Blog Pee is back

damn… over 10 years since i did a rambling Blog Pee. Been so long i forget why i call it that and had to look it up.

WARNING! got a lot to post (and repost from other sites in some cases – lot of pent up pee… been driving a long time and drank too much.

Oh yeah, play on Blog Post… blog p… blog pee… crap. now i gotta take a leak.

FUCK! 2020 came way too soon. I wasn’t ready… And boy, i had no idea what i wouldn’t be ready for… Most of us SLAVES didn’t know what was planned for us.

So, a lot has happened since my last blog pee. Everyone has migrated to all the shitty ass social media giants like shitbook, instagram-acocain, twitfucker goobtoob and so forth… yes, there is a pattern there – because, censorship sucks. hell, it’s downright evil. sucks is too nice. I coined a new spelling.. Fake NOOZ

could we all be getting dumber day by day? TMI + EMF makes the brain mush.

yet again, never a bad time  to brush up on your RIGHTS (while you still have them!)


quoting from PJW – ‘some cultures are better than others’

The bigger the government, the smaller the citizen.

REALTIY FUNNIER THAN FICTION – based on how society has degraded over the last 5-10 years, i’m not sure a brilliant comedy troupe like Monty Python would exist other than as a news commentator for current events. So many things I see look like a modern day monty python skit, except, they’re not jokes.

I might update the theme and look of this website but not sure it’s worth the time and effort. After all, I don’t even think anyone is even visiting here anymore other than the occasional bot or troll. Can’t trust the awstats, although they do show people still visiting some seriously old posts that suddenly have some relevency again – like stuff i wrote on the Icon A5 amphibian plane.

like so much else, software – in this case WordPress has gotten shittier and shitier – used to work pretty good, now it’s a mess of crap. Images can’t even show up that are uploaded to media library – turned off all plug-ins, changed themes multiple times, dicked around with the FTP, managed to get  older images with thumbnails to show up on new posts, but anything new added still doesn’t take. And this latest block feature is complete crap. try to place an image, say right here>dddd< and it comes up at the end of this post – and of course, still nothing shows.  Why do i even bother?

So here we are in the 1st half of 2020 – the PLANDEMIC Nightmare. I call it the global version of a 9/11 screwjob. Bill Gates evil pos takes over the lead as global baddy from Soros.

I mainly thought to come back to write a blog pee as to post some of my rants in a place i have more control over considering the amount of censoring and deleting going on at the big boys. Hell, google’s handy drive cloud storage system can not be trusted – google went and deleted someone’s personal copy of that Plandemic movie segment. That’s fucked up… if they can delete something they don’t like ‘just because’ then there is nothing keeping them from deleting everything… your files, your email account even, and you just have to bend over and take it up the proverbial ass.

You will be silenced… you will be erased.. you are deemed ‘non-essential’

Hindsight is so fucking annoying – doubly so in the year 2020

Back in 2008 when i was futily chasing the bullshit dream of independence thru Internet marketing, aka, internet scamming others, I being my all-over-the-place-with-ideas self had focused briefly on the idea that we should heavily promote the concept of LAWN GARDENS ACROSS AMERICA. More locally produced, inexpensive quality food. Part of this idea was also based on learning that one reason for the push that everyone should want a nice grass lawn was to help the fertilizer industry sell more chemicals.

But moreso, i thought of self-sufficiency – and the long history of farmer’s genes in my family. It also just made logical sense to me. If you can grow food yourself, you should do it. I wasn’t even suggesting that EVERYONE convert their lawns – those that have lawns – to a garden, but maybe 1 in 5.. or in some neighborhoods, convert part of the neighborhood park to a community garden. Heck, plenty of options – you can even convert extra parking lot space into that. We did that with a stupid hallmark movie shot in 2019 in st pete – called love in bloom (working title was garden party). Although i think the movie didn’t imply that the garden set was actually built on part of the parking lot by the mahaffey center in st pete, florida.
But my point is, had this been a strong push, i may have been able to help push a movement more mainstream and we wouldn’t be looking at unnecessary food shortages that are likely to come later on.


So THIS is how they’re going to convince us and sell us on this fucked up idea.

YOU know, i think one of the reasons they’ve been trying to scare us so much with this ‘invisible enemy’ germ is to get us to more willingly move to a cashless society – cuz you know, that paper money is just SO FILTHY and how we haven’t all gotten sick and died from touching it all our lives is a mystery

Anyway, would be a huge loss of freedom and choice
even though i know a lot of us are already barely using physical money these days – it should still be a legitimate option to use – Hello, cash discounts?

