Solfeggio Music Player 528Hz

528Hz Solfeggio Musical Instrument

Here’s a fun musical instrument you can experiment with available on my friend down under’s website.

by dragging your mouse over the ‘notes’ you can play the Solfeggio scale:

63Hz – 174Hz – 285Hz – 396Hz – 417Hz – 528Hz – 639Hz – 741Hz – 852Hz – 963Hz – 1074Hz and 1185Hz.

I found you can play a Solfeggio version of the theme to Close Encounters of the Third Kind.

on the equal temperment scale the opening notes are A-B-G-G(octave lower)-D

On Solfeggio, try playing 963 – 1074 – 852 – 417 – 639.

Try your hand at the Solfeggio Player Here

>>528hz Solfeggio Player<<

click on the Solfeggio link to get to the player.

Wonder if Speilberg or John Williams or whoever was responsible for that melody to communicate with the aliens in the movie has any significance or just coincidence.

Some of the frequencies are claimed to be associated with chakras and healing tones:

  • 396 Hz – Releasing emotional patterns.
  • 417 Hz – Breaking up crystallized emotional patterns.
  • 528 Hz – Love frequency “DNA integrity and repair”.
  • 639 Hz – Whole brain quadrant interconnectedness. Connecting Relationships.
  • 741 Hz – Intuitive states & non-linear knowing. Awakening Intuition.
  • 852 Hz – Pure love: unconditional love and returning to Spiritual Order.

Jandy’s site also has some great Binaural beat music that is great for

meditation, relaxation and general tripping out.

2 thoughts on “Solfeggio Music Player 528Hz

  1. hi there!
    Thank you so much for your information. Love it so much that there is more and more known about these frequeties

    As I am trying to find some player for windows 10 for playing youtube music into different hrz. Whould you happen to know where I could find a player fhrz in the frequeties you mention above? & in 528/444 hrz

  2. so sorry for taking forever to reply – seems I am always apologizing as I haven’t kept up on my site in a while. What you are asking I am not familiar with… it sounds like what you can do with certain record players that have a pitch knob to finely tune the speed which would indeed allow you to ‘tune’ your music but I’m not sure it has enough range to push the frequency up or down enough to reach. I had a professional keyboard that allowed you to change the pitch from A440 to whatever – i think I recall I moved it down to 432 or something… Honestly, I couldn’t tell much of a difference in the feel of the music.

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