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meSF“A Risk Taker in a Risk Averse World”

Dreamer, Artist, Visionary, Musician, Inventor, Composer, Creator.  I love Motion and Movement. And Water. And Love. And Happiness. A Proponent for Self Reliance and Personal Responsibility.

Interested in sticking it to Big C and Big G ->Make your own power, go off the grid, grow your own food, stick it to Big.

I like to share things that interest me. . . and my interests are many. An avid reader and thirsty for knowledge, I find my info from both online and offline sources – internet, media, magazines, books, people, places, etc.  I study the wisest teachers throughout the ages and pass on their wisdom in my own way.

It’s in this way I wish to entertain, inform and share with you the leading edge in thought, technology, health and all things COOL.  Lifestyle Design. Showcasing the best of everything life has to offer.


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