Do you know WHY a lot of businesses offer a CASH discount? It’s because it removes the greedy middleman credit card merchant/paypal entity that puts their greedy little paws in every transaction they handle.

4 years ago we learned of China’s social credit scoring – those who do something the govt finds unacceptable find themselves unable to travel or do a lot of other things – like maybe buy food?

Remember, Godless Commie Pinko Bastard China is the blueprint for the rest of the world.

so what do you think happens when we ban cash and the computer says “no” to your digital money when you are at the checkout counter?

Oh, don’t be silly. I’m a good little slave, nothing bad would ever happen to me. I don’t think for myself or question authority. I blindly follow orders.

just a small sample of big companies that are already crying uncle and tossing in the corona towel:

Pier 1 Imports – closing ALL stores – now’s your chance to waste your money on formerly overpriced kitsch as well as busines fixtures for those eternally optimistic entrepreneurs considering starting a B&M business right now

Victoria’s Secret. Her secret? Well the little sexy tart that she is you know she’s got a bunch – one being her owner, les wexner was in neck deep with Jeffrey Epstein. Hell, he was his ONLY client…

Oh, and epstein didn’t kill himself.

i digress, Vicky’s other secret? She’s broke be-atch. 250 stores closing… but wait, i thought pajama sales and lounge wear have been going thru the roof?

bath n body works – 50 stores closing for good (also owned by wexy baby) – no big loss there imo – their products are mostly overpriced LOW quality garbage. Not quite to the level of dollar store shit. That stuff doesn’t even deserve to exist – wasting planetary resources on complete shit.

JCPenny’s – taking a page from Sears – but come on, we saw this coming for years, so no big surprise there

AAA rated #1 in customer satisfaction car rental company HERTZ is facing bankruptcy

*Gold’s Gym files for Ch 11 bankruptcy
24 Hour Fitness right behind them

Good thing i didn’t decide to try living the vanlife lifestyle – i had it planned out that you could have cheap access to showers/baths by joining a big chain 24 hour health club to take care of that challenge when you are ‘LIVING IN A VAN DOWN BY THE RIVER!”

of course us little business guys are taking it just as hard if not harder – apparently we are far more dangerous of disease transmission than the big boys — oh yeah, gotta throw in a FUCK YOU BEZOS/BOZOS

count on at least 1 in 4 restaurants closing forever – you know at least a few of your favorite non-chain eateries are on that list.

2 Ford plants in the US that literally JUST opened up for operations a few DAYS ago have closed again due to a few people testing + for bullshit… i mean covid

If this nightmare scenario coming to a town near you has any chance of being minimized, there is an INCREDIBLY simple solution. We can all admit we made a mistake with the way this plandemic was handled and immediately return to business as usual – albeit with some precautions for those who are most vulnerable.

IT was a grossly inappropriate comment by bush jr back post 911 to tell americans to ‘go shopping’ I think him being his idiot self he was told to read from the wrong page from the book World Elite’s Handbook on World Domination  on “what to say to the masses post major bad event”

The biggest challenge is human psychology – we’ve been mindf##kked BIG time and it isn’t easy for people to adjust. They’re using that shit that sociopathic bastards use to con you or sell you shit – NLP.  Maybe the concept behind the movie eternal sunshine of the spotless mind would come in handy to get people to go back to normalcy right away, although i am not one for wiping memories away.


first off, i was a bit pissed by the idiot panic that ensued over this. I was wanting to replace my old respirator that had basically fallen apart from age and get a new one so i could use it for spray tanning and painting, but no… all these fucking idiots made a run on ALL MASKS and they were out of stock everywhere.  I can now get a respirator again – but won’t be buying 3M again – going to go with a Honeywell brand this time. But they aren’t even avail till AUGUST!

you realize that social distancing and masks in public is meant to make people fearful of each other and separate/isolate us from one another

If you are gonna wear a mask, then you should be taking this product to counteract the oxygen deprivation and increase of CO2 in your blood that happens from prolonged mask wearing. MASKS KILL

Psychological warfare/programming

behavior is easily manipulated by the information received as well as the information that is withheld and/or censored

same mentality as those who spout human created climate change BS – humans are the problem… they need to die to ‘save’ the planet (that explains why they bring in greta as a covid expert)
sterilze the unwashed masses, kill them with poverty, starvation, viruses real or fake,
of course they won’t pull out the nukes because that’d ruin the planet for them so no need to worry about that

