If You Like Fantasy Fiction – D&D Style – Check Out Darkness Rising: Nova’s Story Just Released July 2019

Looking For A Fun Summer Read?

After years of writing and editing and re-editing, the first book in a series of untold numbers  is finally out on AMAZON. If you like fantasy fiction, you will love this read.  For those who grew up in the 1970s 1980s and 1990s playing role playing games like Dungeons & Dragons, you will feel as though you are being led on an adventure guided by an imaginative expert dungeon master.

The title of the book, DARNESS RISING: Nova’s Story Book One tells the story of a young girl who finds adventure with dwarves, halflings, barbarians, mages, and wizards as they face off against nearly undefeatable formidable foes and evil. Along the way of self discovery, she learns about the fate of her mother and the magical connection they share.

There’s intrigue, mystery, crazy gnomes, monsters, giant cats, snowman juice, stupid orcs, demons and dragons and so much more.

This book is not a one off tale. I have sources that tell me there are already 5 more stories in various stages of completion guaranteeing new excitement and entertainment to come for years. Grab a copy today and be the first in your circle to be the one to recommend the first of a great new series of stories by author C. M. Carter.  The only downside will be the impatient wait for the next book in the series.


From the author/amazon:

Her father recently deceased, seventeen year old Nova finds herself summoned by her father’s oldest friend. The dwarven protector of a tiny village has gathered a group of would be heroes and Nova is asked to join them. Within hours of meeting, they are sent to investigate the destruction of nearby Doogan Abbey. Together, they attempt uncover the secrets hidden beneath the rubble, as well as the strange power possessed by young Nova. As the small group discovers what lies beneath, they learn their presence has released a dark evil upon the world causing them to question why the dwarf would send them and why did he insist Nova go with them. What is the connection between Nova, the dwarf, and the darkness? As they come face to face with the evil, Nova quickly becomes the only hope of defeating the darkness.

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