark green, she says it has help her that she don’t have any aches and pains and it has helped her hair to thicken where it was bald in the top and helped it to grow.
    Do you know if it will do anything for arthritis and bursitis in the joints.

  19. May I give this supplement to my cat who has cancer? I would prefer the pill for but would like to know what a safe dosage amount would be. she weighs roughly 7 lbs and has been lethargic lately. When doing her bloodwork recently at the vet, they found she was low on potassium (which we now have a supplement for) and anemic. Everything else was in normal range but she was low on red blood cells.

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  22. I’m sorry for not replying sooner as I haven’t been updating my site in a while. I DO hope your kitty is doing better. If you can get your cat to take this, it isn’t like a vitamin or drug, it isn’t going to harm her and dosage shouldn’t be a big concern. After all, cats eat grass… offer it diluted in a bowl of water – she might like the mint over the regular if she’s a mint kinda kitty. My cat LOVES fresh spearmint leaves, go figure.

  23. Hi Terry,
    I noticed that the chloroxygen no longer works for me like it use to. Did the company stop makung it with stinging nettles?

    Thanks for your time and help.

  24. Hi Sheri,
    I don’t use it as regularly as I used to and I am still working on my last bottle i purchased a while back (i posted a video on how to tell when the chloroxygen has gone bad). I also haven’t been anywhere that’s considered high altitude either in a long while. I think I will experiment with my next bottle and use it regularly to see if I notice a change in effectiveness – at least from an energy level.
    I am not sure why they would feel the need to change the formula, but I DO recall reading something way back about their patented method of extraction without needing to use alcohol was going to expire some time in the near future so other companies would be able to use the same method going forward.
    Just to clarify, when you say it’s not working for you like it used to, what effects are you referring to?

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