VIDEO<skip to the 5 minute mark on his bit on masks>

now be a good little slave and shut up

So besides the rumors that the new cell boxes – not really towers for this downgrade – is that they can be cranked up to 60 or 600Ghz?  whatever it is, it’s basically supposed to rob your cells of oxygen carrying capacity and worse.  Stories of plant and animal life dying near where they’ve been activated have been reported.
Why is FiveGee being rolled out all over the place when it was never tested for safety? what’s the big rush? seems incredibly foolish from a safety standpoint.
While the world is largely in lockdown, maybe pay attention to all the cable/electric service vehicles doing work in your town and see what they’re actually doing.
But of course, don’t worry, it’s perfectly safe, we just can’t prove that.
Reminds me of the obama heatlhcare act and pelosi’s pinocchio comment – we gotta pass it first to see what’s in it!
But besides the health risks, the question is, why they want this anyway?

Next time you buy a “smart” device, remember the device is not the product—YOU are.

5G has almost nothing to do with improving your lives; it’s all about controlling your life, marketing products, and harvesting your data for Artificial Intelligence purposes.

The 21st century’s “black gold” is data. 5G is the infrastructure for Gates’ “Internet of Things”—a world where tens of billions of “smart” devices: cell phones, computers, automobiles, garage door openers, Apple watches, baby diapers and even our living bodies—are wirelessly interconnected to enable Big Data to gather and sell our personal information.

Go ahead, don’t ponder this… just keep your head buried in the sand…
our national debt is rapidly speeding toward the 26 trillion dollar mark, and the House of Representatives just passed a bill that would borrow and spend an additional 3 trillion dollars that we do not currently have
If you would have been spending a million dollars every single day since Jesus was born, you still would not have spent a trillion dollars by now
DOESN’T help that the federal govt is throwing in an additional $600 a week above what state unemployment pays to the unemployed which altogether adds up to more than most unemployed make at their jobs. More disincentives to go back to work. Just what they want… a passive lazy society ready and willing to accept trading their liberty, their dignity and their self respect for a false sense of safety and ‘universal income’.
Fuck China. Fuck the push for a new world order fascist technocratic society.

Specialization in modern times have allowed societies to become extremely advanced and prosperous, with much more time for leisure and pursuit of higher learning, but it can be a detriment as well, especially when things go south.

Enter the age of the LEARNED IGNORAMOUS.

Learned ignoramuses are ignorant of the very nature of the social order itself and are therefore a menace to its preservation.

Learned Ignoramous example: Fauci’s assessment of the implosion of the economy and the resulting unemployment and hardship as being merely “inconvenient from an economic and a personal standpoint.”

Rather than insular, unbalanced specialization he who wants to achieve anything in praxeology must be conversant with mathematics, physics, biology, history, and jurisprudence. For example, unless you really know your economics or whatever your special field is, you will be simply a fraud. But if you know only economics and nothing else, you will be a bane to mankind, good, perhaps, for writing articles for other economists to read, but for nothing else.

In his 1930 book The Revolt of the Masses, Spanish philosopher José Ortega y Gasset addresses what he considers to be a strange byproduct of the prevalence of specialization in everything, specifically the intellectual sphere. “Previously,” he writes, “men could be divided simply into the learned and the ignorant, those more or less the one, and those more or less the other.” Now, however, a new kind of person has emerged, “an extraordinarily strange kind of man,” who cannot be called “learned for he is formally ignorant of all that does not enter into his specialty,” yet at the same time cannot be considered “ignorant because he is ‘a scientist’ who ‘knows’ very well his own tiny portion of the universe.” Thus, Ortega y Gasset says that the only fitting name for such a person is a “learned ignoramus.”

I know plenty of Learned Ignoramuses. You probably do too. They’re everywhere. They usually make a shitload more money than most. But yes, they are fucking unbalanced with their knowledge set. They often don’t know how to do the simplest things like tie your shoe or boil water. Depending on the usefulness of their expertise applied to general survival, i would bet many would be among the first to die from starvation in an apocolypse. 

DEFINITELY NOT the sort of person who should be making big decisions that affect large number of people when they don’t know shit about that subject.

new catch phrase for 2020 : SHUT UP SLAVE!

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