F – N – F |Friday Night Film | SHADOWGATE 2020

This controversial documentary is produced by Millie Weaver ofLiberty Hangout. She formerly worked for Alex Jones of InfoWars. This documentary exposes the private equivelant of the No Such Agency when it comes to screening ALL of everyone’s communications – calls, texts, emails, browsing history, shit that home surveillance devices pick up like your smart phone, alexa, google home etc. One difference – supposedly – is that the NSA purges all info collected on a rotating 72 hour basis unless it is something that was flagged. Yeah, sure, I’m not sure I believe that either. While the private sector with it’s own pipeline most likely keeps all our comms forever and a day.


Unfortunately, this massive piece of shit wordpress still refuses to do the simplest thing, like embed a video link as a player. It doesn’t have an issue with Goob Toob, but a video hosting site like Brighteon, and it basically gives 2 middle fingers. I use these brighteon links at times as a favor to help TLF? gain some traffic. But i think I may end up going to other sources that work on WP in the future.
I swear, as the years have gone by since the 2000s, technology has NOT gotten better. It HAS gotten more complex and the QC has gone down the shitter due to either incompetence or a purposeful tactic to piss people off.

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