F – N – F | Friday Night Film Throwback to 2005 | Freedom To Fascism by Aaron Russo

Originally came out in 2005. I remember watching it a few years later around the time aaron died. Good film to revisit, or watch for the first time. One important takeaway – timely too – is to ask your congressman or candidates running for congress the following:

“will you sign an afficdavit agreeing to close down the Federal Reserve?”

Chances are they won’t give an answer to you or they’ll refuse because of fear of retaliation or because they’re owned 

Further reading:

The Creature From Jekyll Island by Edward G Riffin https://amzn.to/3gYFcVP – which covers the creation of the Federal Reserve in 1913.

Another book that came out in the 50s (1958) by William Carr, called Pawns in the Game. https://amzn.to/3at9Ns5

You can do a duckduckgo search for a pdf version of this to read online for free HERE – if it’s still up. It gives a historical account of those behind the whole banking cabal of String Pullers.

Here’s some links to the bills and orders listed at the end of the film. As an example, bill 1873 never went anywhere, for good reason.

and executive order 11961

I posted the movie link twice as i’ve been having trouble with wordpress correctly displaying videos in my posts. in some cases, they aren’t showing up at all except for a link.

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