Grand Opening of Etsy Shop Unlimited Imagination

Grand Opening of Etsy Shop Unlimited Imagination January 2017

The artist knowns as LavaPirate has opened an etsy shop this month to sell art work which can be seen at

Currently  a few  pieces available as prints available including LP’s first piece Debbie Harry/Blondie and a 16×16 print of a 5×5 2015 submission for the tampa bay five by five art show.

As more pieces are completed LP may consider selling some of the originals as well but I am not sure if etsy is the best marketplace for high end original art – what I mean by that is most pieces will be priced in the 1000s on the low end. They take a lot of planning and time to assemble. As an example it is estimated that the Blondie piece took a minimum of 50 hours. Hours were not tracked consistently so that is only a rough guess

You will also find custom designed american flag vinyl bumper stickers for $3.50 for two stickers plus shipping ($.50) they are approximately 5″x2.66″ in size.

The words American flag in blue text are not on the actual stickers.

Color American flag sticker

B&W American flag sticker

Basically it’s representing what a lot of people are probably feeling, even if just on an unconscious level.

It is a reflection of that feeling and with bringing it to our attention to encourage people to cultivate some compassion and come up with solutions to get the country out of this current state.

On it’s surface it might seem negative or simply stating what is, but hope it sparks a move in a direction where it will be what was.

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